I usually just use a broom, much quicker, as the drains clog up when they use leaf blowers, even the electric ones.

Municipal bonds are up today, but that's mostly because many with age adjusted index funds and ETFs have an increasing amount going to bonds. You'd be better off with stocks, quite frankly. I recommend 90-95% stocks until you are 5 years from retirement, and then go 50/50 stocks/bonds. Always buy ETFs in the later years, as you can roll them out in disbursements of literal units, and not have taxable income until you actually sell them. Let your Social Security provide cash.

And if we've learned anything from COVID, it's that more possessions won't make you happy.


Part of the reason we even have lawns in the first place is BECAUSE of the invention of the lawn mower.

The whole idea of grass lawns dates back to European middle ages. Royalty, nobility and the general aristocracy would sometimes decorate a part of their land with difficult and expensive to maintain gardens and lawns. Without lawn mowers, keeping the grass trimmed was usually a process of hiring people to physically cut it with scythes and such, something commoners just couldn't afford.

When the first lawn mowers were invented and started to become popular, the poorer folk now could have lawns of their own and "emulate" the aristocracy.

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