This man--Republican Sen. Cory Gardner--needs to lose his job.
This man—Republican Sen. Cory Gardner—needs to lose his job. Al Drago/Getty Images
Mmmm, there's nothing like a debate between a moderate Democrat and a Trump-lovin' Republican to tuck into on a balmy Friday night like this one! I know, I know. We're all exhausted from that other debate earlier this week, but instead of two men bickering for a spot in the highest office of the land, this one is over one of Colorado's Senate seats.

Republican incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner will go up against former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper tonight at 7 pm Colorado-time, 6 pm Washington-time. Both candidates have tested negative for COVID-19. There was some concern someone could have exposed Gardner to the virus this week in Washington, D.C.

The seat has a pretty good chance of flipping from red to blue. Hickenlooper has consistently polled several points ahead of the incumbent, despite Gardner receiving financial help from national Republicans and getting praise from the orange man himself.

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The debate tonight is a crucial moment for each candidate to cast the other as unfavorable. According to The Colorado Sun, Gardner plans to take the opportunity to "trip up Hickenlooper" (who is known for his foot-in-mouth disease) and cast him as corrupt for violating the state’s ethics laws. Hickenlooper plans on tying Gardener to Trump as much as possible and reminding voters of his record as governor.

Major topics for the night include the Senate Republicans' attempts to push through Amy Coney Barrett's nomination and Hickenlooper's two ethics violations. Tune in to the debate below—I know your ass ain't got nothing else to do:

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