Slog PM: Trump Agrees with QAnon, SPD Car Set on Fire, Biden Considers Mandatory Vaccines



Trumpkin agrees with QAnon: Shocking, I tell you, shocking.


In keeping with the GOP theme of massive levels of projection, I assume QAnon is rife with pedophiles.


"Trump falsely said that 85% of people who wear masks get coronavirus."

stable genius oughtta be muzzled till this thing finally blows over

his blatant attempts at Genocide make him unfit for citizenship

who can we Pay to take him off our hands?

Sweden? Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan?


but you ARE a Fascist,
Acid Rain.


Chase, if you haven't seen "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," treat yourself.


@4 I thought Republicans wanted businesses to be able to make their own decisions without government intervention? Or is that just for baking cakes for gays and mask bans?


“Biden . . . thinks between four and eight Republican Senators would back his agenda if we elected him to office.”

gonna hafta Wait till the Blue Tsunami eventually recedes to even Find ‘four to eight’ Repub Senators. hopefully.

Smokin’ Joe may need a Mighty Shove to get some Progressive Legislation and Make America Catch UP to the rest of the Industrialized World.

Sure gonna Piss Off the trollys for Everyone to have Healthcare. Why, does that mean some folks are Not more equal than Others? Fuck: I Hope so.


@TS, I applaud that you still report with some shock that the Trump administration and Republicans are allowed to do what they do, every day, of every week, of every month, year after year.

This is not normal. And I'm someone who thinks "normal" is too often a weaponized word. But too much of the MSM has normalized this national nightmare.

When people talk about "democracy working" because ONLY 42% of voters are voting for Trump - that is really, really crazy. That's 4 out of every 10 people want another 4 years of this national nightmare. That is not a sign that our democracy is working - that is fucking nuts.


Stevie Nicks: I don’t know the context in which she said it, but when used politically, I care only that it’s used to point out how arbitrary it all is, and that no one else should have a say in what anyone else does with their own body. But regardless of the context, good for her - I’m glad she said it.


@4 Ah, see the problem is you don’t know the definitions of censorship or fascism.


@CB, "YouTube will ban QAnon: … It's too little too late, but these companies are clearly noticing the polls and preparing for a Biden administration. It's like they had the tools all along."

Great point!


As a “democrat”, I am outraged that Biden is the Dem candidate. Really, this was the best we could do - the best person we could find to lead us out of this national nightmare? No, not even the hundreth best.

Oh, and I was around in 1994, and libs knew the crime bill was a tragedy in the making then. But just like now, the centrist democrats ruled the show, and just like they always do, Biden will repeat the mistakes of Clinton and Obama. I know this because they always repeat the same mistakes over and over.

When Biden speaks of “bringing Americans together”, what does that mean? What can he do to bring Biker McFuckFace and me together? What Biden actually means is another 4 years of Dems capitulating to Republicans. Of running scared from their own shadows.

(and yes, I’ll vote for him anyway because the alternative is worse… I just don’t know how much longer I can continue to do it)


I will give credit to Biden on supporting mandatory vaccines. They SHOULD be mandatory. But just about zero chance of that happening. Of course.


Chase, watch "The Changeling" for your wheelchair movie. It's set in Seattle!


That’s not what he said! Guthrie said Qanon is against pedophilia and Trump says he agrees with that! Such a fake and misleading headline.


Wait, do we have video of Trump setting fire to the SPD and yelling about QAnon?

That's what I get for watching ABC tonight.


@PiP -- "But just like now, the centrist democrats ruled the show, and just like they always do, Biden will repeat the mistakes of Clinton and Obama. I know this because they always repeat the same mistakes over and over."

so, what, don't Bother?
why monkeywrench it now?
Peeps are Voting.

are you suggesting a Blue Tsunami isn't gonna Happen?

looks like it's gonna be a RECORD Turnout
& you Know* what that means.

*me neither


"What can he [Smokin' Joe] do to bring Biker McFuckFace and me together?"

boy-oh-boy PiP -- Tuff question

Hopefully Biden's no Jerod Kirschner
but McBikee's prolly a standup
Member of us 90 Percenters.

Et tu?
Q. E pluribus how many?
WE outnumber Them by about:

90 to



"You're a fascist for not allowing me to express my support of fascism" has already been tried in various forms. Nobody was buying that bridge before and nobody's buying it now. But hey, thanks for playing and we'll send you the home version of "Whataboutism For Dummies".


Fuck you, Trumpty Dumpty and your MAGA minions.

@4 Acidrain: Doesn't your head hurt after snorting so much hydroxychloroquine and finding out it DOESN'T work? Quit now before you draw flies.


Keep on rocking the house, Stevie Nicks!


