Oh Man, The Future Oct 27, 2020 at 3:30 pm

If the Supreme Court ends up picking Trump, there will be endless riots.





Hahahaha, Nathalie. People have been predicting a space colony on the moon, just around the corner, any day now... since the late 1960s. It makes for fun sci-fi, but I'm skeptical. I'm still waiting for my personal jet packs that I was promised 50 years ago.


Christmas will be canceled, mostly because nobody is flying and there aren't enough high speed trains or all-electric cars with decent air scrubbers.

The Moon Base Alpha will be canceled when the Nazi Moon Base is "discovered" by Trump Space Force refugees, and it will have cost exactly half of what Trump siphoned off from his re-election campaign. The rest is in other off-shore accounts, but those will be seized by friendly tourists rappelling down from black helicopters.

Swing states: Biden will win AZ NZ TX MI GA PA CO FL, but somehow not ME or IA. Trump will try to activate the National Guard, but nothing will happen, because the state Governors control them inside the US.

Trump will leave a lot of debts that will surprise everyone, except those friendly tourists who visited his off-shore banks for a relaxing time. Surprisingly, the MSM won't talk about the tourists, because if they do, there's always Moon Base Nazi and nobody wants to go there.


The funny thing about MAGA's is, by culture and taking ques from their leaders, they put people into boxes. Anyone who opposes Trump is a hippy dippy flower power colorful haired skinny white liberal. What they don't even want to consider is very conservative voters of color, black, latino, native and veteran democrats (which according the recent polls, a slight majority of recently active vets oppose Trump) might not respond with hippy dippy peaceful protests.

They don't because they don't interact with people outside their angry, overweight, white circlejerk of maga's. But depending on how things go, if there is some kind of coup, well, how does the saying go? "something something something and find out?"


No, that is not what is going to happen.


Porn commune? How about "sexcubator"? It's like a tech incubator but instead of me getting equity in any app created in exchange for free rent, I take a share of other people's Chaturbte earnings in exchange for a free space to do cam shows, a solid internet connection, and a shower to wash all the lube off afterward. Brilliant! Stranger, you all can be my first customers. A big old orgy camshow might push your donations over the edge, keep the lights on around here. What do you say?


The Stranger can always be trusted to defend the blackmail of ordinary Seattlites in the face of the leftist mob.



Here's a prediction, we'll be hosting Nebraska's Covid truthers next, possibly accelerated by Trump leaving em all out in the cold.


The Stranger - Run by budding young communists for budding young communists.


The election results will be like a sports championship. If 'our team' wins, there will be rioting, overturned cars, looting and mayhem. If 'our team' loses, there will be rioting, overturned cars, looting and mayhem.

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