Slog AM: Boeing Makes 787 Move Official, Three More "Murder Hornets" Found, Amy Coney Barrett's Abortion Beliefs



[Amy Coney Barrett supported a group that says "life begins at fertilization"]

In reality they believe life begins once a woman's bra comes off.


Technically, life begins with stellar nucleosynthesis. If only those damn stars would control their damn panspermia space dust emissions in defiance of GOD the FATHER.


Oooooh baaaabyyy

I used to (was COVID laid off) work for the company that operates the Salish Spa and Lodge. They have NO CLUE what they are doing. In most cases it was the bare minimum (Smith Tower is charging for admission and have no way to make a reservation or get timed tickets online. They get around this by claiming they are a restaurant...that charges admission). It's like a bunch of bumbling rich white people making decisions that left frontline staff exposed and vulnerable.
On THE DAY that the mask ordinance was announced we got word that the COO (maybe CFO) was lobbying the Governor to lift the restrictions on the size of gatherings so that we could start having large Private Events.

These are people who DO NOT care about their frontline staff. They care about money. That's it. #allcorporations


I wonder how many people believe life begins at fertilization, but are also pro choice?


While Barrett's views on abortion are crazy enough, my greater concern is her belief that her husband has complete dominion over her actions and that she must submit to his will in all things. Who's to say he won't be the one telling her how to vote on cases that come before SCOTUS? If he's really the one making all the decisions, it only seems fair that Congress interview HIM, so that the citizens of this country will have an idea of where he stands on issues, since it's entirely likely HE will be telling her how to vote.


"Amy Coney Barrett signed her name to a full-page ad run by a group that says it believes abortion providers should be prosecuted."

Gosh -- no reason to be Frightened, fellow Libs -- at least, she didn't (publicly) call for their Assassination -- Pro-Lifers favorite means of curbing one-half the population's desire TO CONTROL THEIR VERY OWN BODIES.

Outlawing Abortion will NOT stop Abortion:
Wealthy women (& Rich mens' mistresses)
will simply Travel to where the Right to be
Secure in (one's Humanity) trumps the
Religulous's Dominionism over YOU.



I was kind of wondering about the same thing.


@5 Lol. Imagine Rex Kwon Do running the supreme court.


4 - Who cares? Those two notions do not contradict each other, unless you are superstitious. Nothing new under our Sun.


I find the obsession over "when life begins" tiring, and moot in the long run.


Appointing a christian extremist to the SCOTUS seems like a risky gamble for republicans, but after 5 decades of building a political movement around the constitutional rights of embryos they have no choice but to commit. It won't be good optics for them to rush through confirmation hearings where her draconian values are litigated on the national stage in the weeks leading up to an election they're already poised to lose. Not to mention the hypocrisy of it all after the Garland fiasco in 2016.

A more canny approach would be to invoke the Garland rule and use the SCOTUS appointment to motivate their voters, and then confirm her anyway if Trump loses. McConnell's word is already completely worthless so it's not like they would have anything to lose with another flip-flop.


@11 I reckon McConnell isn't willing to risk losing a couple votes from the margin of his caucus under the Trump loses scenario. And what happens if not only does Trump lose, but a deciding number of voting Senators also lost their elections? Barrett is going to have a big fat asterisk next to her name in a lot of people's reckoning - no sense making it bigger than it has to be.


@11 - appointing a Christian extremist to the SCOTUS is a long-term Republican goal and the whole reason that the snake-handling Confederate Evangelical branch of the party supports all of the anti-life, anti-people, and anti-Christian things that the Repubs do. I can't wait for the first Supreme Court opinion written in tongues.

And no one told me that the Murder Hornets attacked yellowjackets. Perhaps we should be welcoming them.


Republicans: pro-life until birth


12 if they can rush her through in october there is no reason they couldn't do the same in november but I guess mcconnell's cynicism has its limits

13 I agree but I think conservative voters will be demoralized when they find out that ending abortion is far more complicated than they have been led to believe for the last 50 years, and appointing a goofball or 2 to scotus won't do the trick. Of course there will be plenty of opportunity for other terrible decisions over the coming decades, but overturning roe -- if this even happens -- won't end abortion, it will only further curtail access in states that where it's already heavily restricted.


It will start with overturning Roe v. Wade. Which has in all practicality mostly overturned with the "death-by-a-thousand-cuts" draconian state laws anyway. They will draw it out to milk the culture war for a year or two. But it will happen.

However the real end goal that the so-called "Pro-life" movement is to reverse the sexual and feminists revolutions of the 1960's and 1970's.

The movement is religious fanatic stalking horse to once again bring shame and religious control back into people's sex lives. Especially women.

First they will double efforts to attack gay rights, likely with workplace discriminations of hiring or firing trans workers, then go after gay workers. Under the auspices of "protecting children" public education of gay sexuality will be attacked and eliminated. Likely associated with pedophilia. Then once enough states can allow oppression of gay people they will then go after birth control. THAT is the ultimate goal. To make birth control illegal. At least for poor people. You wait. James Dobson and other religious fanatics of the Far Right, Focus on the Family, Opus Dei are entirely clear about this goal.


