Climate Change Policy Was Left Out of the 2021 Budget Proposal



They can't even fix the potholes outside of your house or build a stable bridge, much less do anything about climate change. Get rid of them all.


I take comfort in knowing that eventually, our planet is going to solve all of our problems for us.



I've seen that dude in the Jesus costume at multiple protests, it's pretty funny. Who is he lmao?


Wait, didn't they just hire some "street czar" for a similar salary? Under a hiring freeze? Lol, this administration is so fucking ridiculous.


The reduction in overall economic activity, driving, flying, etc. have reduced carbon emissions by orders of magnitude more than whatever ridiculous, unscientific, "solutions" that have ever even been contemplated by the city government or readers of the Stranger.


"...the city would select a 19-person Green New Deal oversight board comprised of climate justice organizations, experts, and community members to create the package of environmentally-focused plans."

A committee composed of 19 persons, with a minority of them being "experts" on said committee's area of oversight, will likely never produce a "package of environmentally-focused plans." Rather, it will likely produce huge amounts of self-important, virtue-signalling hot air, thus adding to climate change. This committee's continued nonexistence is therefore the best response to climate change our current City Council is likely to create.


@6 -- why, He's Jesus -- of Nazareth, I believe. we chatted briefly at Bernie's Rally in the Taoma Dome and he's just as Righteous as the Original. not sure if he can raise the Dead, too, but perhps the Living might recognize His Arrival and Plan accordingly.


I weep for younger and future generations.