Inslee Announces Extension of Statewide Eviction Moratorium Through December



"We don't need more housing insecurity in the moment of uncertainty during this pandemic," Inslee said.

What about those who've borrowed and bought and 'own' (along with banks) rental housing yet have reduced or no rental Income? Is there Security for them, as well? U pluribus unum, bitches.

And what about the poor Banksters?
Are they being looked after?
When times are Tuff why
can't they just sell shit
to themselves?


@1, at least in the Puget Sound area, landlords are doing okay. I'm one, it's my retirement plan. This is certainly not what we signed up for and it sucks, but we've had a huge windfall in the past decade and will be fine. I'm sure there are a few folks out there who over-leveraged this spring that might be having problems, but they're very few compared with the number of people this will keep in housing. It'd be nice if Mr. Inslee would stop bullshitting about the real nature of this legislation, but that's not the kind of politicians we seem to have.

Of course, if you end up owing a lot to your landlord and get evicted, your chances to find housing in the future will be pretty limited. As a landlord, I don't really care if you pay your credit cards on time, but if you stiffed your last landlord, I take that as a bad sign.


i'm still not convinced that someone that couldn't pay rent for the LAST YEAR will all of the sudden be able to pay it all back - pretty wishful thinking. maybe everything should just be free all the time? equity and stuff.


These are my favorite articles to read in the media. THANK GOD I am not a landlord anymore. Thank. Fucking. God! The last thing I need right now is a dependent that is a legal adult and a total stranger to me - yet I am responsible for keeping a roof over their head for free.

They cheer me up when few items in the news can do that.


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