On the Eve of Indigenous Peoples' Day, Portland Protesters Topple Statues and Break Windows



“No good cops! No good presidents!”

Do not forget: "No False Gods!"


Correction: ... PEACEFUL Portland Protesters Topple Statues and Break Windows.


Great. White radical liberals shitting all over the place in the name of a protest that they probably don't even support - except for it's a change to show off how liberal and radical they are.


@3 Let's be clear, your average 'smash capitalism' yahoo is about as liberal as your average Trump supporter, and frequently almost as ignorant.


No Good Statues!


"Oooh, those bad, bad Anifa's committing vandalism on those poor, innocent statues!"

Meanwhile, practically every major art museum in the Western Hemisphere proudly displays the loot pillaged from mostly non-Western cultures that has been defaced, torn down and carted off away as souvenirs from foreign lands over the centuries...


Oh come on @6 if that were true the Berlin Museum would still have the looted bust of Queen Nefertiti stolen from Egypt which has never been returned


@6 great story except its a) not true and b) has nothing to do with maladjusted dipshits inflicting their concept of justice on civic monuments.


Did one of the black bloc tell you about his dissertation on the Dawes Act, or is that simply an after-the-fact rationalization for loonie vandalism?


@6 "bad an[t]ifas"? No just idiots looking for a fight and protesting just to what? Protest!!!! Fuck yeah.


A “Day of Rage” sounds exhausting. And, frankly, pretty corny. Time to find some new tactics. Granpaw’s tactics weren’t all that successful the first time around.

And what did poor old Abraham Lincoln do to merit having his statue pulled down? I kind of get How Teddy Roosevelt might get the undergraduate crowd worked up, but Lincoln? I guess it makes sense for a group that chants “No good cops” and “No good presidents”.


They were bad, and what's more, you know they were bad, but committed as you are to your current role-play as some sort of cultural crusty, you're not going to acknowledge it. As far as the targets of your beloveds' actions go, TR was beyond a doubt some sort of what they used to call 'scientific' racist, and it does no harm to broadcast that fact, and as well to make clear that that was the default position of most educated white Americans of his day, and for quite a while after. One might also note, however, that amongst other things, he sat down to supper with Quanah Parker, the last Comanche war chief, in Parker's house, and had Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House, both actions showing, if nothing else, a useful sort of inconsistency that helped lay groundwork for future advances. As for the Great Liberator, yes, it's true that his desire vis-a-vis America's slave population was to give them all happy new lives...far, far away in Liberia; but still, aren't you kind of glad that he was president, and that the Slavocracy didn't survive into the next century, or God forbid, this one? As to the other bit of cultural vandalism in PDX last night, was that really O.K. with you? The Oregon Historical Society? Really?? You know, they didn't just break windows, they tried to set it on fire (feebly, to be sure, but it's the thought that counts here, I think) and they stole a piece of African American folk art, and tossed it aside in the street. Which is all perilously close to another topic you brought up, namely, museums. At some point, some group of motivated vandals is going to cross that thin line, and then there's going to be damage done that can't be so easily fixed. My own personal fear is for the big libraries (or Powell's, for that matter) somewhat protected now, by virtue of being closed, and out of a certain atavistic respect for books, but they are giant repositories of exactly the sort of cultural attitudes that the armies of the night are trying so hard to cauterize out of existence. Eventually, once it gets easier for people to get there hands on them, it's all too easy to imagine the biographies and writings of the hated great going to the wall, just like their memorials, and, of course, nothing burns so nicely as a book, once you get the fire going...


@6: That's like saying slavery in the Antebellum South was OK because the Romans had slaves.