Slog AM: Trump Remains Sick, Twitter Says No Hoping He Dies, Supreme Court's Not Done With Marriage Equality



Re #proudoys - Matt Baume: "Not sure why so many people want to stake a claim on a hashtag so closely associated with racist violence"

Really Matt? Are you trying to give up coffee? The purpose is to usurp it.


'The White House releases photos supposedly showing Trump working from Walter Reed Medical Center. As you can see, however, the President is merely signing a blank piece of paper with a sharpie.''

Actually that does represent a typical day in the Trump work cycle. Five hours of Fox News next.


Good news guys, we just need positive results from barr and giuliani to get bingo. We're so close!


Tr666p’d better be holding up an easily readable copy the most recent edition of the Washington Post in any future, potentially pre-recorded video resurrections if they seriously expect us to believe he’s still alive.


“We should see Tr666p getting COVID as the epidemiological equivalent of a mass shooting where the shooter opens fire on the crowd, and then turns the gun on himself. This is not a tragic accident — it is a crime scene, and should be treated as such.”

—Naomi Klein


The Donner or the Lester "Superman II" cut? This is important.


You'd think right-wingers, compelled as they are to shove every event through a hole shaped like poetic justice, would be able to appreciate the dramatic irony of Trump's predicament.



Breaking news: Kayleigh McEnany is positive. She should have been wearing a mask for the past several weeks in that tiny WH briefing room.


Wow, Q was right again. Q+ is taking out the elites, 15 infected and counting. MAGA!


Can we still say it on The Stranger? Because I hope he dies. Painfully. The whole nation is being gaslit into thinking it's bad to want its abuser to go away. The man is evil, incompetent and dangerous. He has no regard for other human life so why should he be extended the same courtesy? FOAD.


Are they
Murder Hornets?


19 infected and counting.

And if anyone needed more proof that Twitter and Facebook are in the bag for the far right let me take you back to 2016 when Clinton had pneumonia. Anyone wanna guess what her Twitter feed looked like?


@11. No! I mean, after he loses the election, is indicted, faces a jury, is convicted and stripped of his wealth. A decade in jail. Then. Maybe. Sure. I hope his face melts after all that.

But now? No. Absolutely not. I want this fucker to live to see it all taken away.

If he died before the election it would throw this nation into more chaos. Chaos we might not survive and stay a developed democratic country.


The red states will do whatever they want, whether it's banning abortion or eliminating gay marriage, or voiding elections.
So why are the blue states subsidizing them?


They're all going to die eventually anyway. I've maintained that Trump is already dead, and his staff is propping him up Weekend at Bernie's style.

So, if Justice Thomas likes originalism so much, should Loving v. Virginia be tied to the Obergfell decision?


14 I've seen this argument a lot and I wish I shared the optimism he will he held criminally accountable but the US seems incapable of holding its presidents accountable for their crimes. Just in our recent history Nixon, Reagan, W., all got away with their crimes and nobody batted an eye. And W even got the Supreme Court to give him a presidency, much like Trump will do. Hope I'm wrong here but I doubt it.

And theres going to he chaos regardless. The sooner he dies the sooner he stops hurting people.


Does anyone really give a fuck if Weinstein dies of Covid?


Can someone explain to me how it is that the SCOTUS can turn around and change the ruling on something they have already decided? I mean the cases regarding abortion and gay marriage have been heard and answered by the court. Should that not be the end of it? Why are cases allowed to be heard over and over and over until whoever wants something changed gets what they want? The law is the law and if a decision has been made based on the law, how does it just change because a bunch of assholes are now on the SCOTUS?

Gay marriage does not in any way violate religious freedom. Religious people are free to believe and do as they please. Gay people getting married is not preventing religious people from believing their beliefs. Religious people, however, continuously and relentlessly use their beliefs to interfere with other people's lives and try to limit other people's rights and to discriminate against people they don't like. That is not religious freedom. The Constitution is clear. People have the right to whatever religious beliefs they choose. They DO NOT however, have the right to impose those religious beliefs on anyone else. Freedom FROM religion exists in this country just as much as freedom OF religion.

