Here's Who's Bankrolling the Opposition to the Sex Ed Referendum



Donation from Planned parenthood: 350000....Wow...seems pretty lop sided.,SexEducation_in_Public_Schools_Measure_(2020)


Maybe the Repubs would be happier if the requirement for accurate sex education included a unit on the proper etiquette for inviting the poolboy to bang your wife and for structuring payoffs to pornstars.


@2 dvs99 for the WIN! :)


With so many different view points with policing and the personal nature of law enforcement, I do not see government playing a helpful role in the policing of our society.

Remember, elections don't always go the way you want them to. The politicians change. I guarantee that eventually the people making the decision on law enforcement will be someone you disagree with.

A better solution would be to leave the politicians out of it. Allowing people to make up their own minds about about how to police their neighborhoods will allow you the freedom to avoid the viewpoints you disagree with.


I don't see this as an issue that Republicans actually want to win. This will simply be a culture war battle that allows them to get their team all riled up while they really spend their time and efforts pushing their actual agenda.


The Muckelshoots?


@8 - homophobes, pedophiles, rapists, and bullies harm people. Hence the need for comprehensive sex ed to educate youth and keep them safe.




Not to mention the fact that comprehensive sex-ed also covers basic reproductive biology, something far too many parents are apparently unable or unwilling to discuss with their children, which is why it's needed in the first place - unless parents are okay with their daughters getting "mysteriously knocked up" at an early age because no one told them how that can happen and how to prevent it from happening.


@12 This is a public health issue and every citizen deserves a basic education rooted in science. Leaving it to chance and hope that "they somehow figure it out," based on your experience, isn't adequate.