Slog AM: COVID Surges Nationwide, Biden Hints at Court Reform, Some Cops Leaving SPD



Why did SPD need 3 assault rifles at a protest? Is it because they have too much money or are they just overcompensating for something else?



@1: Because SH#T happens.


@2 - How sweet.


@4. If by sweet you mean cloy, enabling, revolting, out of touch, and dangerous.


RE: Ratings on the Town Hall, I would take that with a grain of salt. I would think that the incumbent would always get lower ratings in this situation because you've already had 4 years to evaluate their time in Office. While you would want to hear what the challenger plans to do.


Wait, 30% of those left SPD we’re NOT white? that sounds like a story to me.


@7 Was about to make the same comment. I'll bet SPD just became whiter.


Sweet like gangrenous neuropathic diabetes


@1 Because we're in a police state and almost to a point where cops are allowed to mow down protestors. Note that the "militant antifa leftist" who stole the rifle was not from Seattle, interesting.



On the other hand, the incumbent is a loud, bombastic, only semi-literate, disease infected former game show host and professional wrestler, who has openly bragged about sexually assaulting women and publicly sparred with the freaking pope(!) Gotta admit that If I were gonna tune in to watch either of those broadcasts I'd have probably opted to go with the one featuring a guy who once did this... opposed to that which featured an old guy talking about expanding access to affordable healthcare and improving race relations.

I still gotta give JB some kudos here.


@3 Sorry, that wasn't one of the choices, only valid options are: a.) too much money or b.) overcompensating


@7 -- My guess is it is right about average. In 2013, about 75% of the officers were white ( -- you have to select "Seattle"). But more recently, they have hired a lot more people of color ( My guess is the department is slightly less white after those cops quit.

In general, this is a good thing. As the article pointed out, it is much easier to negotiate cuts in staffing with the union when people leave. it is possible that the department could continue to lose people due to attrition while other (social service) agencies are built up. In ten years the police force could be a lot smaller, a lot less white, and a lot more effective as we would also have a much bigger social services system.


"You're the President! You're not someone's crazy uncle who can retweet whatever."

Slight correction. He is not just someone's crazy uncle who can retweet whatever. After all, he is her crazy uncle:


The manager, Bill Stepien, "likens the campaign to an airplane flying through turbulence, saying: 'It's our job to safely land the plane.'

Well that is a real problem. Campaign manager is supposed to see that his candidate WINS THE ELECTION; is Stepien speaking in tongues? The last guy who had his job is trying to kill himself, so I dunno.


per 15:

And did you notice how Trump responded to the question about studies saying masks stop C19 spread?
It was: "They say that, and other places say other things!"



That's a perfectly accurate representation of how he's responded to pretty much every single question that challenges any of his idiotic statements or proposals from the last four+ years. I don't know anyone would expect anything different, though it certainly isn't any less infuriating for it.


You say that, Mike, and other people say other things. Really great people. Really great things. The best things.


@9: A hug between political adversaries in a legislative body is a good thing. Perpetuating divisiveness and polarization just to satisfy a minority of their constituents isn't good governance.

It doesn't mean Dianne Feinstein is going to vote for Barrett's confirmation.


@19 is there anything in your life you don't hedge or equivocate on? sometimes you have to pick a side when people's lives and livelihoods and civil liberties are at stake. I know that's hard for someone like you to grasp.


@19. This is exactly why I was complaining about the democratic leadership being too soft and meek and complacent when the opposition cheats and steamrolls our party, and yet you expect me to commend this sham and watch Feinstein enable this antidemocratic power grab by commending Graham's leadership and hugging him in the time of Covid when many in the chamber may already be infected. I'm not going to enable this abuse and Stockholm Syndrome bullshit because the elites play nice with each other while electing a judge whose entire walks like a duck talks like a duck must be a duck strategic placement suggests she will dismantle the ACA and toss tens of millions off their healthcare to the streets. Feinstein is in the rich people's club and has shown time and again she doesn't give a shit about her constituency other than the big donor's club. Fuck that hearing, it should have never happened and was totally out a order, yet she praised him. We don't need people like that serving in the democratic party, it's insulting and disgusting.


And say what you will about going after heretics over infidels, but that's a slap in the fucking face to everyone who sat on their hands while Garland got stonewalled. I'm not usually a purity warrior, but this pissed me the fuck off and Feinstein is out of touch and needs to retire. NOW. Fuck. That. Noise.


Hug this sack of shit.


@21, 22 Garb, right on!


@20: Why do you interpret that as an equivocation? There's no virtue, if fact it's sheer pettiness, in being outraged over Feinstein complimenting Graham over how the hearing went.


@23 - For some reason, I've never been able to click on links in the comment thread. On my desktop using safari. Any ideas...anyone?


Besides, Dianne has always been friendly to gay co-workers - especially since 1978.


@26 - They're not hot. Highlight the full link and right click. In Safari it's "Go to address in new tab/window".


Yeah, I still try to advocate for civility when and however possible. Overt demonstrations of animosity generally seem to exacerbate tensions and rarely seem to help. That said... Garb makes great points as usual. I've always enjoyed this video for what a raw demonstration of virtuous anger can look like.


I almost never check out any of the links that don't have a accompanying description, but if anyone ever wants to know why I'm so hard on Dems, suggesting that these dinosaurs have to go, and have little optimism of anything changing, watch @2 Garb's video link.

It's a sickening. Hard to know if she is so fucking deluded that she really means it, or she's just been doing it for so long, she doesn't even realize it. But it's insulting, and at this point, unforgivable.



SB doesn't just perpetually sit ON the fence - he IS the fence.


Actually, I'm imagining that she did it so as to make Graham look like a liberal for ads to run in South Carolina in order to get MAGAts to switch their vote to Constitution Party candidate Bill Bledsoe (currently at 1% in the polls even though he has withdrawn from the race). I can see Jaime Harrison's campaign (or the Lincoln Project) running that shot of Graham hugging an "extreme socialist Californian liberal" over and over show how Graham has no consistency and you can never trust him.
See story on the AP:


@28 - Thanks.

And that particular hug is disgusting.


Actually as a POC, I'd like to know why those 30% non-white officers left the force. We're calling on all those reporters to do some investigating and report back with what they found.