Slog PM: Biden Drops His Taxes, Durkan Drops Her Budget, Disney Drops Its Employees



Jermaine Kearse made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history that no one cares about because they didn’t give the ball to Marshawn.


"his supporters will eat it up because everyone hates taxes."

Well, most people may not like taxes, but certainly the evangelicals recognise the responsibility to pay one's share.

"And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marvelled at him."

“Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you."

Are you going to tell me they love hypocrites because they are hypocrites themselves? I think Jesus will be disappointed.


I love Charles' commentary, but he may never have been more spot-on in offering a piece of advice then he was in suggesting to avoid this fucking debacle. Holy hamburgers, what a mess.


I'm not watching the debates because 1) I don't support idiocy, and this is idiocy all around, and 2) there is not a single thing that I can learn from these "debates".

Biden was an idiot for agreeing to "debate" someone like Trump. It's like entering a "debate" with any of the dumbasses that frequent these comment sections - there is nothing to be gained, and you just end up with their stink on you.

He should have simply stated that Trump isn't fit to be President, that he should be removed from office immediately, and they he won’t continue to legitimize Trump's presidency by debating him.


I'm watching stupidpalooza on TV in my living room, but also have it airing on the radio in the bedroom. I had to head to the kitchen for a beer (obviously) a moment ago and was hearing both broadcasts simultaneously, but because the audio wassn't synced, I was listening to six people screaming rather than three. It was pretty awesome actually.


Yeah, don't really care about the taxes at this point. I find it LOL that the media thinks this is some huge story. You know what's a big story? Trump and Republicans have killed 200,000+ Americans through intentional negligence.

You would think that might get a big headline from the NYT as something the citizens of this country should be concerned about.


@5 mike, I heard there are some fun drinking games to be had for these debates. Trying to watch sober is like dental work without anesthesia.



It's so insane, friend on facebook compared it to Lou Reed's Metal Machine album. I'm headed out on a hike w/ the dog. Good for you in avoiding it altogether!


You debate Trump with the candidate you have not the candidate you might want or wish to have at a later time.


One of the NYT fact-checkers mused that future debates should furnish the moderators with a mute button. Trump amply illustrated why tonight, and that was before he refused to denounce white supremacists and right-wing militias, and repeatedly undermined confidence in the democratic process, and refused to explain what he'd do if he deemed the election results invalid. You know, all things a fascist dictator would do.

Trump was literally committing impeachable offenses during the debate with the latter. Hopefully Pelosi will have some articles drafted up by the morning.


@10 - I suggested the same thing more than once during the debate to my SO, who was trying to watch it with a seriousness that some other debate between other people would warrant. Wallace should have had some sort of "mute" button.

Christ, what a pointless fucking shit-show.


I was impressed, I know it is a low bar, but Trump held off on the sniffing! The interrupting, lying and general assholery was as expected, but the lack of sniffing was a surprise.
However, I watched the thing on the CBS youtube channel and they did an interview with Don jr. afterwards, talk about drug tests, that boy needs an intervention!

Did you all know that Biden was vice president for 47 years, and everything that happened was his responsibility? me neither, I know he was one of a hundred senators in one chamber of congress for quite awhile, but I didn't know he was incharge of everything.
Also, is it really a good idea to cry "witch hunt" right after a debate seen around the world, including Russia (if they are listening), like the debates in 2016 were. How can anyone claim in good faith that that didn't warrant an investigation?
This time Trump just asked his followers to intimidate voters.

CBS announcer said something to the effect of; "the Republicans provided Don jr., the Democrats provided vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris" Really? looks like the Republicans have just given up. Though, now that they will soon have the SCOTUS in their pocket I'm sure they'd be happy to be rid of the embarrassment, and existential threat to the US, that is Donald Trump, they just have to be subtle enough not to anger the cult.
Now, Senator Harris did look tired (NOT high on god knows what) and probably wasn't at her best, but the Republicans couldn't have known that when they picked jr.



Disney's revenue dropped like 90% over the past quarter. It's amazing how much of their business is based on selling overpriced amusement park food.


We need to see Antifas tax returns NOW!



According to Dad abuser and Fox 'news' host Chris Wallace it's Ayn-tee-fah!

Also, in case anyone noticed: Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese was unimpressed with the name drop.


A mute button would have been nice. What Trump REALLY should have is a shock collar. That MIGHT keep him in line.