The person who set fire to the patrol car (while someone was inside it) was, allegedly, an unhoused person running around yelling racist shit in the Denny Park encampment and trying to hit people with a hammer and later a flaming stick.
Also noticed there were at least 2 separate shootings today.
But I guess the SCC are too busy with special interest groups to notice the small businesses closing left and right, the ever-increasing homeless encampment problems, the dramatic increase in gun crime, that scooters are hard to maneuver around tents and piles of garbage...


@13 - Um, I was around in 1994, too, and before then. In the years leading up to 1994, murders were nearly triple what they are now, and violent crime generally was more than double current per-capita rates.

It was an era of "revolving-door" justice with over 70% recidivism and minority communities held hostage to the gangs of what cops called the "crack wars." Mothers having to hide their kids in bathtubs or just under beds or interior closets due to the ongoing rash of drive-by shootouts was a real thing. Police departments were understrength and response times were long as a result.

Black and Latino community and political leaders were demanding relief. The 1994 Crime Bill was the result, and it was endorsed by black and latino mayors, church leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus, who voted for it.

The 1994 Crime Bill also included the lauded Violence Against Women Act as well as money for a vast expansion of the then-new program of Interactive Community Policing. It paid for the officers to staff those programs which helped police departments get to a staffing level to not only provide that program but to start cutting down on response times as well.

Disparities in sentencing and mass incarceration were unlikely foreseen at the time, at least not to the full extent that would transpire. But Biden and all the POC leaders of the time were reacting to the very real crime emergency in the moment it was happening.

Because of all that, Biden needs to lean into his support and quit making excuses and making bullshit statements like the problem was "how locals implemented it." That's clearly dishonest for one, but millenials bitching about it weren't around at the time. If you were around, you very clearly were not living in a community ravaged by violence.

He needs to point out what I just did and simply say that he supported the 1994 Crime Bill precisely because it was 1994, the crime situation was far worse than it is today, and his abilities did not include clairvoyance. Add that he would absolutely not support it today because it is 2020, not 1994, and crime is roughly 60% less now than it was then. And we know more about what is effective and what is not now than we did then.

It ain't rocket science, and he just sounds dishonest and dishonestly pandering when he addresses it now.


Get Feinstein the hell out of Dodge. Sickening.


It's not censorship @4, but terms of service. Big difference.


If you had an occupation where you had to face the following on daily basis, would you leave?

Verbal abuse at you
Spitting at you
Fireworks thrown at you
Molotov cocktails shown at you
Rocks thrown at you
Frozen water bottles thrown at you
Community hatred at you
Seattle City Council hatred toward you

Darn right you would!


@27 so many groups of community service providers like doctors, nurses, fire, paramedics, social workers are able to deal with assholes who are sometimes violent and not walk off in a mass exodus like fuckng babies.

The jackboots are just cranky because they were promised guns and an ability to act out their personal grievances against society with impunity and people are finally wondering if that is the best method. So instead of working to improve community relations or build trust they jump ship to go step on throats somewhere else.


This could be an opportunity for SPD to hire better people. But better people usually dont want to be cops.


@18 kristo, your point is well taken. I was just responding to the article. This notion that Dems are going to change things is a fantasy. It's going to be business as usual, circa 2012. Whether there’s a blue tsunami or not now, we will likely be in an even worse mess a few years from now.


@24 morty, I agree with you on a lot of what you’re saying. However a few points -

There were a lot of reasons for reduction in crime beyond the crime bill itself.

The drug war was and is a disaster, and we knew it from the start.

And respectfully, many, many, many people foresaw the outcome of sentencing and mass incarceration, the growing private prison system, and on and on and on. You didn’t have to be clairvoyant. There are going to be a lot of Dems in 25 years talking about how they didn’t see Trump coming, they didn’t know the full extent of how horrible the Republican party was (and will still be). Republicans make things so bad that Dems have to agree to out of desperation… because Dems, being Dems, would rather protect kids from sleeping in bathtubs NOW (and there’s an argument to be made for that… but the long-term ramifications are playing out far worse).


31 - So you're quite pessimistic about Biden/Harris making things better. Okay. I'm far more hopeful.


@32 Phoebe, it depends what you mean by "better". Better than the last 4 years of Trump? Of course they're better. This isn't about false equivalencies. Will they do something actually good in the next 4 years that has long-term benefits. I hope so.

Will they try to fix the political system for the better long term? No. Will Dems try to hold the Republicans accountable? No. We'll be in the same political mess or even worse 10 years from now.

If you're optimistic about the next 10 years, I just don't see where the reasoning for that optimism is coming from.


34 - Optimism, or pessimism, is a disposition. A feeling. A reason for either is not required.


@35 Phoebe, as you suggest, a reason is not required. I certainly wasn't demanding one from you.

A person can be optimistic that they're going to win the lottery, but if that's what they're basing their ability to pay the rent with, well, best of luck to them.


