Slog PM: Crime Drops in Seattle, No Mute Button for Trump, Look at the Moon



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there's Hope.
from the nyt:

Hope Hicks, one of President Trump’s most senior advisers, has tested positive for the coronavirus, three people familiar with the matter said Thursday night.

Ms. Hicks is the closest person known to the president to contract the virus. She traveled with Mr. Trump aboard Air Force One to Minnesota for his campaign rally on Wednesday night.

Ms. Hicks has frequently been seen traveling without a mask, however, a White House official said that she has been one of the few aides to periodically wear masks in meetings.

By Maggie Haberman

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Yes, the moon is a source of comfort. The glaciers will all melt on earth, but the moon will be the same far above our greed-filled planet.


And Trump is getting tested, supposedly (there's really no way to know for sure).

On the one hand, please, oh, please, I hope Trump has COVID and dies from it. OTOH, I don't want even Republican Nazi's to get COVID if it means they may have infected some innocent person.

Hmm, this is a real ethical dilemma. This reminds me somewhat of the "Trolley problem". I think I have to go with the fact that more lives would be saved with him dead.


No ethical dilemmas PnP, moral clarity dictates not wishing Covid on anyone.


taking out the prez? Nah.
let's Not go there it cannot
be Productive and only serves
as the Template for the next bloodlusters
and hands it all over to anarcists and Billionaires
with 'Gated Communities' for the rest.


@5 kristo, whoa, whoa, whoa - let's pull the reins back on that. Let me be extremely clear - I am not calling for the prez to be "taken out". We're a long, long way from there.

If he gets COVID and dies, that's poetic justice.


apologies PiP -- I didn't mean to imply you were;
I think it's a worse than a pointless exercise in Fantasy

but yeah -- Poetry.


"Crime in Seattle has dropped."

The Cops have been occupied by the protests. News flash, when the SPD is not out there inventing reasons to arrest people for, the crime rate drops and people are safer.

Do you want more crime? Hire more police to create it.
Do you want less crime? Defund.


Gauntlet? Or gantlet?
Glove? Or ordeal?


"I'm still crossing my fingers for a mute button..."

What about a secretly installed trap door? It wouldn't necessarily have to drop into a rabid alligator pit or anything. Just down a single flight into the basement of whatever auditorium they're in and the arduous process entailed with finding one's way back up to the debate stage. Worst case scenario probably isn't much more than a shattered appendage or two.


Really Brown Paper Tickets? WTF.

Here I thought BPT was the less-evil alternative to Ticketmaster. Your excuse is laughable. Sure, nobody planned for this pandemic. I might have totally bought your claim that it would take a little time to refund everything. But we're now six months into this pandemic. If you can't manage refunds after 6 months, you're either grossly incompetent, grossly corrupt, or you've burned through your cash reserves and are covering it up. None of which are good.




Nice to see that the Stranger finally cares about arson. We've had a summer replete with arson, but only now does it merit a mention, right Chase?


trumpf's Got the Covid
it's not Fantasy
after all...



You wouldn't recognize moral clarity if it walked up to you, called you out to your face for being the ignorant, collaborationist neo-nazi sympathizer you are, and punched you in the throat...


@16: "When you violently attack someone with deadly weapons including firearms you are not a protester."

That's true, but I am not aware of anyone defending such violence unless it's a police officer. A homeless ex-marine threw a Molotov cocktail in Portland a few days ago and I have not heard a single protestor defend that. Have you? I think most would agree with me that he should be arrested and charged, although I would likely disagree with the police on a punishment of life plus cancer.

What I see is all but the most flagrant violence by police routinely defended and in the cases where it is "George Floyd" bad (although amazingly some pro police posters here do seem to be defending the George Floyd lynching) we get the "a few bad apples" speech despite widespread examples of that type of behaviour by police available for your youtube pleasure.

Conversely, we are told that if one protestor throws a Molotov cocktail, even when every other protestors condemns that action and believes he should be arrested, that's proof that every protestor is a violent thug and the police are justified in reacting as if every one of them threw a ?olotov cocktail for the next 30 days.

Do you see the asymmetry in accountability here? See raindrop posts for examples if you don't.

Can you point to anyone here defending violence by rioters the way police routinely defend gratuitous by police as a few bad apples?


The reality is when you have a mass protest movement — ANY mass protest movement — you're going to get violence. No matter how much it is condemned by participants.

This is true of the Boston Tea Party, the Suffragettes, the labor movements, the Civil rights protests and the anti-war protests in the 1960's, the Stonewall riots to BLM.

There are always a segment of bad actors, assholes, vandals, criminals, agent provocateurs, and radicals that will use a protest as camouflage or justification for violence. Sometimes deliberately. Sometimes by provocation.

Does that illegitimate those movements? If you think it does...

You have to ask yourself which rights you'd like to give up because they came with violence?


@20: A great point Professor.

At the Boston Massacre a group of rowdy, drunk thugs attacked a handful of British soldiers.

I guess that makes our Constitution null and Void. I mean, you don't want to support a group of thugs, do you?


Seattle is basically Disneyland when it comes to crime. It was much worse in the 70's.

But speaking of Arson, did they ever catch whoever was setting the fires in the Rainier Valley?


@6 Pretty in Pink: Re Charles Mudede's recent article, your wish has been partly granted. So far, so good. Let's hope the entire Trump / Pence Administration tests positive, ending the GOP reign of terror, insatiable greed, endless corruption, and senseless destruction.


Trumpty Dumpty put up a Wall,
Giving its Proud Boys thugs a call.
All of Trump's lawyers and hatred machine
Couldn't save Trumpty from COVID-19!

Kiss my grits, MAGAs! May the TRUMPVID-19 Evil Empire go down in flames.


Proud Boys are a lot of things, but white supremacist is not one of them. They're actually quite diverse.


@24 -- those 'diverse' Prouds, are they fairly United in their wish for a WMD-enforced All-White US of A? Or are they just asking for a few (measly) States?