Slog AM: No Gay Slurs in Baseball, Trump's Proud Boy Shout-Out, Subway Bread Isn't Bread



"Canlis is going to hide a gift card for $5,000 to its restaurant somewhere in Seattle."
Definitely take the cash equivalent on that prize.


i can't believe people actually sat through that debate


I'm looking forward to our state taking back its massive tax break from boeing. Any day now...


The debate"...was bleak."

Good word choice. Trump knows that he's losing but doesn't know
what to do about it. He was like the guy standing on the corner yelling at cars as they go by.


Hiring cheaper labor after killing hundreds of people due to cost and corner cutting is definitely a smart move by Boeing.


Smokin' Joe, just like Fake "prez," ya gotta Inturrupt the fuck outta the trumpf whenever it starts to answer a question/might have a decent point/hits his stride -- and then ask Fake "Prez" -- is THIS how we're gonna 'debate'?

we can do this
all nite or til you Leave.

Obeying The Rules only works
when Both Sides choose to.


trumpf's Brownshirt Brigade
cum right wing Terrorists
have been told: Wait for
your Clarion Call: cause
it's a' cummin'.

and they're ELATED.

WILL the South* rise again?

*Slave Patrols


@9: It is regrettable that they're taking the jobs to South Carolina but your stereotypes are sick and stupid and there's no reason to believe the work force there won't achieve the same quality.


The most grotesque aspect of the entire ordeal of the last four+ years is that ~42% of Americans cannot recognize basic human decency and are incapable of comprehending what it means to be a responsible member of society.

They proclaim themselves "Christians," yet totally rebuke the Golden Rule and the teachings of Jesus in favor of idolizing Prezinazi AntiChrist.
And we still have to beg and plead for people to vote.

It's like being trapped in a psychotic abusive family that's determined to kill you.

We need better Americans than the malicious, toxic white trash we're condemned with.


@11 There's every reason to believe that SC won't have the same quality as Everett--they already don't. Two articles not behind paywalls--there are plenty more if you choose to Google.


And no self-respecting, confident MAN of integrity describes himself as a “proud boy.” Men of character see that as an insult.

Tr666p’s neofascist brownshirts are cruel bullies and failures as men.


@11. I remember sleeping in an old theatre awning and doorway in Portland on New Year's Day 2017 a few blocks from the greyhound station with nothing but a guitar and a sleeping bag. It was 17 degrees outside and snowing. A few folks in bandannas and had juggalo face tattoos were huddled together for warmth. They were haggard, but youngish people who had been in and out of prison. I sat down with them and set up my sleeping bag, having no money to even get a hostel. The Amtrak back east was delayed due to snow and I had nowhere to go until the next day.

A young guy about 19 sat next to me, freezing, and smoked meth. His eyes dilated and he stared into space, then told me about how his mother died after breaking her neck and he was alone. One of the other fellows in a red bandana sang "You are my Sunshine" until we all managed to fall asleep. These communities are ravaged by meth and opioids and it's not isolated to the city, it's all over rural America and the ones you see on the streets are merely those who were able to relocate to the highest concentration of sales. But the lack of a safety net for these types is indeed perpetuating a future for America where the bottom falls out for the forgotten many who could otherwise be strong and competitive and rise above the incredible inertia of their pasts that truly takes a village to do.

People all over this country are proud and happy to work hard, but they are being fleeced and their anger is misdirected to apparitions of "leftists" and Antifa, when the very party in power is scapegoating them for the problems it neglects and passively exacerbates.


I just threw more munnie at campaigns for:

Jaime Harrison, SC – Senate
Theresa Greenfield, IA – Senate
Al Gross, AK – Senate
Raphael Warnock, GA – Senate
Barbara Bollier, KS – Senate
Jon Ossoff, GA – Senate
Amy McGrath, KY – Senate
Carolyn Long, WA 03 – House

Let’s end this national nightmare!
FSM bless, anything helps.


yes im sure the dozen or so undecided voters left are torn whether or not to vote for the guy who botched the lay-up of denouncing white supremacists, def going to need to do this a couple more times before they figure out what’s going on

seriously someone check in on them and make sure they’re still breathing and can tell you what day of the week it is


Raindrop, what boatgeek said. The latest is the grounding of eight Dreamliners out of the Charleston plant because of problems with the rear sections of the fuselage - they might blow chunks when pressurized.

I didn't watch the debate - did he really tell his brownshirts to "stand by"?


@14: Thanks. I stand corrected.


@19: See the second clip in this Slog AM.



"What's happening: Stocks are lower following an acrimonious and chaotic debate between the two candidates, during which Trump repeatedly interrupted his opponent and failed to engage on questions of policy.
Investors have been particularly worried by Trump's refusal in recent days to commit to conceding the election if he loses. That could lead to a long period of uncertainty after voters cast their ballots.
On Tuesday, Trump repeated baseless claims about the proliferation of fraud tied to mail-in voting, and declared he wouldn't support a result under certain circumstances.
"If I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can't go along with that," Trump said.
It's the kind of comment that's causing traders to rush to hedge some bets in case markets go haywire around the election.
"Market participants are concerned that Trump will not leave peacefully if he loses the election, bringing political risks to the fore," Axi market analyst Milan Cutkovic said."


