Here's What's Going to Happen

Trump will die. Trump won't die. Actually, Trump already died.



Nah. I doubt very much he'll die from Covid19. Sure. He's obese and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But unlike 90% of American Covid19 patients he has access to the best 24/7 in-home medical care on earth. And it's free to him.

The reason our COVI19 death rate is so high, other than the total incompetence of the Trump administration it self, is because of our for profit healthcare system. Average Americans could not get tested, are too afraid to miss work, and can't afford to to go to the doctor. So they wait until they become almost critical.

That's not to say he won't be fucked up. He certainly might be. But I don't think he'll die. Eventually he'd become unable to contradict doctors orders and they'd force him into an ICU.


Trump's official portrait will be done Jon McNaughton!


This "Here's what's going to happen" conjecture series is pure cyber-rot, but nevertheless cost effective and fun to write for staffers with limited funding.


" . . . the yes-man who gave his one and only life to his leader, Trump."

My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my Trump.



In case we haven't made it more-than-abundantly clear to you: nobody gives a flying fuck what you think, because your opinion on any given subject is worth less than the cost of the electrons you wasted posting it. If you don't have anything constructive to add to the conversation - and let's be real here: you never do - why can't you just STFU like a normal person?


or they'll discover The Boss on the floor, unconscious, and wait'll it's too late and then Pence'll take over and we'll Finally be ONE Nation UNDER Gawd (care to guess Whose god?) and don't worry -- you* too can become a Lesser Member of the White Church of Jesus, USA -- or, just yet another Refugee, looking for someplace (new) to call Home.

*just fill out this brief, single-question form:



@5: I'm not a normal person, and I suggest you just lean to accept it.




Giuliani explaining, between hacking coughs, that science is just a bunch of different scientists' opinions. Priceless.



That may in fact the be only cogent statement you've ever posted.


@3 & @7: So it's only a matter of time before you keel over from TRUMPVID-19, too, huh, Rainy? I warned you about your high blood sugar. Get off your diet of lethal BigMacs and FOX-TeeVee.


I can't seem to get the following metaphoric scenario out of my head: Trumpty Dumpty in Henry Gibson's role in The Blues Brothers (1980), particularly in the Wagnerian "Ride of the Valkeries" scene. As the red Pinto wagon goes flying over the side of the bridge, plummeting to the depths below, Pence at the wheel says to Trumpty Dumpty: "I have always loved you."
Death to the GOP!


@3. Well, for someone who presumes to be the quality control of this 'tripe' or whathaveyou, other than "Katie Honey!" Mellow's dribbling at the profs hilarious unhinged harangues and correcting everyone's journalistic integrity from outside the car with a squeegee and a soap bucket with used urinal tablets, you sure to eat this stuff up for breakfast with such habitual fervor you would give Shooter McGavin a run for his money. What does that say about you and what you enjoy? I guess you're a sucker for punishment and revel in negative attention. Is there a better way?


@12. I feel like poetic justice would be Carrie Fisher making em curl up and die with a Kalashnikov and landing every shot. Your Big Mac hat mental image is hilarious.


@14 Garb Garbler: Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, and all their equally hopeless MAGA tools have made it so easy to smack a homer out of the park lately. Griz is currently batting 1,000.
I like your Carrie Fisher scenario. lol Here's another: how about maybe Brad Pitt's recent Oscar-winning stuntman, Cliff Booth from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and his one-man defense against members of Charlie Manson's would-be murderous goon squad (Trump / Pence / COVID-Amy, and McConnell)? Check out Leo DiCaprio, as film and TV heavy, Rick Dalton with a flamethrower. Sic 'em, Brandy!


Watching the Conway family implode live on tiktok is truly disturbing. My cringe meter completely overloads. I feel sorry for the daughter. Run away, Claudia! Save yourself!


@17. Go play in traffic, an expert told me it's safe. Win-win.


@17. Better yet, respond to every single spam post on these forums kristofarian turns into satire, from herpes to spell casting to get your ex back. So many experts, so little time. It's freedom of choice! I love the poorly educated!! We report. You decide!


@17: You're.


"Why not allow the people to have the information and let us decide for ourselves?"

Really. You don't know the difference between the flu and covid19 and you think you'd understand which adjuvant could stimulate cell mediated humoral immunity with preferential induction of antibodies against epitopes of denatured proteins?


@17: If you're too preoccupied coughing into your MAGA cap, whatever will you use to cover up your flatulence, a used Big Mac container? Ooops--now your bald spot is showing!


"She spoke in code, (well, gibberish) saying her whole family thinks she's lying."

Wait they think Kellyanne's lying about covid or that Claudia's lying about something else?


Here's an interesting statistic from an unexpected source:
Trite to say, but you can't make this stuff up.


Trumps grave will be the best place to piss on......


@25 McGary: ...and / or shit on. Agreed and seconded. All the better argument for Trumpty's fat, ugly body laid to decompose in an industrial sized dumpster rather than in a coffin in Arlington Cemetery. The Trumpster Dumpster could be sent out to sea off the Atlantic coast, in Trumpty's private yacht made into a fitting garbage scow. Then the dumpster could get catapulted into outer space for the Martians to deal with. Otherwise, countless veterans properly laid to rest at Arlington would be rolling over in their graves.


Matt Baume ftw.

We all know the Trump AI is not working well, they had to find an excuse to reset it.


"The coronavirus will kill Donald Trump." <<-- This.

Yesssss! HALLELUJAH!!!!! I might even start believing in 'God.' ok that's a bridge too far. But...FUCK...Tяaitor Tя☭mp & every single fucking Tя☭mpanzee!!!


@29: And yet you're here. Begone before you draw flies.