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This image appeared on the hacked site, but the website was quickly fixed.
This image appeared on the hacked site. The campaign quickly got back into the site. www.donaldjtrump.com

Another big report from the Washington Post reveals what we've suspected: Millions of government and GOP dollars have flowed to Donald Trump's properties during his presidency. We're talking $7,000 dinners, $6,000 floral arrangements, $32,400 guest rooms for the Secret Service. Paid for by taxpayers.

Obama is on a national 🇺🇸Trump Roast 🇺🇸 tour: "He's jealous of Covid’s media coverage," Obama said about Trump at a Florida rally today. Trump complained about Fox News airing Obama's "no crowd, fake speech for Biden," which makes no sense. What's a fake speech? Listen to this sweet tea 🍵

Along with a handful of other Western states, Washington state joined California in "a pact to independently review the safety and efficacy of any coronavirus vaccine," reports Rachel La Corte for AP. Gov. Inslee announced the move at a presser this afternoon, saying, "We would like to give Washingtonians the highest confidence that when a COVID-19 vaccine is available that it’s safe and works." House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox rebuffed the move, saying, "I don’t think we need one more level of bureaucracy."

Which wave are we on again? Some experts say we're on our third wave. Dr. Fauci recently said it's one big wave. More like a wildfire, really. Here's Fauci: "It’s kind of semantics. You want to call it the third wave or an extended first wave, no matter how you look at it, it's not good news." Some stats, per NBC:

Nationwide, cases Friday were 79,303, the second day in a row of record-setting confirmed new cases of the coronavirus. Over the weekend, the U.S. added 79,059 cases on Saturday and 64,603 cases on Sunday according to an NBC News tally. According to the COVID Tracking Project, the 7-day average for new cases of the coronavirus is 69,692, the highest number to date. There are also nearly 43,000 Americans hospitalized with Covid-19, the highest number since August 19th.

A federal judge sentenced self-help guru Keith Raniere to life in prison: Or, technically, 120 years. He founded Nxivm, which I don't know much about. Someone help me in the comments. Anyways, the dude sounds like a fucking monster.

Did you sign up to yell at Seattle City Council tonight? The public comment-only council meeting started at 5:30 pm. It'll be going on for a while. Two hundred and twenty people signed up, with about one minute of speaking time for each. Enjoy:

Dori Monson is back on the air: That didn't take long. "These have been a really challenging couple of weeks for a lot of us," Dori starts off his letter announcing his return to spewing bullshit on KIRO Radio. Monson was suspended—shockingly, considering his history of spewing hateful misinformation and not getting suspended—after posting a transphobic tweet earlier this month. "I’m grateful that I am back on the air," Dori said today. "I will also pray that my words today create some healing for us all."

Meanwhile, here's Seattle Pride's statement on the reinstatement:

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, actions and words are important. The decision by KIRO 97.3 FM to suspend Mr. Monson in response to his transphobic tweet was an appropriate initial action, however Mr. Monson’s apology statement and on-air remarks did not specifically address the transgender community or the impact of his hurtful words to that community – spending the bulk of his remarks apologizing to his advertisers, producer and KIRO’s receptionist.

Mr. Monson and KIRO 97.3 FM had a real opportunity here to mend the relationship with the LGBTQIA+ community and remind people that hate speech and public ridicule of transgender people – who deserve the same respect and human dignity as we all do – has no place in our community. Unfortunately, Mr. Monson and KIRO 97.3 FM fell far short.

Save Redmond's Old Fire House Teen Center: That place has a long legacy of churning out notable weirdos like Eastside-bred Stranger staffer Jasmyne Keimig.

Speaking of Jasmyne, she's got a few PM updates for ya:

I guess this was bound to happen: Conceptual artist/my white mother Jenny Holzer and her studio sent out a fleet of vans with LED billboards flashing her cryptic but declarative phrases to "battleground" states, encouraging people to vote. According to The Art Newspaper, her "activations," all part of her #YouVote project, have logged over 200 hours on familiar Holzer haunts—trucks, theater marquees, light projections, and billboards. Normally, this kind of liberal activism annoys me, but I'd be gagged if I walked down the Pennsylvanian street and saw a Holzer piece screaming "BE AN ALLY" at me.

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Jon Stewart misses the being "that guy" on TV: He has signed up for a new current affairs series at Apple TV+. The multiple-season, one-hour, single-issue series will "explore topics that are currently part of the national conversation and Stewart's advocacy work."

Blade and Timber really wants to serve you alcohol: The nationwide ax-throwing chain has rehashed their beef with the Liquor and Cannabis Board after the board indicated it would ax Blade and Timber's most recent application to serve beer and wine. Managing director Jessie Poole gave CHS Blog a pretty wild quote: “We have a lot of research and historical data to back why beers and ax-throwing does not risk the safety of our guests." I'm not saying I don't believe Poole, but COVID, alcohol, ax-throwing, and 2020 spell "bad vibes" for me. Read up on the good fight over here.

If you don't know about Two Big Blondes in the Central District, now you do: The plus-size consignment store is a place where your wildest dreams come true. I found some of my best fitting pants there, two of the coziest sleep sets, and tons of sheer shit I now treasure; going there was an emotional experience! Zoe Sayler profiles Two Big Blondes and other local fat fashion retailers in the Seattle Met. Go forth, read, and revel.

Lucky me: Museum of Museums will open officially next month, but dumbass press members such as myself get to snoop around tomorrow. I'm most excited to see Neon Saltwater and Brian Sanchez's trippy Energy Drink—I miss inhabitable art spaces. I'll be sure to report back.

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Looks like Nathalie Graham's prediction came true already: Today, Nathalie predicted that "before the election, someone will hack Trump's Twitter account. Again." While it wasn't his Twitter account, someone(s) just hacked his campaign website. A message proclaimed that the "site was seized," that "multiple devices were compromised," and that the "world has had enough of the fake news spreaded daily." A spokesperson for the campaign said the "website was defaced and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack." When asked for comment, Ms. Graham said, "My money's on Barron."

We've only got a few more days left in October, so let's sneak in some more scary movies before the national election becomes our primary horror. Tonight's Psychotronic Challenge is "Alkebulan," to watch something from the second-largest continent. I haven't decided what I'm picking yet, but I'm between the Nigerian movie Ojuju (2014) and the South African movie Dust Devil (1992).