New Theory Suggests Time Might Be All That



If Wikipedia is to be believed and a year on the ISS gives a .01 second of time dilation per year, then spending 6 months on the ISS would result in only .005 of time dilation. Its not like .01 seconds is the smallest amount of time possible.

Speaking of time dilatation all the relationship drama in Netfix's Away did make me feel like I was stuck in a tin can in space for 9 months. Still a pity it got canceled.


@1), my mistake. i changed examples and forgot to change times.


Special relativity was unified with quantum mechanics in 1928 by Paul Dirac. Dirac's equation has been extensively confirmed by experiment. Time dilation in subatomic physics is almost 100 years old. Its effect on muon decay in cosmic rays has been a staple of undergraduate physics textbooks for generations now.

This Smith and Ahmadi paper does not propose any new theory. What it does propose is an experiment, specifically an experiment to determine whether the effects of GENERAL relativity (and thus of gravity) can be observed in a quantum mechanical phenomenon.

This paper has no new physics in it, and says nothing new about time or space. The proposed experiment is a big deal simply because it seems doable, and to date there have been no proposals for a feasible experiment in quantum gravity. The back-of-the-napkin calculations for the energy required for a traditional particle collider setup suggest you'd need an apparatus roughly the size of a galaxy.



This article was indeed a bit of a bright spot. t.y. Charles.


Some artists in shutdown experience "network" performances, "Playing together apart." It's a DIY experience I liken to what physicists say and would like to do. Maybe they are musicians, too.


@6 There's no maybe about it.

"I know that most joy in my life has come to me from my violin"


Spring forward, Fall back into a time dilation hole of political creation designed not for man but for narrow interests