Sen. Lindsey Graham in his element at the Judge Amy Coney Barrett hearing.
Sen. Lindsey Graham in his element at the Judge Amy Coney Barrett hearing. Pool/Getty Images

Retired UW professor charged with shooting his wife: Last week, at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, a 911 call came in. "I just shot my wife," the man over the phone said. He was Thomas Jarboe, a recently retired emeritus professor from the University of Washington Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Jarboe is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting his wife in the face and neck while she was sleeping. He shot her twice. Whew, reading that first thing in the morning is like dunking your head into icy water.

War of the town halls: Forget a presidential debate, we're getting two town halls on one night at the same time. Donald Trump announced today that he'll participate in an NBC townhall hosted by TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie. The event is scheduled for the exact same time as Joe Biden's ABC News townhall. A presidential debate is planned for Oct. 22, however.

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New York Post claims to have secret Hunter Biden emails: This report is far-fetched to say the least. The Post claims to have irrefutable proof that Hunter Biden once introduced his dad, Joe Biden, to an executive at the Ukrainian firm Hunter was on the board of, Burisma. That's the claim.

The way these emails were recovered, though...: Allegedly, Hunter dropped off his water-damaged laptop for repair at a shop in Delaware. The repair worker couldn't I.D. this customer as Hunter but assumed because the guy had a Beau Biden sticker on his laptop. Then, this guy supposedly stumbles across some emails and a video of Hunter smoking crack and some sex acts and contacted the FBI. Before he did that he gave a copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer because obviously that's what the situation calls for. The Post received this "bombshell" of a data dump from Giuliani and Steve Bannon. Ah, credible sources. The article has already been shared thousands of times of Facebook.

Meanwhile, Axios is doing some lifting for the Trump team: A new report from Axios claims that Joe Biden is not scrutinized enough. The assertion is that the media is so obsessed with Trump that Biden is able to duck tough questions and public appearances.

Some rain: Today should be more chill than yesterday's storm which knocked out power for around 70,000 Puget Sound Energy customers as of yesterday afternoon.

Drama for Washington state Dems: The Eastside legislative race against incumbent Sen. Mark Mullet and challenger Ingrid Anderson is hot. Anderson received over $1 million from labor-backed PACs already, the Seattle Times reports and just received over $500,000 more contributions from PACs. This effort to unseat a lackluster incumbent is probably not the last, a screenshot of a conversation from a political consultant obtained by the Times asserts. "Jamie, Reuven, Hobbs all getting primaried in 2022 if this ends up working. (Good!),” a consultant from NWP consulting wrote, referring to long-time Democratic representatives.

Lieutenant governor dips out, heads to seminary: Lt. Gov Cyrus Habib announced earlier this year that he wasn't running for re-election and that he was joining the clergy. Habib, however, has been on unpaid leave since September. He's also been living in California undergoing Jesuit training since then. While his term won't be up until a new Lt. Governor is chosen in November (either Sen. Marko Liias or Sen. Denny Heck), Habib peaced out. According to Habib's office, he's still signing documents that come his way while he takes up the cloth.

It's Judge Amy Coney Barrett's third day of questioning: And it started out with the sentient foreskin, Sen. Lindsey Graham, praising Coney Barrett as a "a historic victory for conservative women" who, Graham pointed out, have had it a lot worse than liberal women. According to Graham, conservative women don't have to break through a glass ceiling but a "reinforced concrete barrier." Coney Barrett, Graham went on to say, is "unabashadly pro-life" and "embraces her faith without apology."

Here's when Graham refers to the "good ole days of segregation":

The hearing is currenlty happening live: You can watch here:

A different Amy faces a reckoning: Remember Amy Cooper? The woman who called 911 on a Black man birding in Central Park and said he was threatening her? She had a hearing today to answer misdemeanor charges for making a false report and to negotiate a plea deal. During the hearing, it was revealed that Cooper made a second call to 911. In that call, she claimed she was assaulted by the man. The case is adjourned until Nov. 17.

UW threatens harsher crackdown on Greek life: After 242 students from 10 sororities and seven fraternities on the University of Washington campus contracted COVID-19 from ignoring a ban on parties, UW President Ana Mari Cauce threatened harsher action. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot she can do to control off-campus student behavior. The most effective lever UW could pull would be to stop recognizing a chapter and stop the members from participating in university events. UW can also stop recognizing chapters as Registered Student Organizations and suspend their funding and capacity to raise money by removing them from the student senate. No fraternity has been suspended over COVID-19 violations yet.

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend "a million percent sure" police didn't identify themselves: Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, described the night Taylor was killed during a police raid in the middle of the night. Walker described confusion and fear when police banged on their door, not identifying themselves. He thought it was a home invasion, Walker said. He described the flurry of gunshots—32 fired by three officers—as the sound of war. Walker called 911 for help not realizing it was the police he needed help from. When he walked outside, an officer asked if he had been shot. Walker said no. "That's unfortuante," the officer said, according to Walker.

Wanna feel ancient? The teens are posting Tik Toks of footage from early 2000s high school. Here's what they have to say:

I mean, they've got a point here: "United Nations warns that world risks becoming 'uninhabitable hell' for millions unless leaders take climate action."

Some industrious Mormons: Brigham Young University-Idaho is issuing warnings to students on its campus. Apparently, students have intentionally contracted COVID-19 in order to make a buck selling their plasma with COVID-19 anti-bodies. The school reported 109 cases among students and 22 among faculty.

U.K. city gave out used COVID-19 tests to students: Birmingham City Council accidentally gave out 25 kits of used COVID-19 swabs to students. "We are really distressed, shocked, violated and one of my friends threw up after finding out they had been used before," one student said when he found out the news.

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