That Sink in the Alley Is Supposed to Be There



This is a wonderful little big thing.


"It’s a kind of critique of how bad [the housing crisis is], to put parts of a house—these things that you need—out on the street because people don’t have them."

Durkan Depots, anyone?

On a practical note, who is looking after the exposed plumbing when we get freezing weather?


If the sinks are adjacent to the Ave, then the cross referenced spots are 47th Street NE, and 50th St NE.


This is a great idea. @2 - if they keep them dripping they shouldn't freeze. Now, how do we keep people from pooping in them?


This is a great idea. Unfortunately someone cut the hose to the one in the alley south of 43rd as of this evening. Must be some controversy but I don’t see why. Everyone benefits from people washing their hands these days no matter what you might think about the homeless folks.


Some will oppose these because they believe "homelessness" is synonymous with "criminal". Others will oppose it because they think no one should be un-housed.

But Perfect should never be the enemy of Good. There will always be homeless people... some by circumstance, some by choice, some by timing. But regardless, everyone pees, everyone shits, and everyone should be washing up afterwards (not to mention, have access to potable water).


Won't the public health people bitch about how there's no hot water?