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Chill, hell is where you want to be if Scalia is in heaven.
"Chill, hell is where you want to be if Scalia is in heaven." nstanev/gettyimages.com

Trump Is Still Sick: Did you listen to Trump's speech at yesterday's mask-free rally in Florida? Did you hear his voice? I tried not to believe it, but it was really there, all in his throat. The virus speaking as much as the president. Every word rattled by COVID-19. "Now they say I'm immune. I just feel so powerful," Trump/virus said. "I'll kiss everyone in that audience. I'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and the... I'll just give you a big, fat kiss."

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This brings me to demonic possession. What I want to ask is: What's so special about it? What else is sneezing or coughing or bowel explosions but forms of possession. But it's not a demon that has control of your body but a virus or bacteria. The virus that causes rabies, for example, deranges the mind of the animal, makes its mouth foam, clogs its throat, and turns the whole body into a biting machine. It's not the dog or bat that bites you, but the virus, lyssaviruses. It possesses the animal in much the same way that a demon possessed that young woman in The Exorcist. Think about that as you watch the president speak at his next mask-free rally. Who is really in control? Why does he want to kiss everybody?

Anderson Cooper's Expression: Upon hearing Trump's Florida rally blasting "Macho Man" by the Village People.

Some Are Wondering Why: The Macho Man boarded Air Force One through the cargo hold door, which, of course, is considerably lower than the usual point of entrance?

How much strength does this man really have in him?

Plan B: Which is, "Get that vaccine before election day," just suffered what looks like a fatal blow. NBC reports: "Johnson & Johnson has paused its clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine candidate after a participant fell ill, just weeks after it announced that trials were in their final stage." So, what's Plan C, Macho Man? Bomb Iran? Is that what I heard you say?

A Farmer in North Dakota Is Not Feeling: The Macho Man.

As you can see, some rural headz are in working order.

If You Want Your Moral Stomach to Turn and Turn: Then read what Supreme Court seat-thief Amy Coney Barrett said about Justice Antonin Scalia. Something like: I'm like him but I'm not like him because I'm like me and I like me. Now, I do not believe in God (an ape created the universe? really?); but if there is a God, and He sides with the likes of Barrett, I want nothing to do with heaven. Give me my horns and send me straight down to Satan. Talking about Scalia in heaven.

Required Reading? Dan Savage says it is this: "Oh, Now You Believe in Norms."

NYT's Jamelle Bouie writes:

[This] particular argument against expanding the Supreme Court hinges on preserving the norms of American democracy. Having torched those norms in pursuit of a conservative judiciary, Republicans want their opponents to play by the old rules, as if the game is theirs alone to shape. A typical response comes from Rich Lowry of National Review magazine who, in a comment on Twitter directed at Biden’s reluctance to answer a question about court expansion, declared, "You can’t be the candidate of norms and refuse to say whether or not you are going to undertake a truly radical attempt to destroy the legitimacy of one of our key governing institutions."

I Did Not Know the Cheesy Evil Cackle: Really existed until I heard one for real. Senator Mitch McConnell did this tackiest of cackles when his opponent Amy McGrath criticized his handling of the pandemic crisis during last night's debate (October 13). He could have just shaken his head to indicate no, or given an average Joe dismissive look; but instead he gloated and cackled like some minor Star Wars villain who didn't make the final cut.

Sadly, Mitch "Evil Cackle" McConnell will return to the Senate: This fetish Dems have with moderates from the military has got to end. Their service to the country is appreciated by the center-left but gets no love whatsoever from the right, which no longer has anything like a center. Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath? The dustbin of history is impatiently tapping its watch while waiting for you. But Charles Booker? That progressive brother would have given McConnell a run for his money.

These Greek Row Brats Will Just Not Stop: Seriously. This has gone too far. You can't talk no kind sense to these barn nitwits. You need to do something. You must send them back to the fuck bucket they come from. We have had enough of this pandemic. KOMO reports: "A COVID-19 outbreak involving students at the University of Washington's fraternities and sororities continues to grow with 238 positive cases as of Monday morning."

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As For Riz Rollins's Brother? He lives in Georgia. Yesterday, he spent five hours waiting to vote. Five hours. And the US talking about being a First World country.

How Many New Orders Did Boeing Get for September? Zero.

We Will End: With a note on capitalism.

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