Washington's Secretary of State Keeps Dancing Around Trump's Attacks on Voting



Playing the victim is the number one strategy of demagogues. Don't let your bleeding hearts lead you to enable the savage bastards trashing our rights just because our spineless Democratic leadership wants to play middleman again.


No surprise with that Trump-bot. Maybe Trumpty Dumpty should offer Kim a nice, unmasked handshake.


Don't forget McConnell and Garland. It is the same two-faced bullshit they will pull on us if the shoe was on the other foot. They go low, we go high. Well that shit lets us get out pockets picked time and again. Do not let up, do not let them swindle your rights. You think they would extend the same courtesy? Look at how they treated HRC when she was sick. They are taking this opportunity to Hail Mary every dishonorable and dishonest tactic they can, it's fucking perfidy. They brought this on themselves, hold the line and do not let up one iota of ground.


@1 &@3 Garb Garbler: I know and agree. What I meant is that now that Trumpty Dumpty itself has now tested positive for the deadly global virus he stubbornly calls a "hoax", the entire GOP Evil Empire can go down in flames, Kim Wyman included.


She is the only Republican I will vote for because she does a good job.




Republicans are horrible people.


@7: That's Catalina's line and you have no right to use it.


Republicans are really horrible people.


Anybody here friends with Kate McKinnon?

LOVE to see her in a
(Pro Bono) 47-second Rebuttal.
Plenty enough to Work with here....


@7 & @9 Pretty in Pink: Seconded and thirded.


Come to think of it, there is one advantage to having Republican Kim Wyman as Secretary of State. By having a Republican in charge of our state elections, that's a powerful defense against Republican attacks on our all-mail voting system. And she's helping other states establish safe and effective mail balloting systems, which in the long run will allow more people to vote on those states.




The criticism is fair, nevertheless I will be voting for her - the only Republican I’ll be supporting. We need people on the right defending mail in voting. Wyman is a critically important voice from the right - one of the few. If she loses, that voice is all but lost.



Nobody appointed you the fucking SLOG police, so shut the fuck up, dumbass.


@16 Um wow. Overreaction much?


When shitbags presume authority over your tone, telling them to stfu is a well-deserved courtesy.


@16 Um wow. Overreaction much?


I fully endorse anyone who wants to call Republicans horrible people. Use the line with my blessings.


Her performance in office is the only valid criteria by which she should be judged, and that performance has been exemplary. Other states should be so lucky.


Vote Early.
And vote straight Democrat all the way down.



Do you think more Republicans should stand up and tell the president his statements about election security are ‘not helping’?

Kim Wyman: “Well, yes. And it’s a difficult line I have to walk as the chief election officer, as well as a partisanly elected official … and taking and owning the comments of members of my party, including the president. And I will say what I have already said to President Trump and to Attorney General Barr. That the concerns that they have, I would be happy to personally address. I would love to walk the president through what we do here in Washington, what states that conduct absentee or vote-by-mail elections do to secure ballots, and the processes that are in place.

“And I think we really need to take a deep breath and talk about those administrative processes that are designed to protect not only the integrity of the process, but to inspire confidence in both the winning and losing side of any election. So I really do wish that the president would talk to election officials like myself across the country. And let’s allay his fears and let’s get back down to the job. He can run a campaign, and we’ll run the election and then we can move forward.”


I'm voting for Wyman's reelection. Despite her drawbacks, she's relatively more neutral and even-handed than her Democratic challenger who's a foaming-at-the-mouth "Russia-Russia" conspiracy-monger, boasts about her connections to the intelligence community, and basically says she wants the CIA running our elections. No, thanks, a million times over. Washington State elections have been working much better than the rest of the country - and under Wyman, so she'll be getting mine, which is unusual, because I rarely vote for Republicans. It's also a blue-heavy enough state to keep any further problems from the GOP at bay.