Religious zealots, bigots, and people who desperately feel the need to control what other people do with their bodies really need to be prevented from using SCOTUS as their tool of destruction. The law is very clear - people have the right to do as they please with themselves (their bodies, their lives, their genitals, their hearts, their minds) as long as they are not harming other people (and no bunches of cells that are non-viable outside of one's uterus is not harm done to other people).

Enough bullshit. When is this country going to stop with the fucking insanity?


Per today's Huffington Post article, Trump's medical treatment can cause psychosis and mania. Like how could you possibly tell the difference?


@17 Thomas doesn't give a crap about "originalism" or any other theory of law and he's never been shy about saying so. His aesthetics are nakedly authoritarian, always have been and he makes this explicit so every time he puts pen to paper.

Only pompous windbags like Antonin Scalia or John Roberts feel some compulsion to dress up their preferences in oily circumlocutions.


from the New York Times:
A President in the Hospital
and a Nation in the Dark
by Frank Bruni

This whole administration is a superspreader event.

The coronavirus’s rampage through America threw a spotlight on its failings — on the galling inequality, the fatal partisanship, the susceptibility to fiction and the way in which rugged individualism had curdled into plain old selfishness.

The coronavirus’s rampage through the White House has had the same effect. What we have seen over recent days is Donald Trump’s presidency in miniature, his worst traits distilled. Two in particular — mendacity and recklessness — are on especially unsettling display.

What is clear amid all this defensive murkiness is that Trump’s dismissive attitude toward the virus became its accomplice, as his disdain for masks and perverse sense of invincibility translated into a packed calendar of events and blasé behavior by the people attending them that amounted to epidemiological suicide.

This whole administration is a superspreader event.


@18: It's not about optimism. The prof is correct here. We need a decisive election victory to assure Trump's exit - and that can only happen if he's alive.


@ 11,

Trump and his movement are evil — but the hope-peddlers in the chattering class won't say so

"It is a self-evident and obvious fact that Donald Trump is a neo-fascist who is systematically attacking American democracy, the rule of law and the country's social and political institutions in an effort to stay in power indefinitely.

Through its allies, enforcers, sycophants, servants and camp followers, the Trump regime shows this to be true almost every day.

They have made it clear that Donald Trump has no intention of leaving office. They view any election where Trump does not defeat Joe Biden as illegitimate. They are seeking to suppress the votes of Black people, younger people and others who are most likely to support the Democratic Party. They are threatening violence against the Democratic Party, its leaders and its voters. In fact, political violence by Trump supporters and other members of the far right is increasing. They view a free press as "the enemy of the people" and believe that journalists and reporters who dare to tell the truth about Trump and his movement should be targeted with violence, imprisoned or worse.

The Trump regime has declared Democratic-governed cities such as New York, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, to be "anarchist jurisdictions." The apparent implication is that these cities are potentially subject to invasion by Trump and Barr's "federal police" and "militias", and treated as enemy territory to be subjugated."


"... Trump’s dismissive attitude toward the virus became its accomplice, as his disdain for masks and perverse sense of invincibility translated into a packed calendar of events and blasé behavior by the people attending them that amounted to epidemiological suicide."

hmmm -- more looks more like an
Epidemiological Genocide to me.

but, relax -- it's just Capitalism!*

kinda Capitalism


@ 14,

There's exactly zero chance of any of these monsters being held accountable for anything--America is too corrupt and broken, and our "legal" system is a massive, obvious fraud that blows up the lives of people of color, while enabling and facilitating the cruel, sadistic white kleptocratic oligarchs crimes and anti-humanity against us.

Who gives a shit if the twisted, perverse Executive, Judicial, and Republinazi Senate collapse from COVID-19--it just means that they're less able to actively harm us.


Sooo, Twitter is racist because they gave a seriously timely reminder(no one should be confused, the biggest asshole on twitter has covid) about not wishing death on people without making some specific call out about bipoc women? This is the exact attitude as those d-bags that always have to say "but ALL lives matter," whenever a point is being made about violence on blacks. The next non-story about how we live in the most racist, hateful country on earth is there was a relatively non-functioning age suggestion added to 1 of a kajillion videos on youtube about being a young transvestite. Better luck on isms-PM!


