Do YOU know the prices of soybeans?! DO YOU?!
Do YOU know the price of soybeans?! DO YOU?! Pool/Getty
Over in the cornfields of Iowa, Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic challenger and businesswoman Theresa Greenfield are duking it out in one of the most expensive political races in U.S. history. The race is proving to be an uphill battle for Ernst, who swept into office as a high-profile Republican in 2014 and has since aligned herself with the volatile sinking ship that is Trump's presidency.

In total, contributors have spent a combined $195 million in the fight over this Senate seat, making it second only to the record spending happening right now in North Carolina, a state with seven times the population of Iowa. Democrats have poured over $100 million into ads, which have blasted Iowans day-in and day out for the past few weeks. The ads paint Ernst as "a villain intent on stripping away Social Security and medical benefits for residents."

Though she's polling better among Iowans than our embattled head of state, Ernst leads Greenfield 45 to 44—well within the margin of error of the New York Times-Siena poll. Greenfield is leading among independent voters and women, while Ernst's favorability holds even between approve and disapprove.

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That's why it was DELICIOUS to see Ernst stumble on a question presented to her during a debate with Greenfield last week. Moderator Ron Steele asked both the Democrat and Republican to give the price of a bushel of corn and soybeans, respectively. It's a must-know topic for politicians in Iowa, apparently.

Greenfield managed to give a correct and thorough answer ($3.68/bushel). Ernst first dodged the question before Steele course-corrected her. "You grew up on a farm,” said Steele. “You should know this.” She then gave the price for soybeans at $5.50, which was more than $4 off the correct price of $10.05. Brutal! Keep this woman off The Price Is Right!

While it's certainly not a good look for Ernst, Greenfield's play to the center could end up netting her a coveted seat on Senate. We'll keep an eye on it.