Slog PM: I Must Stop Thinking About the President's Body, I Must Stop Thinking About the President's Body, I Must Stop Thinking About the President's Body



Covid Amy


Kellyanne Conway she got the MAGA Mumps, too!


Repubs getting owned by reality. You all played yourselves!


"I'm automatically attracted to Republicans - I just start infecting them, it's like a magnet. Just infect. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything," the Virus said.


You know the old quote, Lenin, I believe, "A capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with," or words to that effect.


Ohhhhhh, the burns! BURNS!!!!!!! aauuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........
When does Trump's head start spinning and its body levitates?
Anyone for projectile vomiting of filthy green bile (most likely from money laundering and BigMacs)? At least the gators were spared.
I'll bring the red wine and gluten free Devil's Food cake.


So is VP Dense supposed to watch dumFux Nooz, shitpost on Twitter, cavort with dictators, and make regular stochastic terrorist threats while Prezinazi AntiChrist is out sick?

What exactly are we losing here?


Just cruised the main street of a small city in E King County... Friday night... and the restaurants were all easily as crowded as in the picture above.
So, either...
The pandemic is over, or
What we thought we understood about transmissibility is wrong, or...
We are going to be seeing a big spike in cases soon.


PR Crisis Translator:
“Mild symptoms and no comorbidities” =

Raging elderly obese lunatic moron with diabetes, high blood pressure, regular mini-strokes, and terminal bone spurs.


@7 -- A. Tee times.*

supposedly he's left-handed
but trumpf won't let him use left-handed clubs
so he's forced to use the backs of rh clubs. They
say he's not too bad at it . . . but, hell, if he cheated
as much as The Boss, he could go on the Senior Tour.

*without trumpf's Major Excursions -- to trumpf's very own 'Country Clubs' aka bedbug-ridden (and gawd only Knows what else -ridden) money pits for the trumpf Crime Fambly where you can join one day, become a Cabinet Secretary or Ambassador the next, and know that every Dime of your Million Dollar 'donation' goes straight into shredding the Emoulments Clause, if not for all that shit, trumpfy'd be totally OUTTA Cash.

Only the Best (Richest) People.

Democracy, dear Democracy
where-oh-where have you Gone?


I find it very interesting that people in the White House and in the GOP are coming down with this like - well, like they've all been playing "Spin The Bottle" at a drunken frat party where the captain of the football team had Herpes and didn't tell anyone. Meanwhile, when was the last time you heard of a prominent Democrat coming down with COVID? I mean, it's almost like the people who've been paying attention and abiding by the recommendations of the experts are doing okay, whereas everyone who claimed this was a hoax or "no worse than the flu" are dropping like flies.

I mean, who could possibly have predicted such a situation would occur?


"I was tested for COVID-19 in South Carolina.
I was informed I was negative." --Lindsley Graham

No, Senator, sorry --
that was your IQ Test score.

You're gonna hafta get re-Tested
for the Covid. Thoughts & prayers.



“Dotard Judas Tr666p’s campaign manager has tested positive for Covid-19, dealing another blow to his reelection effort on a day that saw the president and the head of the Republican National Committee report contracting the disease as well.
(Homo) Stepien received his diagnosis Friday evening and was experiencing what one senior campaign official described as mild flu-like symptoms.”



Stop thinking about the President's body you say!?!

I can't possibly imagine why anyone right thinking individual would want to deprive themselves of these fine sculpted images...


@7 Original Andrew: I'm hoping that with a little luck, Dencey Pencey, William Barrf, , Moscow Mooch McDumbbell, Babyface Kavanaugh ad nauseum can all drop like flies from COVID-19, too. Good riddance!

@11 COMTE: It appears that RepubliKKKans are suddenly learning the hard way that their KKKorprate stupidity--all for wont of the Almighty Dollar---- is incurable. All the better to end TRUMPVID-19. COVID doesn't discriminate.

@12 kristofarian: Yep--those RepubliKKKans. Always blowing something up out of proportion to make for something lacking---like microscopic penis size.

