CHOP's Black Lives Matter Mural Becomes Permanent (Hopefully)



What are the names of the self-appointed armed security that shot two minors at the CHOP? That might be more important than so many articles about a damn mural.


The two Ts in MATTER are my favorite.


Thanks, Jasmyne!

now all's they gotta do is continue removing those confederate Monuments to White terrorism and we'll all be Good to go.


I could think of a better place to put a mural than on a road. Two less lanes everyone can drive on? Oh well. I'll leave it up to the smart people to tell me what's right.


yeah, pabble, why couldn't they follow Precedent (do what's Right!) and put their goldang Mural in the same place gee dubya bush put peaceful protesters, back when NeoCons ruled the World? in razor wire-topped cages, miles away from prying, prurient eyeballs, where they'll Do No Harm. eh?

Clear the Streets:
We gotta DRIVE, mofos.


Give the past the slip. Fight for the future.