Pick up tickets here to watch Stranger reporters run them through the gauntlet.
Pick up tickets here to watch Stranger reporters run them through the gauntlet. Anthony Keo

This race asks the people of the Ballard area a key and pressing question: Do you want a lawyer or the director of a lawyers association to represent you in Olympia???

Weigh in TONIGHT, October 19, as managing assistant attorney general Sarah Reyneveld faces off against trial lawyers association director Liz Berry in the race to fill this open seat.

Both Reyneveld and Berry promise to vote for meaningful climate change legislation, police reform, bail reform, good housing bills, and better tenant protections. Both exceed the qualifications for the job. Berry claims the two disagree when it comes to laying off public employees during the recession, but Reyneveld argues she will not support cuts to public sector jobs in upcoming budget negotiations.

One thing is for certain: Berry led Reyneveld by nine points in the August primary, so Reyneveld’s got some catching up to do.

And she may get that opportunity next week, when a bunch of foul-mouthed Stranger reporters dressed up like maniacs run both candidates through a gauntlet of tough questions, policy battles, fantasy character-building exercises, and a totally low-rent Zoom talent show. After all that, The Stranger will poll the audience and announce a winner.

Debate starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m.

Pick up your tickets here. Find out about our other upcoming debates right here.

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