@28. Ilhan Omar has been getting nonstop death threats on Twitter and they ain't done shit about it, but suddenly Trump gets sick by his own dumbassery and we are expected to handle it with kid gloves. Get fucking real you chump.


24, death is a pretty decisive exit. This election wont be decided by the electorate if he remains in office. He will immediately get it pushed to the courts. How will that not lead to worse chaos? Why do you think they are rushing through the SCOTUS pick?



If your question is about what the Court can do, that's the rule from I learned in high school civics: the Court can reverse any previous decisions. (And I'm sure there's something somewhere that establishes that point officially.)


@18 well, he stands ZERO chance of being held accountable if he is dead. Once he’s dead the GOP will pretend he never existed and re-write history.



@28 riiiiiight... check they way back machine from 2016 when Clinton had pneumonia and see the non-stop total lack of sympathy, mocking and “I hope she dies” that came from HIGH PROFILE REPUBLICANS. Including the Trump campaign.


@30 if he dies no dynamic changes as far as having a Republican candidate for president and having a SCOTUS nominee.

The chaos will come from the bandwidth being eaten by sympathy and Faux patriotic casket processions and a state funeral with a noble widow and “grieving” children. The Democrats will have to pretend to be sad. Everything will get driven off the front page. Pence will get a pass. His conspiracy nut followers will — 100% — engage in outright violence.

If it happens you will see. And you will regret it.

No. No. He needs to live through the election.


@31 thanks for the HS civics lesson, my question is more rhetorical and your answer is not the entire truth.

When the Supreme Court rules on a constitutional issue, that judgment is virtually final; its decisions can be altered only by the rarely used procedure of constitutional amendment or by a new ruling of the Court.

Gay marriage was decided to be a Constitutional issue of interpretation of equality. That would place it in the court (no pun intended) of the judgement being final. While the court can bring forth a new ruling, how exactly is the court going to use the Constitution to justify a new ruling?

They sure are shit are not going to get a Constitutional amendment banning it. And there are other matters to consider (like cases they need to hear that are not cases they have already heard over and over and over) since they can only hear a very small, finite number of cases per year.


Nah. We can just ignore the Supreme Court.

They know that if they keep down this path, that will happen.


Hey twitter - is it acceptable to say i wouldn’t be opposed to someone dying if they meet the following conditions?
1. Admitted in february that Covid was deadly and airborne, but told the public it was a hoax that would go away on its own.
2. Politicized masks, the one thing that could give the pro-commerce types their beloved economy and give the anti-covid bunch less, you know, covid?
3. Held indoor rallies
4. Forced his staffers not to take precautions
5. Got the best healthcare available after trying for four years to end the only thing that improved access to healthcare for millions in this country
6. Insisted on photo ops and returning to work instead of quarantining while still fighting an active case of covid
7. Said of 200k+ deaths “It is what is it”

But no one would do those things because no one is that awful or stupid, right?


@14 - Death might allow him to avoid jail, but it would allow us to avoid a contested election and will make Ivanka, Don Jr.’s and Eric’s convictions that much easier to secure. Sounds like they all committed tax fraud. Rest up, Vance!


For as much complaining about Twitter and Facebook that goes on around here, I find it odd their social icons and share links continue to be displayed. Like...don't use them if they are the Karens of the Internet? Idk.


Oh cool our highly contagious president is going back to the white house today! cool cool

He's pumped full of steroids and feeling the best he's ever felt in 20 years so no need to worry about maybe killing any number of white house staffers to prop up the illusion that a pandemic virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans is nbd. Good to know this hasn't changed him and he is still incapable of learning anything.


Twitter is, like America itself, simply far too big and unwieldy to be effectively regulated. It should really be killed outright, or otherwise left to further degenerate into a cesspool of hatred and slander. The smart money's on the latter, with other social media platforms following in kind.


@ 35,

He’ll be worse than ever. He and his fascist goons have already told us out loud that they’re going to steal the election, including by installing the Contagious ACB to attack us from the bench, and we’re getting violence from his white trash brownshirts no matter what the outcome of the election.
Even impeachment can’t rid us of this lying psychotic moron that’s broken the back of the US gubmit and military.
America has flunked the democracy test over and over and over again, because most white people will only vote for sociopathic racists no matter how incompetent and destructive they are.
Yes, let’s turn out in overwhelming numbers to vote, but the virus is our only hope for justice.


