Raised by Wolves Is About the Collapse of an Interracial Robot Marriage



Did anyone proofread this?


@CM, I get that your angle as a writer is to contemplate everything through the lens of race, and that's a cool.

But do you ever feel like you're shoehorning it into things that have nothing to do with the color of skin? Is it possible that the black Father is black simply because (ideally) he was considered the best actor for the part, or (cynically) because of the pressure on casting diversity?

If this was an all-white cast, what would your feelings be about that? Aren't actors of color being cast irrespective of skin color exactly what the hope for progress in casting diversity is all about?


I appreciate the honesty and insight in your synopsis, particularly how you approached the underlying realities of parental loss/abandonment processed through the allegory of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Thank you, Charles. I always look forward to your writing, along with all the Stranger's staff and most of the community here.


"Earth was destroyed by a war between those who believe in God and those who do not."

in The End
was God pleased?


I love Sci-Fi. But there is a part of American Scifi that I hate. There seems to be some sort of fascination with proving that the God of the Bible, does not exist. All sorts of insults are hurled around and as the writer of this article says himself that he was greatly disappointed at the direction at the end of this season, the two androids seem to be headed...although I am not convinced they are beginning to believe in the one true God. I suspect the god that they will realize is the man that stole them and reprogramed them. Another thing about American Scifi is the fascination whites (mostly whites) seem to have about black people or any other ethnic group besides theirs. Who cares if these two androids mate somehow? White people are of the first people, black people. It doesn't make one better than the other, regardless of who came first. A chicken is a chicken and a chicken egg is a chicken egg, regardless of which came first. And the third thing that is very reoccurring in American Scifi movies, is the always tragic ending. All that really matters in making a good or great Scifi movie is the writing, acting, and cinematography.