Slog PM: The Moon Is Wet, Amy Coney Barrett Is a Supreme Court Justice, DLFKJDLFKJDLKJFLKSDJFLKSDJFLKJ



Time for a reconfirmation hearing in February 2020, along with reconfirmations for terms for seated Justices and Judges, and an expanded court of 21 Justices.

Oh, by the way, there is nothing that says you have to listen to the Supreme Court.


(oh wait, that would require a time warp, ok, let's use February 2021 ... it's August, right?)


Screw Roberts. If it's Biden get Sotomayor.


Way to pay lip service to RGB and completely disregard her dying wishes by fucking over the entire country so you can make a power grab for the Kochs. All of you dumb MAGA mother fuckers have signed your own death sentence for the party and guns will not save you from the monstrous backlash that will bury your stone age beliefs for good. The world will not stand for pastmongering fuckheads and sellouts who are about to die just to preserve a shattered legacy. Say goodbye, you're through.





@3 seatackled, sincerely, that's actually a really wonderful idea! I would love to see that happen. Which is why Biden/Dems won't do it. They're chickenshit centrists.

It would break tradition, and Biden is going to be all about restoring "norms".


AOC is awesome.

It is completely and totally unacceptable that people need to wait in line to vote in the United States. It’s insane that this is considered acceptable.


The Bezos video is quite funny (though I suspect it’s out of context). Thanks CB. Thanks The Stranger.


@CB, the problem with the poll is that it may no longer be 2021 by the time Trump “leaves” office. ;-)


re: brand spankin' New 'just us' Amy
& McMoss-cow 'Turtles' McMitch KkKonnell:

peeps gonna be pretty Pissed
at republican overreach. and
they're Voting. in Hordes.


@4. Well, them's the brakes.

Fueling hate in a Blue State is a waste of time.

Dying wishes do not make Laws.

But That's Not What I Wanted!!

Waaaaaa! Waaaaaa! Waaaaaa!


what are you, 12, @12?
gloat whilst ya Can.


I voted for our Premier here in Canada the other day. There were multiple voting stations i could have gone too. But i decided to take 2 min and swing by the one that was on my way as i drove to Vancouver. Ya took 2 min.
Your long line ups and few voting stations are embarrassing and clearly a form of voter suppression. Quiet unbelievable to other democratic countries that have it all sorted even ones with bigger populations.


so, the FBI chose Sides
and decided to go with
the Terrorists? color
me Surprised.


@14 B, believe me, I am embarrassed by it.


Holmes, the El Paso curfew is citywide not statewide. I’m surprised Abbott hasn’t sued them to stop it.

While deaths have gone up over the last week or so at least the overall mortality rate has subsided. The peaks are coming from places that largely didn’t take precautions or in the case of Wisconsin had the restrictions overturned. Fortunately we’ve learned to treat it more effectively but that’s little solace to those that have lost loved ones.


@17: However the death case rate grows nearly hyperbolically. A lower mortality rate doesn't indicate the virus is slowing down and taking fewer lives, just that more people who are infected are surviving but the number of infected aren't decreasing and hospitals are still overwhelmed.


@7 - Agree, Biden is too tradition-bound to do anything outside the confines of whatever he considers "tradition." I want him to add 6 Justices to the court as soon as he takes office, but he's not the President to add even 1.


@12. Laugh now, cry later. You will feast on fear when your toys are taken away by the disenfranched come of age.


@19, that's not how you do it. You don't start by expanding the Supreme Court, you expand the number of lower courts first and packing them. Thus controlling the cases and decisions that might move up to the SC.


Dear Chase (and other Stranger writers who do this),
A gauntlet is literally something you wear, and metaphorically something you throw down -- to issue a challenge.
A gantlet is literally being flogged, or metaphorically something you "run" through, undergoing an ordeal (such as a tough questioning).
You don't run through a glove.
My 6th grade teacher emphasized this, and it was revisited in an early course on editorial journalism at the UW.
It's not that hard to get right, and it makes you look... well, you know.


@22. Pedantic?


@22 -- "You don't run through a glove."

that's not what OJ said:
if Gantlet don't fit
you MUST aquit.



True, but he's also beholden to ideological pressure from his electorate. Both he and Hillary shifted considerably farther to the left in recent years, bowing to such pressure. I'd be surprised, but not absolutely shocked to see it happen, maybe even just by a justice or two. Or three or four no reason we have to have an even number seated, it's worth noting.) Hopefully we keep the pressure on.


Really whips ass that I (an idiot) have more trial experience than the conservative wing of the supreme court. Good for democracy.


Cool. A Black woman calls out Seattle latte lib "BLM" protesters:


Democrats are pretty ramped up so I predict Biden will win pretty easily. May even get the senate back (not gonna hold my breath on that one though)

If Biden does win, republicans will win in landslides in 2022 because democrats will all stay home, believing they've already won the war.

And that cycle will repeat itself endlessly. Nobody ever learns.


remember, FDR was no
FDR till We, the Peeps

to say History can Not repeat itself
is Defeatist /self-fulfilling prophecy-ish.

a Republic.
IF y'alls can
fucking Keep it.


@23 Of course I am being pedantic, but #1 it's (supposed to be) a newspaper, and #2 you say you are running a gauntlet in front of people and you will get laughed at behind your back, and #3 if you kept saying (or writing) something incorrectly and it made you look kind of dumb, wouldn't you want someone to point it out?

@22 well played.


@14 wait, you live in the same district I did? Cause the only way you vote for the BC Premier is if you live in his riding.

The party chooses the Premier, subject to the Lieutenant Governor


@21 - That's less the way how to do it.
Packing the lower courts entails a helluva lot more judges scattered throughout the country than just 6 in one place. Start working on the lower courts after that. Also, too many cases already in the pipeline would make their way to this SC while we're fiddling about adding judges to lower courts.

@25 - You're more optimistic than me. If he were to add any, he may as well add enough to be a sure thing. Adding 3 would only get us to a tie, 4 is too slim a margin. Don't half-ass it and only add a couple. If you're going to do that, go all the way and add 4-6.


@4 Garb Garbler, @8 Pretty in Pink & @11 kristofarian for the WIN, baybee!!

@12: You're just pissed that Wal*Mart was out of Cocoa Puffs so you had to settle for a generic brand, SuperFriends on Channel 4 got cancelled, and it's another 4 years before your Mom will let you use the car. Begone lil MAGA tool before you and your ilk draw Dencey Pencey's flies and Murder hornets.