"Donald Trump assassinated the presidency"

Bob Woodward
on Morning Joe 9/30/2020


I'm surprised none of the local stories about Tim "Berlin Patient" Brown have mentioned that he was born and raised in Seattle. We were in the same graduating class at Ingraham high school, and though I didn't hang out with him outside of school, i remember him quite well.


@16: Thank you for your thoughtful post about your cold New Year night in Portland. You give visceral meaning to Solzhenitsyn's:

"Can a man who's warm understand one who's freezing?" from "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich."

I may disagree with you on the source of their fleecing, but no question the weak and vulnerable are being fleeced. It seems to be an American pastime stripping our fellow citizens we decide don't count as human of every tool they need to recover, then blaming them for not rising above the obstacles we purposely place in their way for our own sadistic entertainment.

There are people out there doing good work to fight this trend:

But they are outnumbered and out-funded 10 to 1 by a criminal punishment system designed to exacerbate their suffering for those who take pleasure in hurting others.

You always remind me there is hope. Thank you.

"While there is a lower class I am in it;
While there is a criminal element I am of it;
While there's a soul in prison I am not free."
--Eugene Victor Debs


Arguing about which state has dumber citizens or more addicted citizens, and the difference is like a few percentage points. Way to set the bar low, guys.
Back in 2015 several employees in Everett and Seattle were fired for selling opioids in the workplace at Boeing.
Drug use doesn't really discriminate based on career or location, but OK SC has more meth heads. Who wins? Nobody.


@27 you also need to account for the hundred thousand or so so children who thought that Hillary was just not 'cool' enough to vote for her and voted for Jill Stein (or Nader in 2000).

I hope they are enjoying the DJT years.

Either way, our future hinges on about 0.1% of all voters in the country in a few counties in MI, WI, OH, and FL.


@34 - More temperate weather and low taxes thanks to them being supported by the taxes of blue states.


The Professor is so preoccupied with his knee-jerk Cletus-bashing that he's burying the lede; the real story is that non-union alternatives consistently produce inferior work. But it goes beyond just the documented difference in quality between assembly lines in the two locales. The impetus for creating the Dreamliner's automated systems that were supposed to allow planes to virtually fly themselves -- remember the systems that caused the planes to suddenly steer themselves into the ground? -- was to transform airplane pilots from highly-skilled, highly-paid workers into low-skilled and therefore low-paid workers.

It's not just that the dumbasses in the boardroom are intent on screwing workers in the name of improving the bottom line, it's that their short-sighted plans to do that managed to screw the workers, destroy the bottom line, and then screw some more workers. Because the entire theory that crushing the bargaining power of workers will somehow lead to a stronger economy is bullshit, and Boeing's recent history of ignoring their own engineers' warnings, relying increasingly on non-union labor, and spending R&D budgets on stock buybacks, only to utterly destroy the value of the company and the brand, is a perfect microcosm of that.


not that population growth has anything at all to do with a state’s shithole status because that makes no sense but % growth is worthless if the baseline population is not equal across states. you want net pop growth if you want to argue the number of people moving to your state inversely correlates with its shittiness


Always nice to have statistics clarified, but what constitutes a sh**hole state remains subjective.


@41: New Orleans has terrible cuisine? Obviously never been there, what a sheltered life.


@36 -- why haven't Shareholders
sued for Gross Incompetence?

if it's to have the faintest hint of Hope, Boeing's utterly-Failed Board of Directors needs to be replaced ASAP with Boeing's largest Stakeholders -- its Union Employees.

Or just rebrand everything 'MAX'
and it'll all take care of itself.




Thank you Luddite, for the work you and yours do. And for fighting each day for the right cause. I don't know if I was able to make a cogent point, my mind isn't quite as sharp lately and I, myself, and having withdrawal and having to face what I have suppressed.

At the time, I felt like I deserved to freeze. But nobody does. Nobody deserves to freeze.


@5 Well that is some good news, I don't know how I missed that tbh. I'm still a little disappointed about a couple points: 1) the tax break was repealed not because it was ridiculous but because it violated WTO terms. 2) "The compromise allows the potential for Boeing and other companies to get B&O tax preference again in the future, but at a higher level than the current tax incentive."


@47 Texas may be slightly red but I wouldn't be surprised if its economic growth is mostly led by its blue cities. Especially with oil prices being in the shitter lately.


@McBiker -- "... the union isn't a major stakeholder."

Tell that to Boeing's Union employees.


@53: The thing is, you enjoyed writing that.


Trump said: "Proud Boys—stand back and stand by.”

& expect your clarion call soon.

Oh, and whilst you're busy standing by
go ahead and Keep an Eye on the Polls
one never knows when an Illegal Alien
might try and Replace Fake 'prez.'

oh & Don't forget your WMDs!


"Subway sandwiches aren't technically sandwiches: The bread is too sugary to be considered bread... "

There's nothing that cannot be made 'palatable' by adding Sugar -- or White Death as it's more formally known.


Garb Garbler - There are the real human beings who remain unseen and unsupported by a system that runs on greed and one track economics.

Powerful movements of people that fight for a world that loves us can change this for us.

Trump and all the pathetic politicians that have no real answers for us will sooner or later go down in history as fleeting shadows.

A mass antiwar movement was instrumental in ending the VietNam war, Movements can fight for what we want.