@13 Original Andrew: Who would you prefer to perform the exorcism--Father Merrin (the late Max von Sydow---rest in peace) or Father Karras (Jason Miller)---or both? I have a DVD copy of The Exorcist---William Friedkin's 1973 director's cut, which I plan to enjoy tonight along with Carrie (1976, with Sissy Spacek in the title role). I'm having a Regan (Linda Blair) / Carrie (Sissy) party, complete with gluten free Devil's Food cake and red wine.
Time to get the Devil out and waste the prom, baybee!


@ 14,

The hands are still way too big.

Needz tiny lil’ Tyrannosaurus tines.


Schadenfreude - "pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune."
Pleasure. Yes, intense pleasure. Euphoria even.
A giddy, light-headed feeling that swells into a harmonious symphony of unbridled joy.
I have to confess that my thoughts and prayers are NOT for a speedy recovery.


@15. I am the Walrus?


@5** I am the walrus? I am the walrus.


The only way I want to think about Trump's body is once it's in a box.


I actually hope to hell Trump survives until after election day, when I'll be appropriately giddy if he kicks the bucket.

If he keels over before then, Pence can right some of what Trump has wrought by wearing a mask and encouraging others to do so, denouncing white supremacists, saying he'll respect the election results and other conventional Presidential things. He'll also try to rally the country around him in solidarity in light of the "tragic" passing in office of the President.

It will work with some people. Americans love rallying in times of crisis...even if it's no crisis. Never-Trumpers will gleefully turn away from Biden and vote for Pence, ditto military people. Many independents, as well. And without the fear of Trump, many people who would vote for Biden will stay home, same as any other non-Trump election.

I'm not saying Biden wouldn't win anyway, but it will at least make it a hell of a lot closer and probably put the Senate out of reach. So, Trump can't die until November 4th or later.


Lovely restaurant. If you squint, it could pass for the Mecca.

Or, you know, two dozen other joints around here


I sure hope Trump makes a speedy recovery. I, for one, find no glee in the suffering of the sick.


we know, rainy
we know

you find your Glee in
the suffering of the downtrodden
under the jackboot heels of The One Percenters.

don't forget:
he'll suffer Nothing
when he finally gets to That Better Place.



@24: projecting again


Good thing we have universal healthcare and unlimited paid time off or we'd be tucked.


@17 is it misfortune of you stick your hand in the rabid dogs mouth? Curse this bad luck, I have been bitten after attempting to let this barking pitbull. Unsure what the sign on the fence was all about.


I don’t want him to die, I want him to be humbled, though honestly we all know he’ll die first. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Whatever happens to him, i’m not losing any sleep over it, though i did wake up a little early today to find out how many more cases were added to the Amy Coney Barrett cluster (sen ron johnson of WI is the latest addition to the list of stupid prize winners).

The irony of hosting an event honoring the new scotus nominee before her predecessor’s body was in the ground, only to derail her confirmation by infecting everyone with the virus the president once called a hoax, is almost too much to bear. Pour one out for the pro-life party, these are really challenging times for them.


@23. Well, you sure have enabled it. Make sure your actions match your will.


If Herman Cain would have just not resisted hed be with us today.


If Herman Cain hasn't resisted hed be with us today.


@29 could ACB be a 'typhoid mary' type of super carrier? Trump might be finally taken down by women, but in the way we thought. Still a bit poetic.


It's amusing how fast far right useful idiots have pivoted from "COVID-19 is a hoax" to "the Dems/Clinton's/Obama's/deep state infected Trump et al. with COVID-19."

What really is happening is Greek tragicomedy. Archetypal narrative structures are archetypal for a reason; they reflect recurring patterns of human psychology. In the case of tragicomedy, we have ego distorting reality until the universes cold, naturalistic ontology steps in, and the castles crash from the clouds, revealing their absurdity as they thud and splatter.

Sound familiar?

