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That nightmare you ordered has arrived.
That nightmare you ordered has arrived. Washington Department of Agriculture

Just how diseased is Mike Pence? A bunch of Pence staffers have now tested positive for coronavirus, but the Vice President will be presiding over the Amy Coney Barrett vote today anyway. (Unless Democrats barricade the doors, it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll be confirmed.) It’s unknown whether Mike Pence is sick physically, or just deep in his soul. Democrats have “lodged harsh criticisms” of him. Good job guys, that’ll show him.

While the holidays look very different this year (thanks Covid), we still have shopping to do.
Mask up & swing by Ruckus for gift inspo for friends & family! We have your cannabis needs covered.

Among Us developers fighting back against Trump spam: Last week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez headlined a livestream of the suddenly-viral online multiplayer game Among Us, which was developed in Redmond. Soon afterwards, the game was attacked by pro-Trump spam. A college student claimed credit; the Redmond team that developed the game says they’re working on implementing fixes but for now you should only play with trusted friends. Is there nothing Republicans won’t ruin?

Killer hornet nest eradicated, but there may be more: The Washington Department of Agriculture vacuumed up a ton of giant hornets this weekend north of Seattle, and it’s thought that there are still more nests hidden around the state. The wasps are enormous and their sting is insanely painful, which is why the crew working on the nest dressed like Among Us beans. Fun times for all.

Amazon extended work from home/live at work into June of 2021: In some particularly disheartening news for downtown lunch spots, Amazon workers won’t need to worry about returning to the office for another eight months at least. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was extended indefinitely, even when/if the pandemic is over, as mega-corps realize that turning their employees’ homes into workplaces means they’re always at work.

The search for Sam Dubal continues: The UW professor disappeared nearly two weeks ago, and the search had to be called off due to weather — but it picked back up on Sunday. It’s estimated that Dubal is still in a window of survivability thanks to the gear that he brought with him.

Some guy pulled a gun at a Trump rally north of Redmond: Video shows a Trump-hatted creep waving a gun around, and tweets from people who were there indicate that he got mad after some counter-protestors splashed him with water. Super normal country we’ve got here.

Now you can play pinball with your feet. Add-a-Ball in Fremont put pedals on its pinball machines so you can play without touching the machines, which is pretty clever.

It’s Seattle Restaurant Week: Times are weird, what with the pandemic and the stress of life and a driver plowing their car into a dim sum restaurant last week, so it’s a particularly important time to “Eat out, take out, help out.” Check out the list of participating restaurants and help keep them afloat so that there are still restaurants to patronize in the future. There’s also a “give a meal” option that lets you donate to various organizations that feed the hungry, something that city government maybe could do if we weren’t spending nearly a half billion dollars a year on cops.

Could werewolf erotica save YouTube? I’m usually five thousand percent disinterested in YouTube Drama (™), but creator/author/nice person Lindsay Ellis seems to be cooking up something rather interesting. After making a video about internecine disputes in the werewolf erotica community, one particularly aggressive author targeted her with various takedown notices. Now Lindsay’s fighting back, and using the weird situation to highlight a bigger issue: how online platforms’ copyright systems can be abused by malicious actors.

Get those bulbs in the ground: It was frickin freezing this weekend, Mister Bigglesworth, which means time is of the essence for planting spring-blooming bulbs. I’ve got a gigantic bag of garlic cloves coming from Filaree Farms, so watch out, vampires.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Asteroid crumbs are falling out of a leaky spaceship: After touching down on an asteroid hundreds of millions of miles away, the Osiris-Rex probe collected a handful of space-rocks. But it might’ve been too greedy, and now its collection chamber can’t close properly. Scientists are scrambling to shove the door shut, just like I have to do with one of my kitchen cabinets so my partner doesn’t find out how many garlic cloves I bought.

Here’s a future dad of America singing "Super Bass" to the tune of Go the Distance from Hercules. That is all.

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