Slog AM: Trump Loses Appeal on Taxes, Pence Will Speak to a Woman Tonight, "Baby Shark" Is Basically Torture



I can't believe Slack is still around. Second generation of people growing up to despise that hideous application.


Good gathering NG--thank you!


Steal 132,000 bucks from Uncle Sam they put you in jail. Steal 50 million, they call you a Job Creator.


I watched the WNBA final briefly in the third quarter. Vegas looked like they had already given up, pretty pathetic. Realizing it was a blowout, I promptly changed channels. Congrats Seattle team, anyway.


There is a Federal court missing its kangaroo.


So much for the free market.



I'm pretty sure Pence is a suicide bomber whose target is Kamala Harris.


8 you’ve literally been coming here every day for years despite having like 3 or 4 rotating soapboxes you shoehorn into every thread regardless of its relevance. Here’s you 2 days ago writing fan fiction about how transgender athletes will lead to the supreme court overturning gay marriage or something:

In case you’re wondering why the stranger is still around


@2, you're not supposed to mention Pence's kink until AFTER the election! Why do you think Mother keeps him on such a tight leash?

But seriously, I'm kind of fascinated by Roid Rage Trump. He seems to be repeatedly shooting himself in the foot, even more than usual. Calling for no stimulus until after the election, even if he walks it back a bit later? Declassifying all of the Russia collusion probe documents with no redactions? Doesn't he know that Barr has already leaked everything that's in his favor? We talk about other shoes dropping, but this is like a bull in Nordstrom's.


Love to see people who built their entire identity around being “pro-life” just recklessly endangering the lives of hundreds of people including their own coworkers and supporters. Just wild, wild times we’re living through.


ONE thing to remember:
VP Pence is 'in Charge' of the Covid response team.

meanwhile, Boss Typhoid trumpf's in the throes of massive doses of (presidential-strength) Steroids, turning Superspreader-in-Chief into America's next Superman (sans Empathy); when the roids rage and Covid brain worms soon, predictably, inevitably, turn him into Mindless Vindictive Incredible Hulk, watch The Fuck out, Pence: he's gonina Blame YOU for all this shit.


@17 While you're at it, Biker, remind us how the Democrats are the party of slavery.


yes yes everyone knows the left is famous for its support of american militarism, just can’t get enough of it, basically their defining feature


so now The Left owns
the wholly-Corporate-
Owned Mass Media?

is That why we have
Socialized Medicine?
just like the rest of the
Industrialized World!

gosh -- I gotta Keep up.



Idiot, either start providing links to backup your ridiculous fucking claims or stop posting here. And please give serious consideration to simply stopping.

Also, sincere congratulations to you for learning how to spell Libya.


@17. Oil for Halliburton and the Saudi royals partying in the tallest buildings on earth with the blood money from Iraq, as well as our cut of the Taliban's Afghan poppy for the Sacklers to overprescribe to patients turned drug seekers to the streets, along with their rare earth elements for our smartphones.


IF DONALD GOT FIRED - Randy Rainbow Parody (featuring Patti LuPone!)


@17. Syria is also for pipeline control to the mediterranean with an oil cabal of non-Ashkenazi/Sephardic Likud Russian Israeli jingoist sellouts to Putin, Erdogan, MBS, the UK's Rosneft shareholders, Trump, et al Like they give a fig about ISIS more than a scapegoat for their "national interest" goals as an excuse to pillage the levant and any other abundant natural resource-rich states.


23 “I don’t shoehorn my pet issues into every thread also here’s why i shoehorn my pet issues into every thread” are you ok


@23. You are no longer worth anyone's time.


Also it’s possible to support tax funded welfare policies while also earning money. Not sure where this idea came from that you have to choose between people getting paid for labor and social programs but people have been doing this all over the world for some time now without issue. We even do this in the US.

You keep coming back here build up and tear down straw men, effectively earning money for people you’re pretty sure are philosophically opposed to it. It’s obnoxious but keep doing you.



