A woman's friend is acting like a damn fool. Again. She plans to travel across the country to meet a man she met online, without even having spoken to him on the phone. Is she getting catfished? Who knows? Should the caller try to talk her gullible, sensitive friend out of this recklessness?

An erotic dancer feels guilty when her customers fall in love with her. Is she leading them on?

On the Magnum, Dan welcomes back writer and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow. They discuss the appeal of conspiracy theories, Joe Biden, and texting expectations among many other things.

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And, a man and his long term girlfriend have mismatched libidos. He is poly and horny. She is asexual. They are about to adopt her cousins and raise them together. So now would be a difficult time to begin a relationship with a dear friend of theirs, right? Maybe, maybe not.

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