Here's What's Going to Happen

There's no way a mute button will shut up Trump.



Trump needs to be arrested by New York State Police at 12:01 PM EST on January 20, 2021.


MAGAts making
Amerca Great Again
thru Attrition. Excellent.

trumpf Medals of Freedumb cum
Darwin Awards winners the Lot of 'em.
They need to hop on over to the FOX and
really Help Spread the Love. Not gonna Miss 'em.

*most of 'em


Trumpty Dumpty SHOULD leave the U.S. He's already Vladimir Putin's pool boy. Rival hair-don't Kim Jung-Un is laughing his ass off from the sidelines. China is celebrating an economic field day.
Oh, and Trumpty? Take Pence, Giuliani, Barr, McConnell, Graham, Kavanaugh, Roberts, Gorsuch, COVID-Amy and remaining MAGA tools with you. Don't let the door to the White Trash House hit you in your fat, corrupt ass on the way out.


Drumpf will leave the country if the Manhattan DA doesn’t succeed in indicting him on fraud charges first. Vance is tenacious and oh-so-close to getting what he needs. If T-rump loses the election, Vance gets to start running downhill instead of rolling the boulder up the hill over and over. Cheetoman winds up bankrupt and in prison by 2022. Again, IF he loses, which he very well might not.


Trumpty Dumpty put up a Wall.
COVID-19 led to its Great Fall.
None of its lawyers or inept Yes-men
Could Make Amerikkka Great Again.

Flush the Turd November 3rd!


@4: I am hopeful that Trumpty Dumpty loses and loses BIG--and by a landslide to Biden / Harris. A lot of people---including many conservatives who supported Trumpty Dumpty in 2016---are mad as hell by the current neofascist Evil Empire's reckless ineptitude and the demise of our once thriving democracy and economy.


Trump will have to get out of the country there is a very decent chance that he will be stopped from leaving the country by New York state or another entity before accomplishing his escape. There's also a good chance that he has only one country that he can run to (Russia) and Putin likes to dispose of his useless assets once he's done with them.

Trump is too much of a racist to go anywhere else that might even have him and other places he might like to go (say, Scotland, where he could play golf on his own course) would be more than happy to get rid of him and send him right back to the United States to be tried for his crimes.

The question then becomes, does bunker boy have what it takes to pull off committing suicide? It's doubtful, but never underestimate a trapped coward.


Seems most likely he’d be on a one-way trip to Moscow. The propaganda victory for Putin would be unimaginable—a deposed American president fleeing to Russia (!!!) like a common Lukashenko. We’d be finished on the world stage for a generation if we’re not already as a plague state.

Other than that though, what would Putin get out of it? $hitler’s a total moron that only spouts lies and conspiracy theories; the strategic value of his two-scoops “knowledge” is probably zip, and those hundreds of millions he owes the oligarchs aren’t gonna pay themselves.


@4 nah. Billionaires just don’t go to jail unless they steal from other billionaires.

Trump might go overseas for a while maybe, but he is definitely going to go on tour in the US first. Trump will hold rallies and shit and be a Hitler Jr.; whip up an army of mouth breathing followers that will go off the rails if he gets arrested. They follow him like he Dave Mathews Band or something. And the NY AG will not be able to get to him with an army of Death Cult thugs jumping around him all the time.

Biden isn’t going risk hundreds of arm standoffs in MAGA land over this pile of shit. Instead Biden will back-deal with Senate Republicans to tamp down the rhetoric, seize some Trump assets, and negotiate them back to Trump to get him to shut up.

And if Trump doesn’t play he will have a “heart attack” or “plane crash.” Something like that.


Trump may leave (flee?) the country, but it won't be to Russia.

With the lawsuits piling up, he'll want to go someplace with no extradition treaty with the US. So Russia could be on the list. But he'd have to go someplace that is willing to take him. Once he's dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House, he's no use to Putin any more. Why would Russia bother accepting him? He's up to his eyeballs in debt to Russian oligarchs, but he won't be able to pay them off if he flees the country in disgrace, so they won't want him either. My guess is that Russia says "Nyet", and Trump has to kowtow to some other tyrant to let him in.


Ugh yeah, I could certainly see ballot box and polling place brawls becoming a thing. Not unlike Black Friday battles to get into Walmart or pluck the last big screen TV off the shelf, they could even be an annual celebratory event. This is how we KAGA after all.


"It's [the Honorable Way Out's] doubtful, but never underestimate a trapped [FAKE 'prez' Cadet Bonespurs] coward." -xina

So true.

if he does take himself out, look instead for the trumpfster to go out BIGLY with a Real made-for-teevee Horror Show -- prolly gonna blame it on gawd only knows -- but it'll be hair Furor's Reichstag fire, Schwan Schong & Clarion (still staniding by?) and a not a moment too soon Final Adios.


but what's in his septic Wake?



Dubai would be an obvious refuge for a crook of Trump's variety - a stinking toilet of pre-modern savagery and barbarism encased in crystal and gold.


@14, Dubai would certainly fit Trumps style of excess and bombast. But like Russia, why would Dubai want to accept him? What use could he possibly be to them? Same with UAE or MBS in Saudi Arabia. If he's swimming in bad debt, lawsuits on his heals, his reputation in the toilet, and he's no longer president, then he's no use to any of these people. He'd just be a giant headache. Why would they take him?


@15 Fair point, but I figure they'd take anyone who can pay their bills. There's a huge expat community there. Russia would take him out of spite, I'd imagine. He could hang out with Ed Snowden.

