From out of the bleeps and bloops comes a new friend: Say hello to Play Date! It’s a new video series guiding you to the games that you should be playing right now—new and old, video and tabletop, we’re highlighting titles that fill the world with delights at a time when, oh geez, we could all use a little delighting.

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So let’s kick things off with some thoughts on Nintendo’s new nearly-free-to-play platformer Mario 35. You might’ve read my post last week about why I’d rather play it than attend another Zoom sex party; now here’s a video that goes in-depth on what the game is, why it’s worth your time to pick up, and why it’s such a perfect antidote to pandemic cabin fever. Plus a very brief cameo by Cher (or a reasonable facsimile thereof), excessive yelling at my boyfriend Bowser, and a deeply unnecessary dirty joke.

For future installments, I’ve got my eye on Craftopia (a Breath of the Wild clone currently in an awkward beta) and Hades (because I don’t want to repeat my mistake of completely missing the early bandwagon for Hadestown). And if you’ve got suggestions for games that oughta get some coverage, do drop me a line so I can blow into its cartridge.