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As the great Nona Hendryx put it in a song: Why Should I Cry?
As the great Nona Hendryx put it in a song: "Why Should I Cry?" Charles Mudede

Do Not Feel the Sad Passions: For the death of that stupid pink elephant thing. As Chase reported last night, the "Elephant Car Wash is packing up and taking down the iconic pink... sign." This is a "Seattle icon" we can do without. It is nothing but a good thing when anything to do with car culture, such as that blasted sign for Elephant Super Car Wash, goes the way of the dinosaurs. One wants all cars also to go into and never reemerge from the night of extinction.

But Maybe You Want to Feel Sad About Something: We live in a very sad world after all. Being happy is out of the question. So, if you can't be sad about that horrible pink elephant sign on Denny Way, what can you be sad about today? Guess what. I have just thing you need. But it's in Tacoma. Here is the story: "Building that houses iconic Tacoma clothing store, barbershop to be razed for apartments."

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News Tribune reports:

The current location of both the clothing store Mr. Mac Ltd. as well as Sam and Terry’s barbershop will be torn down.

Sam and Terry’s nearly packed up shop in 2018 but was purchased by the Tacoma Ministerial Alliance to rescue it from closure. The city’s first Black-owned barbershop was founded in 1958 by Sam Daniels and Larry Terry. Daniels died in 2013.

There you go. You can get your sad on with this. The tears will not be wasted here. You can let them fall into that bottomless bucket we call 2020.

Seattle Times Reporter: Could not resist referencing a proper tune from the 1980s. In the first line of her article, "Trio of storms will make for a busy weather weekend in the Seattle area," which is about how three "weather systems" that were "brewed" in the "Bering Sea" will soon bring "cooler temperatures, some gusty winds and up to an inch of rain each" to Seattle, she writes: "Here comes the rain again!"

The Gen X curse is the 80s. It is inexhaustible to us. "Here it comes again, here it comes again."

Seattle's Top Trumper: Jason Rantz, is now trying his hand at art criticism. In a new post called, "Artist bragged he got Seattle tax dollars to paint anti-police messages," he writes: "...one artist, who goes by the moniker Future Crystals, and tagged the art with vicious anti-police messages." By the end of the post, it is more than obvious that Rantz's contribution to art criticism is of an even much lower grade than that of the Everly Brothers to film criticism: "The movie wasn't so hot. It didn't have much of a plot."

The Number of COVID-19 American Deaths: Since Trump announced he caught the virus? 5,000. These people did not find the virus disguised as a blessing. The fact that an average of about 800 people are croaking every day from the virus the President has is not mentioned, let alone stressed, enough by the mainstream press.

What Does Trump Have to Say About the Terrorist Plot to Kidnap and Kill the Governor of Michigan? Did you even try to guess it? No. You did not. Does one bother to guess what a squirrel is doing when it's busy digging the ground? Do you say: What on earth is the squirrel doing? The same goes for Trump. You know already what he is going to say before he even says it.

KOMO News:: Asks what's being done to protect Gov. Jay Inslee in "light of the kidnapping plot against the Governor of Michigan and the polarizing political climate." Polarizing? Really? You mean to say by this that the left is making matters worse as much as the right? But such is not the case. The left doesn't have a Trump, the primary cause of a chaos that grows all the more the closer it gets to November 3.

Pelosi Is Going There: She has set up a 25th Amendment commission to determine "President Trump's fitness for office."

The question we must ask: Is this really needed? The election is right around the corner. Trump's mind was sick long before the virus got to him. He is way behind in the polls. Why even bother?

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"Four Months Into the Statewide Mask Mandate": And still some businesses are being such knuckleheads. Listen, you Trumpian Washingtonians, we are sick and tired of this virus. We want the pandemic to end. And we can't do this if you and your kind (such as those dimwitted brats on Greek Row) keep playing these goddamn games with the known and effective science of pandemic management. Wear the fucking masks for chrissakes. Just do it and get on with it.

Kayne Is Trending on Twitter: And I do not want to know why.

I'm From Zimbabwe: The language spoken there is Shona. This language has many amazing proverbs. Here is one for you to chew on today:

"Charovedzera charovedzera; gudo rakakwira mawere kwasviba." Translation: "One who is used to something is one who is used to something; the baboon climbed the [steep slope] in the dark."

Is that just beautiful? That baboon. That slope. That night. What does it all mean? "We do easily that to which we are accustomed."