But honestly, it seems so far fetched that he'd flee like that. Seems more like he'd pardon himself or resign early and have Pence pardon him. It would take years for that to work through the courts before he faced any real jeopardy. And that wheezing tub of guts doesn't have many of those left to him.


We don't send our x-Presidents to jail even when they richly deserve it. Sets a bad precedent. Biden will work something out with New York and Trump will pay a big fine. My guess is that he'll end up working for FOX and playing lots of golf. Pretty much the same job as he has now.


In general, I don't think Trump can flee the country. He;s depending on a rally/speaking engagement/fundraising circuit/new "news" channel to pay off his $400M in debts coming due in the next 4 years. If he's overseas, that's just not going to work. Plus those rallies are his only chance of keeping the remaining Republicans in line after the election. If he can still draw a crowd, he's got pull in a primary and a built in group of people who will pay inflated rates at his hotels. @16 I'm pretty sure he can't pay his bills, so that goes out the window. Otherwise, he's got Brazil if they don't have an extradition treaty.

I'd be willing to bet that if the NY AG can get Trump's tax returns in the near future, he'll be indicted before he leaves office.


@17 FTW. Biden will be all "let's move forward and not dwell in the past." Trump will be back to reality TV in no time.


"the embarrassment of losing to the "worst candidate in Presidential politics" "
Well, for once in his life, albit in a very limited context, Trump will understand what a woman felt.

@17, but how much could FOX pay him? he does have some significant debts coming due. While some people who are capable of speaking in complete sentences have made millions speaking to people, Trump needs hundreds of millions and coherent speech is not his strong suit. It would be nice if the possibility of a positive future would deter him from going on a totally scorched earth rampage between the election and the inauguration. It would also be nice if he wasn't bat shit insane.

While Pence seems to be soulless, he doesn't really seem insane, surely he knows history will not be kind to him (though Dan Quayle might get a chuckle out of the situation) and while he seems much more an old testament kind of guy, the fact that Jesus is not likely to be too happy with him might cause Pence a little worry, so I wouldn't totally rule out the 25th amendment if Biden has a decisive win and Trump loses it (whatever small amount of "it" he might still have).


He’ll keep running the same ‘ol MAGA grift doing fund raisers for his re-election forever. He’ll try for some reality TV thing. But it won’t last and won’t work. If that guy loses he’s poison.

The brainless MAGA Death Cult will keep giving him money and buying cheap swag and a few Rightwing billionaires will funnel money to him because the MAGA cult will make the GOP nervous. But someone else will come along and steal those goobers. They are followers. And Trump with out a megaphone is nothing.

Besides. He’s old, deranged, obese, and and frail. That guy’s gonna have a stroke with in a decade.

But he tried to flee to Russia — which he won’t— they’d pop him. There is no way they would let that happen.


prepare thyselfs for trumpfy teevee
see him launch his Far Right Career
from the poolside comforts of Mal a Rago South or East or whereverthefuck a shiny new Network of far right Billionaires multinational Corps, silver-tongued propaganda Master Ministers and viscious, reactionary Dictators fond of torture. hair Furor could reproduce his White House crime spree just about anywhere; but he's gonna take it Planet Wide. this guy thinks BIG. And never looks back. remember, it only takes ONE -- or maybe a couple -- (and there's Plenty out there) True Believer Billionaire Buddy to make trumpf a Household Name.* from here I can almost see 'trumpf' projected onto the Moon.



acid reign
your Day has
since passed.


Trump will replace Rush Limbaugh upon Rush's passing.


You guys are all over Trump, meanwhile I'm over here pondering Massachusetts kids' soccer. Select leagues are still practicing, albeit not scrimmaging, here in King County, and it's mostly the same and the rules haven't changed.

I really don't think it's worth it to change the rules. Wouldn't just shortening the exposure and play time make as much sense without forcing the kids and refs to adapt to such drastic adjustments?


@21: Are you the same nut who used to log in as David in Shoreline? Begone before you draw flies, MAGA tool.

@22 kristofarian: Trumpty Dumpty is already Vladimir Putin's disposable pool boy. Vlady owns Mar-a-Lago at this point.


@21: It is therapeutic for cartoon trolls.


Keep in mind that anything #45 says is a lie, or --- to put it more charitably --- subject to contradiction at any point.


@29: You're not going anywhere. Unless one has over $10mil in cash, one can't buy full citizenship in any country. The countries with lower barriers have (i) much higher tax rates than the US and/or (ii) one will spend considerably more than the tax savings in personal protection.

If I were you, I'd worry about the FED printing away the purchasing power of your money before I'd worry about any alleged Biden tax increase. Trump, and the entire Republican Party, are relying too heavily on FED printing to save the economy and asset values instead of using ramped up fiscal spending.


DeathCult do you make 400K? Are you hoping that you will one day after 2020?

He's basically wanting to undo Trump's tax cuts, which if you remember stung for the average working-class family and gave more money to the rich.

If you're wondering, the pay structure for tech companies includes a base salary that you're taxed at and then stock bonuses. You're only taxed on stocks when you exercise them and cash them out.


Dude, who took a sock full of nickels to Mitch McConnell?


@12 kristofarian: What's in Trumpty Dumpty's departing septic wake? Giant retaliating mutant gators is my guess. And just when the state of Florida sinks into the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Der Gropenfuhrer will be done in by science if not first by toxic industrial waste (i.e.: its daily truckload of BigMacs).

@29: Doofy! You're back under yet another pseudo-name to add to your library (Eudomonic, Seattle Blues, Muffy, Mellow, welsomerain2, ad nauseum), proving to forever be the MAGA trolling cowardly idiot you really are. Begone before you draw Dencey Pencey's flies.