Seattle Sticker Patrol: Masturbation Check!



Sweet summer child, that man is using smelling salts, not smoking a cigarette. From Smelling salts are a combination of ammonium carbonate and perfume used to restore or stimulate your senses. Other names include ammonia inhalant and ammonia salts. Most smelling salts you see today are actually aromatic spirits of ammonia, which are a mixture of ammonia, water, and alcohol.


C'mon we all know its Mudede putting these Huxley stickers up. Own it Stranger.


Masturbation rates are especially high during covid. Must be soaring in Ballard.


I worked for SCCA; 1144
notice past tense

the stickers were at entrance for daily self screening

supposedly they were mandatory
however, upon inquiry, my supervisor laughed and stated no we dont need to do this

likewise, the mgr in the dept went around saying I dont believe covid is real/ ppl at protests arent sick.

tho staff mostly worked remote, the ones who did come frequently took masks off, came in close contact with others at their desks, and the Karen complaints were plentiful

one day I called in sick
employee health stated I could not return until 10 days had passed & should I choose to take covid test I couldnt come to campus (she stated risking public health)

There is a testing, via uw, that will deliver and pick-up (or mail back) tests

When I informed my supervisor, and dept mgr
she stated that's a long time for you to be out of office (i had already been out of office few days, as policy was i could not return without emp health ok)

next day i was fired

pretty sad when a health facility doesnt even follow guidelines