Virus country...
Virus country... JamesBrey/

During the Final Presidential Debate: Donald Trump tried his very best to be as normal as possible (but normal for him is still very far from normal for a normal person). His body was stiffer, his interruptions were less obstreperous, but his message was the same as it ever was, the same as it ever was. He also did not fail to remind black Americans that he's the best thing that's happened to them since the Emancipation Proclamation, and that he was the least racist person the room—the room had a black woman, the debate's moderator, Kristen Welker.

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During the Final Presidential Debate: Joe Biden promised that he would be the president for all Americans, not just those who live in red states. This was Biden's attempt to look like a uniter. But how can you unite a group that doesn't believe in science, refuses to wear masks, social distance, and is spreading the virus like there's no tomorrow with a group that's doing the complete opposite? No kind of president can bring these two together.

Will You Just Look At: Trump's America. Just look at it.

Now you have the state of potato people running out of hospital beds. And their Trumpy governor refuses to do anything about it. And the man who massively mismanaged the pandemic is ahead by 20 points in that state. And now Idaho is eyeing empty hospital beds in deep-blue Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington for its overflowing COVID-19 cases? Seattle and Portland must tell sick Idahoans that our hospital beds are only available to those who did not vote for Trump. That's that. If you want your freedoms so much, then stay where you are, and stay away from us mask-wearing "sheeples."

Idaho Has a Population of: 1.787 million and an area of 83,569 square miles. King County has a population of 2.253 million and an area of 2,307 miles. Idaho has a positive rate of 16%. For King County it's 3.2%. It drops to 1.8% if you are Seattle, the densest location in the Pacific Northwest.

The US Is Already In Its Third Coronavirus Surge: NBC:

The U.S. set a record Thursday as the number of new coronavirus cases rose to over 77,000, topping the previous record in July. Nationwide, 77,640 new cases were reported for the day, up from the previous record of 75,723 on July 29, according to the latest tally compiled by NBC News.

And people be asking: Who won the debate? America is in the middle of a nightmare that it's doing its damndest not to wake from. There was no debate. There is no choice. There is just COVID-19.

A Texas Woman Boarded a Plane in Las Vegas: The plane, operated by Spirit Airlines, took off and flew for two and half hours to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. When it landed, however, the woman was dead. She died in the sky. It was only recently determined that COVID-19 was what killed her during the flight. She was only 38. Her death happened on the evening of July 24. Erik Hofmeyer, a spokesman for Spirit, "offered the airline’s condolences to the woman’s family and friends."

A Trumpy Man: Accused of defacing a mural celebrating Renton's racial diversity and also threatening the mural's artists with a gun, will appear in court today.

A Bellevue Cat: Accused of killing a number of neighborhood pets, will appear in court today. The cat's name is Miska. According to MYNorthwest, the cat "has a rap sheet [that's] miles long."

The rap:

Miska’s neighbor claims the cat has killed “dozens” of pets over the last seven years, including ducks, chickens, and rabbits. Reports from Animal Control acquired through a public disclosure request detail these allegations dating back to 2012, including reports of her “stalking” a neighborhood dog.
The cat even stalked a dog. What kind of dog complains about a pesky cat? And why can't a cat be a cat? It's not like humans don't kill and eat animals, particularly ducks and chickens. The French like rabbits. Free Miska.

Whale Watchers Believe: That a J-pod orca is very pregnant. This discovery was made a month after two orcas in the pod gave birth. One of these orcas is famous around the world. She is Tahlequah (or J35). If you have already forgotten her, you need your head checked. Tahlequah is the one who pushed her dead baby around the sea for 17 long days in 2018. Her mourning covered more than 1,000 miles. Her love, unlike her baby, refused to decompose. She finally let go. The baby whale sank down to the bottom of the sea. This is the orca who gave birth in September. Tahlequah is a mother again. But lord only knows what would happen to her if she lost this baby. That would be the mother of all mental breakdowns.

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Did Someone Say 17 Days?

Prince, I'm Tahlequah and your music is my dead baby. If you want to know, that's how I feel about it.

Some Freezing Begins Today: Lucas Combos of Patch reports: "Temperatures are poised to chill the days ahead, bringing the first freeze and frost to Puget Sound by the weekend, according to the latest forecasts... On Friday, a stronger, colder system will move into the area, bringing more rain to the lowlands as snow levels drop to 2,000 feet." How much I needed these coming cold and rainy days. Enough of all that sun. These are not happy times. Our president is barking mad. The presidential election is still an unknown. We could have four more years of this insanity. The number of the dead could continue rising. Soon, the dead will have to bury the dead because the living will be too busy working for peanuts in the necro-economy. This moment's mood needs the dark and low clouds, the blotty crows flying at dusk, the long and cold nights.

Capitol Hill Bar Barça: Did not survive the pandemic. A source informed me that it has closed its big and creaking doors forever. The bar brought much joy and laughter for 20 or so years.

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