A Showdown in Arizona Between a Former Military Pilot and a Former Astronaut



Let's hope Maricopa County puts the Democrats over the top!
First it was Colorado, then Nevada, now Arizona as mountain west states to turn blue!


Um, the mask might seem ridiculous to you, but I'm pretty sure that is the Arizona state flag. So, probably relevant to voters in her state. And it's a much cooler flag than the boring WA state flag.

I'm not a fan of McSally at all, and I hope Mark Kelly kicks her ass. But she should be trashed for her terrible politics, not for her mask choice.


@2 On the other hand, that mask is terrible even setting aside the state flag. It should sit higher on her nose and lower under her eyes for a good seal to her face, and it should have pleats or something off by her ears so that all the air she breathes out doesn't just go around the mask to the sides. Not to mention that the nose wire should be longer for a decent seal.

This is a pet peeve of mine--there are way too many politicians out there wearing lousily-made masks.


@ 2,

There's flames on the sides of her face.


^^^ Found the new sock puppet.