The Most Effective Dictators Are Dime Store Dictators






Hitler was apparently a decorated soldier in WWI (recommended by his Jewish commanding officer!). So Mr. Bonespurs is...even more comical! Another quote might be more apt here, that one about history repeating itself, first as tragedy and then as farce.


Effective in what sense?

Seems to me the most successful fascist was Francisco Franco - a soldier. Cunning enough to avoid WW2 and able to live out the rest of his life in a reactionary dream world.


With the current documents can we all agree that trumps program of taking Mexican kids away from their parents was not started under Obama and was started because the president and the attorney general were racists? And it needs to stop.


Hitler not only wasn't a military genius, he thoijught himself smarter than those who were and whom he over-rode, to Germany's ultimate destruction. i could see Fake 'prez' emulating his buddy Hitler -- specially when the Roid Rage catches up to him in the next few days.

He's gonna be Dangerous.
Sorry. More Dangerous.

Herd Mentality
or Bust.


Don't worry Charles. This State voter turnout will be the Bluest of Blues. All our Electoral College Votes will go to Biden. Just like they went Democratic four years ago. But the Preaching to the Choir is getting a little old.


"But the Preaching to
the Choir is getting a
little old."

a Capitalist
just like



I can certainly see Trumpty Dumpty in Henry Gibson's Nazi role in The Blues Brothers (1980), particularly in the Wagnerian "Ride of the Valkeries" scene. As the red Pinto sails over the side of the bridge, plummeting to the depths below, Mike Pence, in the driver's seat, says to Der Gropenfuhrer, "I have always loved you."

The Trump / Pence death cult and its enablers, fixers, and blind faith MAGA followers will all have to die from TRUMPVID-19 or end up in prison before democracy is restored nationally.


Read they are calling it his "Covita" moment. Ha! I love it.