Chew on this, more pipelines. Because we are in a space arms race, and to wipe out spy satellites and get our corporate overlords a leg up on controlling the satellite belt and eventually railguns and shit from the moon for world domination with impunity, as well as harvesting the abundant natural resources in space with robots, they need a shitload of solid rocket fuel from hydrocarbons.


You aren't enslaving people of color when you commodity humans, you enslave the entire world and your very soul.


Take Dencey Pencey DOWN, Kamala!! BIDEN / HARRIS 2020!

@8: And yet you're still here, trolling as usual.

@17: Tell that to Trumpty Dumpty and its goon squad. The GOP is all for killing raped and forcibly impregnated women to give birth, then waiting 17 years to send their orphaned children to war solely for protecting Texas oil interests (also cue the Reagans, Bushes, ad nauseum). Where have you been the last 40 years, McMAGA?

@23: Wow. For someone so consistently spewing a lot of word salad, you have so little to say. If you keep using your MAGA cap to cover up your flatulence whatever will you use to cover up your bald spot, a used BigMac container?

@22 & @25: Garb for the WIN. Thank you and bless you. Perfectly summarized. You nailed it.

@26 blip: No. @23 snorted some hydroxychloroquine as misdirected by Trumpty Dumpty, and now needs serious medical assistance.


so we’ve gone from “I don’t shoehorn” / “here’s why i shoehorn” to “shoehorning is legitimate actually” it’s always a journey



So awesome. Thanks.


@31 & @32: At this point you need a priest.
@33 blip: @31 & @32's brain has fully deteriorated to mush, like that of his misleader, Der Gropenfuhrer's.


@36: For the sake of an intelligent debate Citizens United decision, what exactly is the mush in @32 that you take issue with?


Our city council is just stupid enough to believe that anti-law activists represent the wishes of the community because they have time to attend mid-week 4 hour council meetings.


I’m making a vaccine and China will pay for it and it will available after the election for free if you vote for me.

Fuck all the way off if you believe this. Better yet go up Aurora to a used car dealer and pump some money into the economy.


Ballots in the dumpster. Democracy now!!


Headline from @42's link is "DOJ charges mail carrier for dumping mail and ballots in New Jersey dumpsters."

The carrier is charged with two counts of mail fraud which, if convicted, would cost him up to five years in jail. Seems pretty lenient, honestly. We don't need to be draconian (treason was my initial thought) but Jesus, throw the book at the fucker. Gotta be a case to be made for election tampering.


@43. Election tampering is the GOP's MO, and they write the laws for everyone but themselves to follow at gunpoint. They are not Americans at all, just sellouts to the multinational oligarchy hiding behind our armed forces' chain of command.


And by the GOP I mean the fuckers in office, not necessarily the hoodwinked electorate which has the right to decide for themselves if these traitors represent them. But the more exploited and loyal people are to party over country, the easier it is to control them into monsters just following orders.


from the nyt:

President Trump on Wednesday released a direct-to-camera video address to the nation in which he called getting the coronavirus “a blessing from God,” calling the unapproved drug a “cure” and saying he would provide hundreds of thousands of doses of unapproved drugs to Americans free of charge.

“I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it,” Mr. Trump said...

from a Just god, mr 'president.' &
let's see if all your horses and men
and platinium-plated Socialized Healthcare
can put you (somewhat) back together again.


@47. Follow the money. Dude is up to his ears in debt. You wonder why he and his are encouraging the spread of the virus? $$$$$$$



Oh, no. We couldn't follow the WHO because that would threaten our stockholder's ability to profit from the virus and rush the vaccines so billionaires can double their net worth millions go hungry and get evicted while underwater in debt from medical bills. They should die in our place. And whem this is over, we will see that they do.


Stockholders' (for Apostrophe Abuse) AKA insider traders and transfer pricing pond scum silver spoon betrayers of our flag.