An image from the second march to SPOG HQ earlier this summer. As protesters celebrate 150 days in the streets, SPOG proposes a ballot measure to crack down on 1st Amendment rights.
An image from the second march to SPOG HQ earlier this summer. As protesters celebrate 150 days in the streets, SPOG proposes a ballot measure to crack down on 1st Amendment rights. RS

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Justice Amy Coney Barrett takes the bench with little experience and plenty of life left to live. Mother Jones called her the "least experienced Supreme Court nominee in 30 years." She'd never judged a case before Trump selected her for a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in 2017, she's never done any pro bono work, she's never worked in government, and she's only worked in private practice for two years.

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Trump threw a nighttime party to celebrate Barrett's confirmation: The New York Times called the event "a virtual do-over of the superspreader event blamed for infecting multiple people with the coronavirus a month ago to the day." The President and Barrett didn't wear masks "perhaps owing to the fact that both have already had the virus."

Vox on whether Barrett will be a "nihilist:" Ian Millhiser looks into four upcoming Supreme Court cases and argues that Barrett's decisions on them will tell us "just how radical the newest justice is likely to be."

West Philly protests after cops kill Walter Wallace Jr: Witnesses told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the 27-year-old Black man was in a domestic confrontation of some kind and holding a knife, and his mother was trying to "defuse the situation.” One witness said bystanders told the cops not to shoot, but then they shot him "10 times," Wallace's father said.

After the news hit, protesters hit the streets: People looted, vandalized buildings, and confronted cops along 52nd Street, the Inquirer reports. A cop car burned, a driver in a truck reportedly hit an officer, 30 officers reported injuries, and a reporter caught "police cars speeding through crowds at frightening speeds."

Supreme Court overturns ruling allowing Wisconsin to count ballots postmarked before the election day but received after the deadline: In Washington we do this as a matter of course, but, thanks to the conservatives on the bench, late-arriving votes from people in Wisconsin will not count even if they were postmarked by election day, according to the Washington Post. As a result, over 100,000 voters could be disenfranchised in this swing state. Due to Trump's fiddling with the USPS, Republicans would be the reason the votes come in late in the first place, but that's neither here nor there for our worm-brained justices.

Kavanaugh wrote an unhinged opinion decrying the "chaos" that may occur if states do what Washington (and 18 other states) does literally three or four times a year without incident and with extremely high turnout. According to Slate, the new "median justice's" screed against mail-in ballots and his support for a policy of overruling "state courts on their own election laws" will likely be bad news when Trump eventually tries to use the Supreme Court to steal the presidency.

Like Fox News, but less obviously racist: See what you've done, liberals who gave to the Lincoln Project because you somehow just couldn't get enough Trump-dunking content in your media diet??

Make it forever: Google plans to "ban all ads related to the U.S. election after polls close Nov. 3" in order to "limit confusion" about the results, according to the Washington Post.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman says Washington's election system remains strong and secure: No breaches, reports King 5.

Last night's Stranger Debates ruled: Kirsten Harris-Talley and Chukundi Salisbury faced off last night in the battle for South Seattle. The audience decided that Harris-Talley won the debate, but both candidates offered substantive critiques, and both were down to clown. Make sure to pick up your tickets to our next and final debate, where Sherae Lascelles will take on Rep. Frank Chopp in the battle for Capitol Hill and the surrounding areas!!!

Portland cop charged after allegedly running over person during protest: The "now retired" officer was "undercover" when he allegedly hit a "theft suspect" who ran out of a skate shop with a helmet during a protest last summer, reports the local Sinclair affiliate and KATU2

Seattle celebrates 150 days of protests: Organizers with the Morning March, the Evening March, the Every Night Direct Demonstrators, the Black Action Coalition, and others rallied a group of over 200 in Cal Anderson to reflect on the actions protesters have taken since a Minneapolis cop pressed his knee into George Floyd's neck and killed him. Protesters marched down to the West Precinct to say hi, then over to Westlake to hear speeches and watch the Marshall Law Band play (they rocked it through the tear gas in June and have a new album out), and then marched back up to the Hill. Police say a small group peeled off from the larger crowd and reportedly tossed some garbage in the street, tagged the East and West Precincts, and threw "objects" at the East Precinct (The Seattle Times reports those objects were eggs).

Some tweets from the field: Thanks to the Seattle Times reporter Heidi Groover and KUOW's Esmy Jimenez.

Washington cop unions introduce ballot proposal to crack down on 1st Amendment rights: The revanchist tools over at the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG), the King County Corrections Guild, and the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS) launched a campaign called Team Blue - Washington to propose a ballot measure, according to the Seattle Times. The act would mandate "minimum standards" for plans to regulate demonstrations.

Those "standards" include: "...Banning loud demonstrations after 10 p.m. in residential neighborhoods, or between midnight and 7 a.m. in any neighborhood; prohibiting possession of 'riot agents,' such as fireworks, flammable explosives and laser pointers at gatherings that have been deemed unlawful; and outlawing street blockades, property destruction and the setting of fires."

They're clearly going with "Team Blue - Washington" because their political imaginations contain all the nuance of a flag football game. They're going with "give Seattle a bedtime" and "criminalize fireworks" as policy positions because their daddy issues run that deep. And their website looks like a fucking train wreck because they built it with guns. Can we PLEASE get these people some therapy?

Since cities already have laws on the books about this stuff: The sole purpose of this measure is to make it easier to bankrupt cities with lawsuits, which neatly aligns with Trumpian and Senate Republican attacks on cities and the people who live in them.

Pssst, hey cops. If you really want to end the protests, here's all you gotta do: Stop shooting Black people and solve some fucking crimes for once. Jeeeeeeeesus. Quit chasing around 20-year-olds in the park and start working on those clearance rates, champs. And listen: You can't have a conniption every single time a city you fail to police wants to restructure its public safety department. If you don't like the policies our democratically elected officials enact, then cash in your cushy pension and scoop up a contributing role at a local TV news station. Sheesh.

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Now here's a ballot initiative I can get behind: In yet another instance where our southern neighbor beats us to progressive policy, next week Oregon will vote on a ballot measure to decriminalize "hard" drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and meth, according to the New York Times. (Washington's campaign to decriminalize drugs statewide is called Treatment First Washington, but it's not on the ballot). A bunch of other states ("Arizona, Mississippi, Montana and South Dakota") put legalizing weed on the ballot, so if the bad thing happens on Nov. 3 then at least the people of Jackson can cope without a cop bonking them on the head and jailing them and then demanding they reenter society while disadvantaging them at every turn.

Happy Birthday, Sylvia Plath: I somehow never read this bleak stunner of a poem, which the kids would now describe as "a whole mood."

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