Perhaps in this age of karmic irony, the only good reason not to wish death on someone who clearly deserves it is that the golden rule goes both ways. But when your family is sick and dying by people who defy common sense and good science, exacerbating that suffering, what options are you left with to end it if the perpetrators are unrepentant and emboldened? At what point do the innocent throw stones in self defense?


Would Jesus have turned the other cheek if Pilate slaughtered his disciples before him?


@41, he's feeling much better!


44, I have no idea what you’re even getting at but it's a joke? As in everyone else in trump's orbit has the rona and these are the only 2 left? (Not really but that’s how jokes work. Please clap.)

I mean you understand that contracting this virus is a bad thing with potentially life-ending consequences so who gives a flying fuck whether it changes someone's rhetoric or not? Do you think anyone on earth is on pins and needles waiting for rudy giuliani to have a spiritual awakening?


Leaning back in my chair with my arms folded smugly thinking about how smart I am because I didn’t have to contract tuberculosis to know it’s bad.


52, Oh wow, the galaxy brain just keeps getting bigger. I have even less of an idea what you are getting at than I did when I tried -- and failed, apparently -- to explain to you what a joke is.

Anyway I'm sure this is only going to encourage more bullshit from you but the government doesn't need to intervene to stop the flu because we have a vaccine. Not sure how we went from a stupid joke about covid bingo to this but here we are.


and yet SCOTUS threw down this ruling, so there's that:

Supreme Court Smacks Down Appeal By Official Who Refused Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
Kim Davis, a former county clerk briefly jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, can be sued by the couples, the U.S. Supreme Court found.


Any bigoted denomination is within its rights to refuse to marry whoever based on its interpretation of Scripture, but that cannot counter any citizens' rights to marry under the law and be afforded equal rights as any couple. While Congress shall pass no law regulating the tenets of religious practice, the reverse must also be true. And, fortunately, most churches denominations have seen the light and gladly marry same sex couples. The government cannot force those shitty churches to perform a religious ceremony, but fortunately people can usually leave those shitty sects.

Unless we want a theocracy run by an extremely narrow-minded interpretation of Scripture for a bigoted agenda (who would Jesus descriminate against again?) run by slime that would make Margaret Atwood blush, we must follow the constitution and demand the separation of church and state and revoke tax exempt status for those who defile the very freedom the truth sets free.


@57 - I am pretty sure you mean "Dr. Sean Conley."


@56. Under the law, all adult ctizens regardless of race, biological sex, creed, and any other dumbass interpretations of 'science' in name only aside are afforded equal rights under the law, or else hold one religion's interpretation of morality and scripture above all others and amounts to discrimination. This bullshit about 'urges' or whatever aside is likely a projection from homophobes and bigots too uncomfortable to face a reality outside their own bubble of shame and who can't control their kids or lack the tools to explain the fluidity of intersex chromosomal identity choice, much less gender identity and the historical fluidity of sexuality aside.

When same-sex or queer couples or whatever cohabitate and get married under the law at the Justice of the Peace in a legal process no more formal than obtaining a driver's license to secure property, advance directive, taxation, and property rights, they should not be denied those rights because feelble-minded homophobes who apparently are miffed at giving rights to any couple that is not a man and a woman decide otherwise. And what the hell does transgender athetics have to do with same sex marriage under the law?

Kleptomania has nothing to do with who a person loves or finds attractive due to a 'compulsion,' as though it were a mental illness or compulsion to love another. You can't prove a feeling or attraction, but you can prove a compulsion? According to who? This is just semantics posing as authoritative dogma equivocating descrimination under the law with confirmation bias posing as good science. If you can't prove attraction or feelings are genetic, how can you prove they are not?

You realize chromosomes regulate the exposure of the developing fetus to hormones which differentiate the primary and secondary sex characteristics, sometimes incompletely or differently than the xx or xy common standard, leaving people with ambiguous or androgynous features and they must choose who to be and how to live and love in nature. Any science that limits the scope of further research or possibility and potential revision for lack of future data and is unscientific.