I guess I picked the right year to finally have a hysterectomy done. Despite my age (56), a pre-op nurse at my Catholic-run hospital had all but insisted that I get a pregnancy test first prior to surgery! Fortunately, my amazing gynecologist was there at the ready to help side step such nonsense. While I'm glad my reproductive years are officially over and behind me, correcting 43 years of chronic monthly misery, I'm just sick about the misdirection of health choices for women and girls everywhere. RepubliKKKans, overly zealous religious hypocrites, NRA gun nutzis, and the Trump / Pence Evil Empire are running amok. It will take decades to undo all the grave damage done to the Earth and life on it.

@15; blip: It won't end abortions, but will make them dangerous and compound the risk of women's lives lost.


Serena Joy Barrett also has Michele Bachmann’s Ku Klux Krazy eyes.


We need a new vocabulary around pregnancy loss. How does one express personal sympathy without buying into the idea that we need more humans? Sorry for the grieving celebs, but they already have two medically-enabled miracles [sic] and the last thing this planet needs is more crumbcrunchers above replacement rate.


Jesus Christ. You must be a real comfort at a friends funeral.


hahaha wait... what am I saying. You'd have to have friends.


@19 CRtWt, uh, no we don't.

However, we do need to address population control on both a national and world scale. Unfortunately, it's a non-starter - we're not allowed to talk about it in our society, we have to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it's not a problem.


Too much conventional thinking going on here with Repubs and abortion. A lot of people get caught up in the conventional wisdom of politics, because they think the only difference between Dems and Repubs is policy.

Prof has it right on where this is all going. Again folks, there is no bottom. Whatever your limited imagination is telling you, it's going to be 10 times worse.


You'd be amazed at how many people are anti-abortion who get abortions.

Ask anyone who works in reproductive health, crazy people condemning you to hell for performing the medical procedure they are there to receive.


@15 There is no limit I would put on McConnell's cynicism. I think the reason he would push her through now, rather than keep her for the lame-duck interval is that the election itself is a point of uncertainty. He knows he can do it now, while conditions in November are behind a veil. So he's going with the sure thing.


@22 - That’s my point. The language we use is handed to us straight from the cult of parenthood, and it inhibits useful conversations. I get it - had we as a species evolved not to celebrate the act of procreation, we presumably wouldn’t have multiplied our way to world domination, but times have changed. Let’s change with them. We’re smart.

@21 - Says the man on his second account just so he can yell at people online. Not that I disagree with your yells, but methinks that’s a glass house from which you’re hucking stones my way.


How does screaming how bad it's going to get in any way insightful other than just hyping the obvious?


@25: Another possible motivation for ramming through their SCOTUS pick before the election is because they think it will have a bearing on the outcome of that election.


@13 - That was my first thought about the murder hornets, "Wait, they kill yellow-jackets? Maybe we're being too hasty here..."


@26 CRtWt, you're right on the language, but you got to pick your spots. Losing an intended pregnancy is an absolutely devastating thing. You're not going to get very far on opening up useful conversation by picking on that, quite the opposite.

Let's focus on our economy that's based on never-ending growth dependent on more and more people consuming stuff - we need to change the system. Tax breaks that reward having children. Reward (for more than we do now) adopting children. Etc.


@27 raindrop, nothing you post here is insightful. But you do it anyway.


@29: Saving bees is more important than killing yellow-jackets.


I blame the Weak "President" for the Asian Murder Hornet infestation that has been visited on America because God hates his SCOTUS nominee.


@11 -- it's the MKkKonnell Rule and it
only Applies to Dem USSC nominations.

and yep the so-called pro-Lifers
only wanna make Obeying
Patricarchy the Rule of Law

(look for Mormonism to gain
traction as Rich men choose
to procure many Womens).


"Who's to say he won't be the one telling her how to vote on cases that come before SCOTUS?"

I hear this over and over on Facebook and Twitter. I think it would be a valid question to ask at her hearing but whoever does will get their head taken off.

About Chrissy and John - I am so sad about their baby. But I myself wouldn't have put a photo of my grieving self in the hospital. I would have just put out a statement (given that it was common knowledge she was having another baby). Not a criticism but maybe I am more private than they are.

Lastly, PLEASE stop calling GOP folks, "pro-life." They are anti-abortion and that's it. They gave up any claim to being pro-life a long time ago.



Why? She's been very vocal about her beliefs, so she's the one who has put the question on the table.


yea but they're pro-Death Penalty
so that Balances it all out.


@35 westello, great point on the "pro-life" term.


@35 - I use "pro-birth" myself.


Thanks for that Les Sins vid, Jasmyne. Nice groove and I spent the whole thing wondering if that was actual vintage '90s CGI or a throwback. I fancy watching it again whilst under the influence of something fun...


@39. Seconded, loved it. Thanks for sharing, Jasmyne.


@30 - I lost a baby once. My partner and i took it in stride. It happens, and it is not a tragedy, especially given the weight of humanity on the fragile balance of all life. When Teigen and Legend lost theirs, i saw it on NYT and CNN. It is precisely in moments like these that we really show up. And right now we are saying plainly: the specious promise of one individual human life outweighs the destruction of entire ecosystems. I disagree, so while i feel bad for chrissy and john, we need a new way to talk about stuff like this.

Or celebs just need to stop posting their pregnancies to the socials. Reproduce quietly, which would have the added benefit of respecting their babies’ future personhood, instead of turning them intO extensions of their brands. Not that I’m not over the moon that Sophie produced a Jonas Nephew(tm). I am. I so am.


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