I'm not delighting in other people being sick. But as my grandfather used to say, if you don't listen, you have to feel. No one for Trump and Co. to blame but themselves, not that that will stop them. If he dies, as, if this were a Greek drama, the gods of hubris would likely dictate, the world becomes a better place.

What to make of that? As Trump himself might put it, "sad." And I'll add absurd.


whilst recently unprecedented
it's Vastly better to be
Unpresidented than
to have a Bad One
at the Helm.

perhaps what's-his-name'll
be asked to join the Dead Presidents
(a rock and roll band) as soon as he qualifies.


@30 fair point you make. There a difference between rational centrism and spineless equivocation.


@32 -- oddly enough, any and all
Help for TDS sufferers was removed
by your Greedy be$t friend$ over at the GOP.

Speaking of Suffering
how's that Pandemic
workin' Out for ya?


Yes. You guys the last thing we want to do is point out how consistent lying, policy failures and simple adherence to infectious disease expert advice would have prevented the superspreader event that has crippled our executive branch.

Clearly the more elevated approach is to ignore wanton ignorance, craven indifference, moral cowardice and irresponsible behavior that lead to policy incompetence and over 200,000 dead Americans.

Instead let us pretend that Trump et al have merely befallen a tragic misfortune that is in no way connected to their own brazen corruption.

Because with a nation in flames and hundreds of thousands dying it’s most important to never hold your leadership accountable or to expect them to endure a whit of the suffering of the people.



The only way that could "pass for the Mecca" is if you'd pounded a half-dozen Boilermakers in 15 minutes about an hour before you walked in...


@26: you seem to think
that Word means something else

see: @32 for the
Textbook Definition.


@36: Exercise caution when reviewing commentary from Garb. He's quick to cast a difference of opinion as an equivocation when it threatens his view of orthodox philosophy.


Waiting patiently for a text from team Trump to tell me if the virus is a hoax or if it's Obama's fault. I'll let you know what I think after my phone told me. In any case I'm just happy my President made it ok for me to say fuck your feelings.


@41. Science is orthodox philosphy and I will not tolerate those who befoul its tenets for their own benefit and sweep their misdeeds under the rug to save face. Spare me your petty judgments and hollow virtue signalling, you know exactly what you are doing and you can kiss my grits.


Here's some fun Saturday morning reading for you:


@18 Garb Garbler: I don't know. GOOGOOGJOOB?

@29 blip: Trump will never be humbled--he's too arrogant, spoiled, corrupt, and entitled.
If I raise a glass it's to the entire GOP going down in flames. The Party of Trump brought this all on themselves.


@20 dvs99: A box wouldn't be painful enough. I'd like to think of Trumpty Dumpty's big, fat, ugly body crammed into an industrial sized dumpster hauled out by garbage scow and catapulted into outer space. Let the Martians deal with it.


@21 Morty, this is my only concern as well. Would Trump’s death before the election actually help the Republicans win the election (and even possibly down ballot elections)? I assume we’re not hearing more about this in the MSM because the media is concerned with the optics.

@29 blip, curious if you support the concept of the death penalty? I.e. do you believe there’s ever a reason to take a human life? If you believe that a human life should never be taken under any circumstances (sans medical reasons), then it’s consistent.

If you do support the concept of the death penalty, and believe some people should not be on this earth, what would it take for you to feel the same about Trump? (and I ask this strictly within the confines of Trump dying from COVID/natural causes)

@38 prof, nailed it as usual.

@24 krist, nailed it!

@40 krist, exactly - he gets a lot of words confused. He’s a very confused bot.


With all the weird statements coming out of the White House I would not be surprised if Trump is already dead, but we will be catching glimpses of him over the next month as he continues to campaign Weekend at Bernie's style.


@40: Is that what you have?


What's got Karen's panties in a knot this time? Sigh.


Pardon me whilst I doff my cap
from the nyt:


Path to Full Recovery Not Clear, Chief of Staff Says

While doctors maintained that President Trump was “doing very well,” they left the impression that he was known to be sick earlier than reported.

