Jenny Durkan Killed the Night Mayor



Seattle is going to have to lay off a lot more people as the months go by. "Night Mayor" is only the beginning. Hire more police, and get a better city attorney; one who will prosecute crime.


"The city saves $98,000 by (metaphorically) beheading the night mayor."

Wow, think of all the additional overtime and teargas Jenny can how buy the police force she refuses to touch.

Because as a former DA she knows first hand that incarceration is far more valuable to society than keeping businesses open and employing people.

Recall Jenny, defund the police. Every person you keep out of jail is someone who can get a job and pay more taxes.


@2 right because that’s exactly what blac block and meth heads would be doing. Working and paying taxes if only the police would stop gassing them. Ridiculous.


If she is cutting czar jobs, maybe the new street czar should be next.


We are definitely going to need to cut the SPD budget more than 65 percent


Seattle - as the entertainment dwindles, the city becomes hopelessly bland.
What's left? Count the homeless tents around downtown- and everywhere!


Looks like the police budget needs to be defunded and replaced with advocates and services for the people of Seattle. This mayor should be recalled now, She cannot be trusted with our money ever.

Her answer for everything is to increase the police budget. Recall her now!


@3: What's "Ridiculous" is your claim the police are arresting meth heads.

Drug addicts provide very little asset forfeiture cash to justify SDP involvement and the Obama cut off all the grants money that paid the SPD to harass low level drug addicts. Purely by coincidence, the Seattle and King County Prosecutor office developed ethics around this topic just when Feds cut of their cash flow to prosecute these people.

Walk around Seattle. Do you see the police doing anything other than stepping over and ignoring those struggling with drug addiction?

The SPDs new target is the working poor. Just enough cash to justify a asset forfeiture arrest, but not so much money that they can afford to defend themselves in court and will take the public defender plea deal.

Protecting and serving.

It's precisely the lower end of the tax base the SPD targets for just that reason. You want to raise tax revenue? Defund the police.




Oh Dear. Can't we redeploy the funds for another tzar or tzarina of some other useless function.

Something must be done!


It's kind of tough to be Tsar of All the Nightlifes when there is, right now, no nightlife.

Once we have a vaccine for COVID-19, we can talk about doing the #1 thing to improve nightlife and safety in Seattle: getting the state Liquor and Cannabis Control Board to create late-night liquor licenses, so all of the bars don't dump herds of drunken twenty-somethings onto the local neighborhood at 2am sharp. As all previous requests have gotten us nothing but a hearty "fuck off" from that control board, we have ourselves some work to do.