These arguments are all shit and, again, should have no bearing on any citizens' consent to be happy with who they are and love who they wish, such that their rights are intact. But you don't have to take my word for it, it is known.


Mark 2:24 - Jesus on adhering to the strict laws of Scripture over service to each other, for those who cite the laws of Moses and the Israel as their justification for discriminatory acts.

One Sabbath Jesus was going through the grainfields, and as his disciples walked along, they began to pick some heads of grain. 24 The Pharisees said to him, “Look, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?”

25 He answered, “Have you never read what David did when he and his companions were hungry and in need? 26 In the days of Abiathar the high priest, he entered the house of God and ate the consecrated bread, which is lawful only for priests to eat. And he also gave some to his companions.”

27 Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. 28 So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath*.”



It's been amusing to watch the moral panic over gay marriage transform into the moral panic over trans people in public bathrooms transform into the moral panic about trans people in sports. As one argument collapses under the weight of its stupidity, some conservative think tank is lined up with the next iteration ready to go. The people who take up these arguments are being played like a fiddle.




Since Trump himself has said he has a (sometimes) fatal illness, I will, in light of Twitters guidelines, hope that he is lying. And that his crass belittling of the 200,000+ dead for political reasons will be exposed.(not that that will matter to those who admire his lying)
As to why he would lie: "See, I had it, it's not a big deal, not even as bad as the flu. Open everything up! This whole panic thing is a liberal hoax to make me look bad"

Though, if the whole word (including Germany, Italy and Japan) is trying to make you look bad.....maybe you are doing something wrong.

I thought Obergefell covered secular marriage, i.e. the State, not the churches?
" "a novel constitutional right over the religious liberty interests explicitly protected in the First Amendment"
I think the first amendment is kinda a two way street, Congress can't control the churches, (or decide which one is THE Church), so logically the churches shouldn't control the law, nor one religion appoint itself the One True Religion (and if one does, the State certainly shouldn't recognise it as such)
Now if the State starts forcing "Christians" (who seem little interested in the teaching of He whose name they have usurped) to be married to people of the same gender. Then there would be a problem, but Obergefell seem to be about letting people choose for themselves, their choice NOT being controlled by the State, which in turn should not be controlled by the Church.

Apropo of nothing, it looks like there are a fair number of Catholics in South America. If we get a Catholic on the SCOTUS maybe Mexico won't need to pay for that wall after all ("the least of my brothers" and all) Just kidding, I know hypocrisy is the greatest virtue,


@61 blip, bingo!

They just make it up as they go along.


Trump literally believes he has beat COVID. That his fake doctors are perpetuating this myth is astounding. This time Trump's delusional state might actually kill him. Sadly, it will sicken and possibly kill any number of other people, too.

Among patients who developed severe disease, the median time to dyspnea from the onset of illness or symptoms ranged from 5 to 8 days, the median time to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) from the onset of illness or symptoms ranged from 8 to 12 days, and the median time to ICU admission from the onset of illness or symptoms ranged from 10 to 12 days.


So the official White House line is that Herman Cain was somehow genetically inferior and that’s why he’s dead and trumps not?


The question is with Trump how would anyone know the difference?

Nearly One-Third of Covid Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State

The hospitalized patients showed signs of deteriorating neurological function, ranging from confusion to coma-like unresponsiveness, new research indicates.


@61 blip and @64 Pretty in Pink: Now we just need a BINGO! in the entire Trump / Pence Evil Empire testing positive for TRUMPVID-19 and going down in flames in lockstep unison.


Deep breaths, everybody. Griz recommends viewing the Wagnerian "Ride of the Valkeries" scene from The Blues Brothers (1980) that symbolically and metaphorically would do the current Trump / Pence neofascist nutzi regime poetic justice. Envision Pence driving the red Pinto wagon and Trump riding shotgun, yelling, "Faster! Faster!". As the car, with them in it goes hurtling downward over the side of the bridge, Pence says to Der Gropenfuhrer: "I have always loved you."
The end of the nightmare that is GOP can and finally will happen. xina already nailed it------reality's a bitch.


@66 hmmm... I wonder what it was about Herman Caine that rightwinger MAGA death cultists would view as genetically inferior? It’s a puzzler.