He is on remdesivir, an experimental drug. Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, tested positive.

Here’s the latest:

Oh, and yes, raincloud
I DO have Textbook Definitions.

SEE: @32 for Starters


is it
Too Soon
to speak of
Fake 'president'
in the Past tense?


@21: If Trump dies before election day, the RNC would elect a replacement ticket and it would most likely be Pence and someone for VP. But because it's too late to change ballots, and voting has started, it is virtually impossible for Pence to be elected president on Nov 3.

It's either Trump or Biden, or posthumous Trump (or Biden).


Mike Lee is vehemently opposed to the Jones Act, so fuck him.


@53: We're always eager to parse whatever you want to bloviate about. Don't be shy.


@raincloud -- how 'bout I not be shy
and you not be so insipidly vacuuous?

on that note

"Spare me your petty judgments
and hollow virtue signalling, you know
exactly what you are doing and you can kiss my grits."

--Thanks, Garbby


@57 -- 'insipidly'?
who 'edits' this tripe?
Insidiously vacuuous.





@45. Sorry for the typo, Auntie; I was out of my element.


Trump is a human being that is devoid of all ethics and also completely morally bankrupt so it's natural that he would engender that in others.


So, is he on the ventilator yet? Winning!


speaking of Schadenfreude, this, from the nyt:

Maureen Dowd’s ‘Reality Bursts the Trumpworld Bubble’

In a moment that feels biblical, the implacable virus has come to the president’s door.

One comment on the article:

“No one can wish that a person catch a dangerous disease and even less so a President whose illness may increase the chaos this country is facing.

But sympathy for his condition does not absolve him from responsibility. He brought that upon himself with reckless behavior, and worse than that, he has endangered people around him and those who emulated him.

We can wish he recovers but we also wish he will not longer be President in 2021 and the country will start the long process of healing from a President that has done much to make it sick.”

--Serban; Miller Place NY 11764 Oct. 3



Never forget.


"The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic."


NYT Update on Fake 'prezs's' condition:
Trump’s Symptoms Described as
‘Very Concerning’ Even as Doctors
Offer Rosier Picture

The president’s medical team refused to provide critical details and left open the impression that he was known to be sick a day earlier than previously reported, forcing them to backtrack later.

WASHINGTON — The White House offered a barrage of conflicting messages and contradictory accounts about President Trump’s health on Saturday as he remained hospitalized with the coronavirus for a second night and the outbreak spread to a wider swath of his aides and allies.

Just minutes after the president’s doctors painted a rosy picture of his condition on television, Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, gave reporters outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center a far more sober assessment off camera, calling Mr. Trump’s vital signs worrisome and warning that the next two days would be pivotal to the outcome of the illness.

“The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning, and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care,” Mr. Meadows told the reporters, asking not to be identified by name. “We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”

By Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman

tonnes more at


Don't worry your pretty little head kristofarian, Donald will come out of this just fine.


See guys, its no big deal. If you get it simply check yourself into a hospital and start taking experimental treatments immediately. But not the ones the president has been pushing for some reason..
Can't we all just take 2 weeks sick leave and chill at. Swedish?


Pretty awesome that the president is working on signing blank paper, my nephew started kindergarten and his class is working on reviewing documents too.


oh, raincloud,* Fake 'prez'
Always comes out un-Scathed.

it's not Fake 'prez' I'm worried about.

*Still projecting.


There's no moral case to be made for wishing pain and/or suffering on another human in any circumstance. That said, given the turmoil and devastation the man has already wrought upon the world, in addition to what he's on record of saying and planning to do over the next couple of months, it's also not difficult at all to make a morally sound argument that the best case scenario would be for him to simply keel over in his sleep, peacefully, at the next opportunity.

Do something humbly, for once, and Rest In Peace.


"What an incredible healthcare system you have in the US, where a man who pays only $750 in income tax can still be flown by helicopter to a private hospital and the best care taxpayers can provide.

