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Hold onto your butts, its gonna be a wet one this winter.
Hold onto your butts, it's gonna be a wet one this winter. Suriya Wattanalee/Getty
Michigan bans open-carried firearms at polling places: Leave your guns at home, Michiganders. You've lost your gun-toting privileges at the polls. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said this move was to prevent fear, intimidation, or disruption while people vote. No one is saying it, but I have a small inkling that the plot to arrest the Michigan governor could have played a role in this. Obviously, we can't be sure. But you know, kidnapping state officials should probably have some ramifications.

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Speaking of the gubernatorial kidnap plot: Five suspects accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer were denied bail and will stand trial in front of a grand jury on federal charges.

Biden and Harris both tested negative for COVID-19 today according to their campaign. This week, there was some hubbub about their health after they flew on planes with people who tested positive for the virus. But enough about them, what about YOU. When was the last time someone tested YOU for the coronavirus?

There's a COVID-19 outbreak at Harborview Medical Center: The outbreak is believed to have occurred in the hospital's surgical unit and has killed one patient and infected three others, reports the Seattle Times. The story is developing and the hospital is trying to figure out how the virus got into the unit. The outbreak is believed to have been contained. This is another reason to support Prop 1.

A colder, wetter Seattle winter: Bienvenidos, La Niña. The weather pattern historically brings a more intense winter to the Pacific Northwest region. Lower temperatures and increased precipitation are on the way. I'm excited to feel cozy, but I'm also anticipating a big helping of cabin fever. Time to invest in a happy lamp! At least we're not in the "warmer than normal" part of this map.

Colorado yogurt shop goes rogue: A Durango, Colorado yogurt shop is allegedly offering 10% discounts to customers who aren't wearing masks.

Trump cabinet throws policy Hail Mary's: Ugh. In anticipation of an election loss come November, Trump's cabinet is doing its best to secure its legacy. Which boils down to implementing policies that align with the administration as quickly as they can, often cutting public comment periods. It's not uncommon for administrations of leaving presidents to do this but damn, you hate to see it when the Trump administration is so.... bad. Some of the planned last-minute policies, according to the New York Times are "a new rule to allow railroads to move highly flammable liquefied natural gas on freight trains, easing limits on how many hours some truckers can spend behind the wheel, giving the government more freedom to collect biometric data and setting federal standards for when workers can be classified as independent contractors rather than employees." They're also trying to plug science boards with new appointments. :))))))

Hate it when this happens: "Bay Village Priest says someone called police about a homeless person, but it was a statue of Jesus"

Will there be a Hilloween this year? CHS Blog answers.

The Supreme Court agrees to hear case on Trump's attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census: The data from the census is used to allocate seats in the House of Representatives as well as federal funding. If the president's push is successful, it would greatly impact immigrant communities across the country. The court date is set for November 30, which means if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed by then, she could also participate in the debate.

The Biden campaign is fighting hard for Pennsylvania: Obama won Pennsylvania in both his campaigns for president, but Hillary Clinton lost the state by less than one point to Trump. The Biden campaign announced today that Obama will campaign for Biden in Philly next Wednesday. Biden's town hall was there last night, and Obama's 2020 live DNC speech was in Philly, spoken from the Museum of the American Revolution. FiveThirtyEight puts Biden ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania by nearly seven points.

The Biden campaign is also fighting real hard for the Animal Crossing vote: You can now visit Joe's virtual field office in the Nintendo Switch game. The "Biden-themed virtual amusement park" features ice cream stands, model trains, and exclusive in-game campaign merchandise, reports The Verge. It reminded at least one Stranger staffer of another attempt by a Boomer to relate to youth during the last election:

The US federal deficit hit a record high: The US is ending its fiscal year with a more than $3 trillion deficit. Government debt is totaled to be around $27 trillion.Don't we have some rich people who could pitch in?

Hahahhahah shit:

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Bellevue School District is delaying plans for in-person instruction until 2021: Because COVID cases are rising in King County. On Thursday, the rate of infections spiked to 92 cases per 100,000 people—way outside the 25-75 cases per 100,000 that state guidelines say is safe for in-person classes. Mark my words, kids won't see the inside of a classroom until the end of next year.

We've made a printable version of the SECB Cheat Sheet: Go forth, print one (or one hundred) of these bad boys out, and plaster them all over your neighborhood. We've also got a downloadable link via DocumentCloud and Google Drive.

We are STILL watching scary movies: I'm attempting the 2020 Scarecrow Video Psychotronic Challenge, and tonight's challenge is "MASKS ARE REQUIRED: You've guessed it, at least one character has to wear a mask for the entire movie." I think I'm going to go with Molly Hodgdon's recommendation and watch Black Sunday.