Washington Senator Patty Murray, entering a briefing on coronavirus.
Washington Senator Patty Murray, entering a briefing on coronavirus. ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES

Way back in 2012, before we jumped tracks to The Bad Timeline, Washington was among the country's first states to get marriage equality. Remember all those happy smiling couples getting married on a rainy December afternoon? There was the joy of everyone finally being able to wed. It’s also impossible to overstate what a relief it was that we could FINALLY put the issue to rest and stop having so many goddamn rallies and fundraisers and hearings about the issue.

Well, savor those memories because there are some ominous signs that the marriage fights of yesteryear are about to come back. With Trump stacking courts with unqualified conservative judges and Amy Coney Barrett (aka Scalia 2.0) fast-tracking her way to the Supreme Court, we may have to re-litigate marriage all over again. And Washington Senator Patty Murray is not amused.

At an online press conference today, Murray declared, “Republicans may want to pretend that Judge Barrett’s silence means that she’s not a threat” to marriage equality, but “we won’t be fooled, and we won’t be ignored.”

She was joined by Jim Obergefell and Rick Hodges, plaintiff and defendant in the Supreme Court marriage case that ended marriage bans in 2015, as well as Senators Sherrod Brown and Ron Wyden from Oregon and the leadership of the nonprofit Family Equality. They all called on the Senate to delay the confirmation vote, which almost certainly will not happen, but hey at least they called for it!

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The Senate’s scheduled to vote on Barrett’s nomination on Monday, October 26th, just one week before the election. Senators will be able to stall for 30 hours, but then it’ll have to go to a vote. There are 53 Republicans in the Senate, and Republicans changed the rules in 2017 to require only a simple majority, so unless somebody does something really surprising it’s not hard to predict what will happen.

But hey! A press conference! Cool! That probably helped!

Meanwhile, two heroic women from Seattle accosted Senatorial creep Lindsey Graham at an airport over the nomination. Graham called them “hostile and unhinged”—okay, calm down, weirdo, they just talked to you as you walked through the terminal—but kudos to them for at least taking more direct action than any elected officials. Anybody know who these women are so we can throw them a parade or something, maybe donate to their future Senatorial campaigns?