Now that's a universal healthcare system to be proud of!" --David Castle, Melbourne, Oct. 3


one more from the nyt comments (@74):

"It's the ultimate gaslighting that the country
is being asked to pray for their abuser and
being shamed for not feeling sorry for him."


@21 Morty and @47 Pretty in Pink: Brrrrrrr!!!!! I can't think of Pence in charge!
Thank you both for pointing this out.

@67 kristofarian: How fitting that if Trumpty Dumpty, an arrogant, entitled corrupt white man who never served a day of military service (let alone hold a public office) in his life, and who calls those in active service and those among us who have served "losers" dies of COVID-19, it will be at Walter Reed Military Hospital, a facility known for its poor care. I call that proper medicine. Pence, Barr, Kavanaugh, and McConnell ad nauseum should be admitted next.

@74 kristofarian: Funny, but I feel absolutely no shame right now at all. Unlike Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and The Rolling Stones (stream the 1969 Let It Bleed album), I feel no Sympathy for the Devil.
As for Trumpty Dumpty?......the BURNS!!! aaaaauuuuuuuggggghhhhhh...... Watch Trumpty's ugly, fat head spin. Any projectile vomiting of green bile is from all the BigMacs and laundered money. It would take a crane to get Trumpty to levitate.


@73 kristofarian: To elaborate further, as a veteran I find it hard to believe that Trumpty Dumpty is in the best care at Walter Reed Military Hospital, re your article from the New York Times. Whether DJT is in a private wing or not, veterans admitted to Walter Reed, from the Vietnam era to the present have actually been in the worst care imaginable.
I have read chilling stories in The American Legion magazine about fellow veterans who suffered terrible ordeals at Walter Reed from negligence and medical malpractice. Time will tell if Trumpty Dumpty is put on a ventilator and what happens next.


@73: So what? Silly conflations libs get moist over.

Doesn't help anyone or anything if he was driven to Walter Reed.


@72: After that first sentence, the "That said" doesn't give you license to break your moral premise.


Repubs only Love using the Military 'cause it makes Capitalism (they call it 'democracy') Safe, Planet-wide.

But our Military has Human Beings in it, which Capitalism finds too Expensive to care for, once the battles are over.

So for Cadet BoneSpurs to seek life-saving care where less than Optimal care is dispensed is indeed Poetic Justice. Thanks for pointing that out, auntie Griz.

oh and
'Silly conflations neocons [like me] get moist over.'
fixed it for ya raincloud.
here, memorize this:

Projection = every Accusation a Confession.
eventually, it may, thru Osmosis
finally Sink In. Good luck!


Its rad that conservatives are able to say shit like "Do you really think Octogenarian multimillionaires DON'T think about the long term affects of their decisions?" with a straight face.


@78/72: Yet thankfully, we aren't saints.


Trumpty Dumpty put up a Wall
Only during COVID to have a Great Fall.
His flailing base is now left to seethe.
One last cry from Der Gropenfuhrer: "I CAN'T BREATHE!"

Gulldurnit, I may just have to have another movie night---The Exorcist (gotta drive the Devil out of the White House!), Carrie (waste the prom), and finally, the Shawshenk Redemption.
Symbolically, at Walter Reed, I can just imagine the following scenario:

DJT (blubbering): "I ain't supposed TO BE IN HERE!"
Heywood (William Sadler): "And it's FatAss by a nose!"

Pay up, Red (Morgan Freeman)---you owe Heywood some serious smokes!


Great one, auntie Gee:

trumpfy: "I Can't BREATHE!

the Irony.



Sure it does. I stated that I'd not want him to endure physical pain or suffering, and the death I'd condone, or even hope for, is a painless one. It's not bullet proof I'll grant; his few few friends and immediately family would presumably suffer some emotional distress, which isn't ideal, but still quite arguably a net moral positive. Guess I could've specified physical pain to avoid push back.

