Amy Coney Barrett Is Not a Christian



Well, Coney Barrett did say she's no interest in imposing her religious beliefs on others through the law. Could it be that she sees the Christian duty of charity as a matter of personal morality rather than public policy?


Indeed, you can't be a Christian, and be indifferent to the poor.
The Federalist Society Supreme Court doesn't have to exactly abolish previous laws; they will just eviscerate them. And of course, the poor will suffer the most.


I can wish my Black or Hispanic friends in Harris County were able to vote - I might even offer to drive them to the single drop-off ballot box as a matter of personal charity;
but the fact that there is only one allowed (per current news reports) drop-off ballot box in Harris County is clearly a natter of public policy.


You expect Christians to be actual adherents of Christ? Don't see many of those around in this country.


In the most Mudede of metaphors, she's the product of a Koduku, a type of magic found in Japanese folklore. From Wikipedia:

"To create kodoku, sorcerers would mix several insects in a jar, and let them kill one another until only one survived. The fluids of the insect that survived would be used to poison an individual with a curse that would control them, cause them misfortune, or kill them. The remaining insect could also be used as a sort of "luck charm" granting the one who performed the ritual great wealth. In return the owner is supposed to feed the bug."

I hardly think I need to draw all the lines.


To a Marxist with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Reducing the social power of money does not require that we embrace a socialist economy. See, e.g. "We the People Amendment" (HR 48), sponsored by our own Rep. Jayapal.


Religious zealots of all stripes, especially Christians, use their "beliefs" worldwide to terrorize other people. Religious zealots have no place in our government, period. The law is what matters. Science is what matters. Facts matter. None of these things care what you believe. Anyone believing that a religious zealot does not have an agenda when facing a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court of the United States is delusional and in deep denial.

The same can be said about people who do not understand that the Constitution is a living, breathing, changing document and was never meant to be considered set in stone or interpreted solely as it was originally written.

Republicans have succeeded in getting Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and now Barrett on the court. They believe they've won some sort of war against the American people, that by causing as much suffering as possible in the name of white supremacist terrorism and misogynist ideology they will force this country back into the stone age. It is simply not going to happen. Not the way they believe it will. Not the way they want it to.

People in this country, including Republicans, like health care. People in this country, including Republicans, support a woman's right to choose (otherwise all of those men out there who don't want the financial responsibility of being tied to a child they made when they ejaculated are going to be just as fucked as all the women who are going to be forced to give birth to those children). And those children - how do they think they will grow up being forced into this world, forced to live in poverty, forced into lives of being unwanted and if born into poverty, denied care, food, homes, healthcare, education, etc.

Abortions will not stop if abortion is outlawed. It existed long before Roe v. Wade made it legal.
People demanding health care will not end because they destroy the Affordable Care Act (something they endlessly pretend was not written and implemented by Republicans before it ever became associated with President Barack Obama.

All of the rights this partisan hack shit show of a "supreme court" will work to destroy will never cease to be fought for or advocated for by the people of this country. If anything, the more they do to deny people the rights that have been won and then taken away, the harder people are going to fight for those rights.

Republicans are going to be destroyed. It has begun. When it will end is not certain, but they are doing everything they possibly can to make it happen faster than ever imagined.


"The prime* action of socialism in a capitalist context
is the dilution of concentrated money-power."
Solid Gold, Chas.

*did everyone
Donate to Bezos
today (and yesterday)?

How many more BILLIONS does it take
to OWN this (finite, singular, AMAZING) Planet?

Jeff''ll be sure an let us know.


I get flack about Catholic-bashing when I say that we don't need anymore Catholics on the Supreme Court. I don't have a problem with Catholics being represented on the Court, but has anyone noticed that except for Breyer and Kagan, the Supreme Court is ALL Catholic? And please don't tell me that their "faith" doesn't affect their decisions, Miss Amy. Scalia was the stereotypical uptight white Catholic hard-on. So is Alito (maybe even more so).

It irked the shit out of me every time a Republican senator on the judiciary committee (and it happened plenty) sang halleluiah about finally having a devout, Catholic, "pro-life" justice sitting on the Court - like it isn't more than half-filled with them already.

After Comey Barrett's conformation we're not going to be able to count on the Supreme Court to do the right thing for a long, long time. Can we all see to it that no one ever again holds the power that Rich Mitch McConnell has had in deciding the course of this country's future?


Bravo Charles. See this excellent essay in Commonweal, in which someone much more religious than I am has the balls to say, in a conservative Christian magazine: "Contrary to conventional wisdom, Christianity has never really taken deep root in America or had any success in forming American consciousness; in its place, we have invented a kind of Orphic mystery religion of personal liberation, fecundated and sustained by a cult of Mammon."


This was a great read, CM.


Oh, come on. She's a perfectly normal, perfectly good 16th-Century Christian. I joyfully await the return of the Inquisition. (perhaps this time, "everyone expects the Spanish Inquisition.")


LOVE to hear Judge Amy's take on Joan of Arc* (which
I doubt will come before the USSC anytime soon):
oh, to Burn or to Sainthood her?

& talked to GOD or to one
of God's Representatives.


Expansion religions (Xianity) state that is their god's will that his faithful deceive the unbelievers. It does not matter if you are out to save their eternal souls, right?


@7: Xina, What you just wrote was incredibly well stated. God forbid Trump be re-elected (though I refuse to rule anything out after 2016), but I feel that even if he is, we are seeing the Republican party in it's death throes. They are the minority now and their leaders know it. Electoral power and the internet giving people delusions of grandeur (Oh my god! We all think the same stupid thing and can now group up and feel powerful!) has led to the GOP going way past it's expiration date.


@14 -- the end justifies the means so gawd (so Fortituously) forgives?

hmmmm. perhaps it's Time for me to start my very Own 'religion.'
will I get tax cuts? how many Jets can I own at any one time?
oh and how Many wives? if I have my own Private Prison,
can I have slaves? they won't be White, if you're Worried.*

*well not Most of 'em.


Fortituously, we have no Edit button.
fortuitously, there's NO Limit!


The GOP only wants to Make America Great Again for gangster capitalism and gangster religion.


She is whatever she says she is...a christian. Now if that insular, asinine club decides to kick her out, so be it. Until then, christians need to own it. Trump's a christian, GW Bush too.




8, "Jeff'll"? JEFF"LL???? You were trying to say "Jeff will"? My God, what plague of illiteracy has overcome this moronic country. We are doomed.


It's called moving the goal posts. Some believe that you shouldn't steal, murder etc. PERIOD. If these lawyers would just write the fucking laws so we could understand them we wouldn't be in the shit we are in. @21 - Yes we illiterates need to be sent to the gas chamber, then all of you "smart" people could abort yourselves out of existence. Thanks Smarty pants.


You don't believe in God. Neither do I. So somehow you are still the gatekeeper of Christianity? Listen to yourself once in awhile.