Personally, I can't wait till this rag goes bankrupt. Now you're hooked on a stupid 'Disavow QAnon' schtick? What cities have QAnon openly come out and protested, looted, and burnt down? None! At best, they're just a conspiracy group online, and they came around AFTER Trump was duly elected, and embellish on HIS original notion of a 'Deep State', so you guys are literally just claiming he knows everything about QAnon because a lot of their conspiracies are based on his Deep State theory. Has Biden disavowed AntiFa? BLM? I know you guys are forgetful and think AntiFa stormed the beaches of Normandy (news flash: they didn't. The Allied forces were Anti-AXIS, and soldiers were DRAFTED to fight.) AntiFa is just the KKK rebranded (since KKK is obviously tarnished for them) and BLM is the rebranded Black Panthers. And before you say anything, the KKK also lynched white Republicans who came to help build communities. They were labeled as 'carpetbaggers' and 'scalawag', and as you can see Democrats still call people names like 'teabaggers' and 'trumptards'.


@28 "The jackboots are just cranky because they were promised guns and an ability to act out their personal grievances against society with impunity"
See, there's the problem tho.. YOU aren't a psychologist, and even a psychologist wouldn't even diagnose that for most cops. What you're repeating is a MEME, a trope. The whole "People who were bullies or were bullied in high school usually become cops" A study has found 98% of cops weren't bullied. So stop hurling cliches that you see from fictional movies and TV shows.


@24 "his abilities did not include clairvoyance"
He can't openly admit that, they'd kick him out of the Democrat party. Claiming to have clairvoyance is the Dem's whole schtick! Like how they claimed if Trump were elected in 2016 it'd be Nazi Germany or some bizarro Sharia-painted-as-Christianity-HandmaidsTale crap


@7 "Republicans wanted businesses to be able to make their own decisions without government intervention? Or is that just for baking cakes for gays and mask bans?"
Yeah, Republicans would like federal government out of private business, selling a product is different than commissioning a customized item. BUT since it IS illegal to discriminate, and since the cake bakers WERE punished - then so too should social media be punished. It's weird how you guys point to examples that were punished as some sort of cover for companies that weren't punished - based on the leaning of the political issue.


@15 Thanks! Adding to my watchlist.


@16 HAHAHA. Oh Christ.

Like everyone else that isn't insane enough to think shipped children stuffed in cabinets to pedophiles ISN'T against pedophilia? If you're against fucking children you simply can't say anything bad about QAnon!

President SuperSpreader knows what QAnon is, dipshit. They are a rightwing nutbag conspiracy where he pays the pivotal role as hero. The pedophile thing is just the McGuffin.

The lowest bar ever for the rightwing. They will tolerate any form of corruption, perversion, lying, and let hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer and die from a plague... but they're against child fucking!

Unless you look too close at the parties with the underage girls that Trump hosted with Epstein at Mar-a-Lago.


@37 You have mainstream republican candidates openly quoting and endorsing QAnon. As for burning down cities? Some of the domestic terrorists in Michigan that were planning on abducting and murdering the Governor were QAnon lunatics, dumbfuck


@31 - I never said the '94 crime bill was the reason for the declining crime rate over the last 20 years. To suggest that would be simplistic. It was "a" reason but definitely not the only reason; there were and are a lot of reasons to explain it, and the crime bill is just one of those many reasons.

All I'm saying is that the vast majority of the people - local POC leaders, church leaders and even the CBC - were supporting the bill out of a sincerely-held desire to arrest the carnage in their communities. You can absolutely and honestly criticize many parts of the bill with the benefit of hindsight or even then, but most of those who supported it back in 1994 did so from an honest that different time.

And I did say they couldn't have foreseen everything, not the beginnings of some things. I was a cop back then, and the idea of private prisons would never have occurred to me at that time, for example.

I'll add that I honestly thought the war on drugs was truly helping drug-ravaged communities back then; just a few more years of first-hand experience gradually caused my thinking on that score to evolve to something much closer to your views. I don't think that evolution among '94 crime bill backers is at all uncommon. Biden may well have experienced the same; I just assume he did.

But Biden's current evasions on the issue sound weaselly, and I support Biden. Just say that '94 was a different time, he was reacting to the needs of leaders of those communities most impacted by terrible crime and his own sincere desire to help at that time. He can then add that time and experience has shown that some aspects (not all) of the bill were misguided, and he would never support such a bill today.

Respect his constituents enough to recognize that times change and people (himself) evolve.

I agree with pretty much all of your post #34, by the way.


@38 - O-K, I was a cop for nearly 30 years, and I never heard of such a study; you'll need to cite that one to be credible.

What did they do, go around asking individual cops if they had been bullied in HS?

Even if that happened, policing is a hyper-macho subculture, and virtually no cop would ever admit to being bullied even he had been. Many would admit to having bullied others, however.