Better still would be his being visited by an aspiring angel, a la It's a Wonderful Life, who'd show him the world had he never been born. Even HE would probably recognize the logical obligation he'd have to retroactively save the world from suffering the consequences of his abhorrent existence.


@83 kristofarian: Many thanks, kris. I don't come up with really good ones very often, but when I do it's usually a grand slam homer every blue moon. Don't you just love the sudden lack of usual MAGA trolls? I think I can actually hear crickets. I haven't heard from Doofy. He must be cowering in his mom's basement with the Cocoa Puffs, mice, and spiders. :)


@84 mike blob: That's nice sentiment, mike, but you're talking about Donald Jackass Trump here. If there's any symbolism to be gleaned from It's a Wonderful Life, DJT would be best portrayed in real life 2020 by Lionel Barrymore's heartless Mr. Potter. DJT is certainly no Clarence.


You know we are going to all get it eventually, either by transmission or injection. BTW I'm still waiting for the Spanish flu vaccine.....



You should go lick Trump's balls as quickly as possible then. Speed things up.


Thankyou 88 for your kind words :)



If he doesn't have a fucking tube shoved down his hamberder hole for at least a few days - it'll definitely make him "just shut the (fuck) up, man" at the very least - it'll be proof there's no such thing as karmic justice.


you won't be hearing this
from the White House:
from the nyt:

Trump’s Treatment Suggests Severe
Covid-19, Medical Experts Say

President Trump’s fluctuating oxygen levels and a decision to begin treatment with a steroid drug suggested to many experts that his condition is serious.

The drug, dexamethasone, is reserved for those with severe illness and has not been shown to benefit those with milder forms of Covid-19.

... at a news conference at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., Mr. Trump’s doctors said his oxygen levels had dropped to a level that can indicate that a patient's lungs are compromised. The symptom is seen in many patients with severe Covid-19.

The president’s medical team also said that he had been prescribed dexamethasone on Saturday. The drug is a steroid used to head off an immune system overreaction that kills many Covid-19 patients.

The drug is reserved for those with severe illness, because it has not been shown to benefit those with milder forms of the disease and may even be risky.

Because of the incomplete picture offered by the president’s doctors, it was not clear whether they had given him dexamethasone too quickly, or whether the president was far sicker than has been publicly acknowledged, experts in infectious disease and emergency medicine said on Sunday.

more at



There was a Broadway star whose leg got amputated before covid killed him. It'd be a shame if anyone else has to get an amputation.


They are Machiavellian to the core. Trump has already defied his doctors and endangered the press pool. Let them take themselves out without remorse.



@92 kristofarian: Thank you for the NYT update. Frankly, I'm surprised the "highly reputable" medical staff at Walter Reed didn't give Trumpty Dumpty a good shot of hydroxychloroquine, as he has misdirected. Time for Trumpty Dumpty and its Party Of Trump take their own foul medicine. Especially after the needless deaths of 210,708 U.S. citizens---and counting---due to DJT's gross and shamelessly willful negligence.
@93 seatackled: That is sad. My condolences to the actor's family and loved ones.
@94 Garb Garbler: Agreed and seconded. The GOP is deservedly going down in flames, the hopelessly blindsided Trumpist lemmings as they are.They'll march in lockstep until they're all dead or in prison.



@82: What can I say, other than I once again enjoyed another viewing of The Exorcist (1973, William Friedkin's Director's cut) and Carrie (Brian DePalma, 1976).


@98: Too scary. I suggest 'Hellcats of the Navy' (Columbia Pictures, 1957).


@99 You watch what you like, and I'll watch what I like, Rainy. Linda Blair and Sissy Spacek kick serious ass. If what I like scares you, tough shit. Oh that's right---I forgot you're an incel rotting in your mom's basement with the Cocoa Puffs, mice, and spiders.
Give my best to Geraldo. :)


@1 -- Typhoid trumpfy


Suddenly, I've got flaskbacks of the Wagnerian "Ride of the Valkeries" scene from the Blues Brothers (1980).
Pence to Trump: "I have always loved you."


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