Slog PM: One More Debate, Tell Bezos to Give His 600,000 U.S. Workers PTO So They Can VOTE



Wait. Don't we vote by mail?

You need a whole day to do that?

It literally took me like a total of 5 minutes to fill out the ballot, do online research, and then later, deposit my ballot.

Sure PTO is a good idea for voting. But here?

Cool sticker btw.


what if trumpfy was sandbagging in that first debate? what if he comes out coherent, undisrespectful and cracks a funny or two? and tongue-ties Smokin' Fuckin Joe. we might get us a Showdown, but I'm not counting on it. perhaps trumpf'll Implode behind his plexiglass safety shield the Commies forced him, the Commander In fucking Chief, to hide behind. like a Chicken. a damn Chicken.* and he'll prolly have none of it.

*they say his Bravery is often cited when Veterans think of Cadet 'Nine Deferments' Bonespurs and how if he'd only been there in time, he'd rushed that school shooter -- Unarmed! -- and Unafraid. that one time.

and yeah. since you can mail-it-in it'd be like a Paid Holiday thingy.
they could even call it Bezos' Day. mind
your Balls, it's Bezos' Day!!

could be like, pick a Friday the 13th,
or all of 'em. it's Bezos's Day!


Fuck that. Let's make national elections a national holiday... I'd give up dead Presidents day or Columbus Day (Aside from renaming Columbus Day to the Europeans Fucked Over Indians Day).. for it-- or even the Friday after Thanksgiving that my company gives me.As a side benefit it would remove 1 reason (Nice words for excuse)-- "I gotta work and can't/ don't have the time to vote". and perhaps make a dent in the appalling voting participation in this country... Maybe not.


@2 Yeah, haven't seen much of the old Trump wit lately. Remember when he told Megan Kelly it was only Rosie O'Donnell he called a "Fat Pig?" That was classic.

Fun fact: The presidential election of 1896 was the first in American history in which nobody was murdered at any of the polling stations.


@1 Washington is only one state. Lots of states without vote-by-mail.


perhaps those who gotta take the whole day, stand in line for hours on end, cold, wet, hungry gotta fucking PEE -- might get the attention of their lawmakers -- 'their' -- Ha! -- and get a paid Full Day Off -- by voting by mail! it's Bezos' Day! and yeah, why not tack it onto a weekend.



No reason whatsoever to take away a paid holiday in order to give us another. Giving us Election Day would be what, 11 federally recognized days? Seems most Governmental agencies are gonna start recognizing Juneteenth, so maybe 12. I'd say we could give us opening day for Major League Baseball season to bring it up to 13, which would align nicely with the number of Supreme Court justices we could have come summer time.


@3 -- we surely pulled the Welcome mat out from under 'em, didn't we? and then we kicked 'em tf Out (of their own Country!) and locked the gate behind us. unfortunately, they went and Located the Key: Soverign Nation Status: Casinos! Ka-Ching! pot sales? why not? and now they're buying back the land we needed for our Destiny to manifest -- it wasn't gonna manifest itself. but the Bill seems to be Coming Due.


@7 add a few more and we'll achieve the 35 hour work week on the sly.


moderator's Losing Control
and trumpfy's Dominating




Republicans are so eager to prove how pro-life they are. Except when it comes to people having healthcare. Or giving women forced hysterectomies.


Amazon wont even pay for the detainment of their warehouse workers to be searched like criminals before they leave work. Good luck with that.


Rich salaried libs seem unaware that contract workers have to use paid-time-off for holidays unless their agency is gracious enough to pay for them.


@12 viewed through the lens of the psycho Calvinism that possesses American reactionaries, there is no contradiction.


Well, Trump didn't act like a complete crazy person, maybe he'll get a second term.


@1 Amazon has employees nationwide and many of them do not get to vote by mail. Most of them work in Amazon warehouses. This has already been said multiple times. Seattle (and WA state) are not the center of the universe, not even Amazon's universe.


one thing the trumpf Plague'll teach us, voting by fucking mail needs to become ubiquitous ASAP. ride that Blue wave, bitches.


@14: And no agency is. In my case, I often came to work sick because I needed to hoard PTO for the holiday season, when the building was closed and I couldn't work. If I didn't, I couldn't pay rent in February. To think that any agency would pay for something so unimportant - to them - as voting is ludicrous.


@13 -- if you think Amazon may have missed something in their (unpaid!) afterwork body-cavity searches (and seizures?), can you get back in line for seconds? Surely Bozos has powerful X-Ray Machines for the harder cases? I mean, c'mon -- the human body's got tonnes of room, if you just know where (tf) to Stash shit.


The problem with making election day a holiday is that stores and website will make it a sale day, just like everything else. It's a much better idea to make vote-by-mail the national standard.


@21 Back in the 1800s election day was a get drunk with your friends holiday, kind of St Patty's Day meets the Super Bowl.


I hope the swing voters in PA, MI, and OH who actually determine who gets to be president are as sick of that whiny little troll’s accordion squeeze, smirk, and breathless falsetto as I am. Policy aside, he is a shitty excuse for a human being.


...and a poor simulacrum of traditional masculinity. By their own shittily gendered standards, his supporters should view him as a pathetic little bitch [sic]. He’s not Rambo - he’s Wormtongue.




Trump is the worst sort of jock-riding little bitch. He the guy who gets on the football team because his dad is principal and “twists his ankle” every day at practice so he doesn’t have to do sprints. And then yells for everyone else to hustle.