Slog PM: Barron Got the Bug, Elect Black Women, Does Pellicciotti Look Like Gibbard?



Yes, everyone get well soon, but poor (rich) Barron. Does that kid ever smile or laugh?


There was a no way they tested positive last Tuesday and negative today unless they had been positive looong before last Tuesday.


How many caged kids without healthcare got covid? How quickly those tapes of Melania's have fallen down the media memory hole.


"...Barrett said it would be improper for her to endorse the court’s 1965 holding in Griswold v. Connecticut, which involved the use of contraceptives by married couples and speaks to privacy concerns that underpin the right to abortion."

I'm pretty sure that most folks would agree that married couples should be allowed to use contraceptives. (There are some pro-life purists that would object.) The problem is that the Constitution leaves such issues to the various States to decide. We live in a Republic, not a Democracy. Obviously we need to add a right to privacy amendment to the Constitution.

The activist Warren Court created the idea of a living, breathing document that responds to the national consensus of the moment rather than labor through the difficult and uncertain amendment process required to change the Constitution. All that works quite well for all good Democrats as long as liberal philosophies dominate judicial thinking. Our opinions and the Constitution are in harmony.

The problem arises when an activist conservative majority seizes control of the Court. Since the plain meaning of the words in historical context doesn't really matter any more, they can twist and turn them into almost any result they choose. Let's hope that Biden wins big on November 3rd. I'm not sure how objective the current Court would be if they are called on to address any "Constitutional" issues arising from the election.


‘plainclothes security officers will monitor election boxes.’

and who will monitor the plainclothes security officers?

an overly well armed fully WMD’d and all KochBrosLLC-regulated ‘militia’ [are they only ‘Gangs’ when they’re off-Whites?]? ready to help trumpf out of his ‘it’s just a Little slumpf!’ 2020 election Nightmare.

this sounds a wee bit Precarious.

(see tom tomorrow's brilliant take on patriotic
volunteer rugged individualists cum wmds:

his latest on Fake 'prez' is to die for).


Barron seems like a bit of a dweeb, but maybe not a lost cause. Some influential DC matchmaker should set him up on a date with Kelly Anne Conway's daughter. She'd whip his ass into shape right quick I imagine.


Seems odd that Donnie, Mel and Barron all got Covid and no one ever saw any of them with a single symptom and they all recovered in less than a week.

It's almost like they never had it.


here's to Hoping young Barron's got someone taking an Interest in him -- we don't need any more Damaged Donalds in this world -- specially very 'Wealthy' ones.

Good Luck, kid.


More trumpf Malfeasance from the nyt:

Reports of Private White House Virus Briefings Fueled Early Stock Sell-Off

Briefings to a conservative group in February implied that an outbreak could prove worse than President Trump was signaling in public.

A summary of the information helped elite traders gain financial advantage during a chaotic period when global markets were teetering.

Lesson -- if you ain't Rich, you better Get that way or get back in your hovels.

oh, and put DOWN that Pitchfork.
WHO do you 'Think' you ARE?


Imagine if Obama had suggested we handle the Ebola patient with herd immunity.


Apropos; John Lennon on government and writing (twitter link)



Corrected second link:


Let no one lose heart on account of these Philistines.


Stop this Barron snark already. Geez. He's a kid in an extremely unusual life. Give him a break.



Hear hear. Let's refocus some of that snark on Tiffany, long thought to be the Sloth Fratelli of the Trump clan, revealed herself at the convention to be no more than another cretinous slime ball in the mold of the rest of that festering, familial landfill.


Ginsberg used the term "sexual preference" as recently as 2017. All of a sudden the newspeak police come out and throw a tantrum when it's someone they don't like using the phrase. I don't like Cornett, but it's easy to see people are desperate to try anything to not get her appointed.


@17. The difference between genius and stupidity, is that genius has its limits.


@18. Maybe because these emails were taken from a random laptop that was summarily forwarded to Rudy Giuliani who, you know, was front and center of arranging for the very meetings that got Trump impeached, superseding our own intelligence agencies, white house staff, and military leaders who were summarily canned for serving their nation from a random New York Post leak a la Russia?

And, you know, the fact that Bolton wasn't allowed to testify and put all that in the sunlight? You seriously expect that to be taken seriously right now? In the middle of a pandemic where anyone who is affiliated with the orange miasma is openly censoring the truth with a bubble of deadly lies? Fuck outta here.



The conservative moral panic over twitter blocking a fake story on their platform is something to behold. You guys know you don’t need twitter to read stories that are published on the internet right?

The people acting like this is the biggest scandal in years are desperate to pivot to a biden presidency where every cause for political disagreement is scaled to fit the same proportions as the corruption, abuse of power and sheer incompetence of the trump white house. Trump’s got some of his kids on his staff and others running his family business and we’re supposed to think they care about hunter biden smoking crack with hookers or something. Oh he served on the board of an ukrainian oil company? cool thx 4 sharing wake me when he’s tasked with solving the opioid crisis and brokering peace in the middle east


@5 - I've been saying for a while now that we need to form heavily armed bands to be ready to respond to any location where Trump's armed bands show up to intimidate voters.

There are far more Democrats and Democrat-leaners in this country than Trumpers, so if we decided to counter their armed poll-watchers with our own armed poll-watchers-watchers, we should easily outnumber them wherever we're needed.


@5 kristofarian and Morty @23: Thank you both for giving me a great idea for a costume for Halloween 2020: a stuffed blue ballot box full of BIDEN / HARRIS votes. I have zero sympathy for anything even remotely Trumpian, Pencian, McConnellian, Kavanaugh-ish, ad nauseum.
And don't forget to mail in your prepaid stamped voter envelopes, fellow Washingtonians.
Choke on it, MAGAs!


The White Trash House will have to be razed and a brand-new Presidential Mansion built before we ever safely get an actual U.S. President again. TRUMPVID-19 must end NOW.

OH, how I would love to see Trumpty Dumpty carried off on a gurney, straitjacketed, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman.