Slog PM: Trump's Campaign Website Hacked, Dori Monson's Back, We Love Two Big Blondes



The rookie mistake sociopath Keith Raniere made was not declaring his cult a “religion.” If he’d done that he could’ve stolen from, branded, and raped as many people as he wanted.


One gazillion years ago, where Two Big Blondes is was the Chicken Soup Brigade Thrift Store (is that even still a thing?). When Chicken Soup relocated and the consignment store came in, there was for a brief time a funky vintage store on the lower level, but the people who worked the counter at Two Big Blondes were inexplicably hostile to anyone who came in there who wasn't looking for plus sized women's clothing.


Dori Monson 1.

Seattle Price 0.




Meh. Dori Monson's schtick is as old as the hills: Perpetual outrage will always draw an audience of failures, half-wits and the unemployable who either don't want to, or don't have the intellectual capacity, to consider why they are so miserable.

I keep hoping that particular market will die off with the boomers, but there seems to always be a fresh supply of life's losers who buy that dreck.


NXIVM is a high-end-lifestyle multi-level marketing scheme used to recruit for a sex cult built around Raniere. If you combined corporate leadership retreats with Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, Scientology, Amway, and the Family International, you'd come pretty close.

Interesting bit of trivia: Raniere shared a defense lawyer with an impressive list of other well-known friends of womankind including Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, O.J. Simpson, and Donald Trump. That's the lawyer you call when you're totally innocent and just want a fair shake.


Trump's Twitter was hacked because his password was maga2020. There is no way there is any actual security measures in place in his clown show of an administration. Anonymous should take some time to expose everything. That way if he succeeds in stealing the election, he and his entire administration and all of the Republican criminal accomplices can be taken down so hard and so swiftly they will never recover (including the three partisan hacks on the SCOTUS).


@7 xina: Here's hoping a major Blue Tidal Wave will indeed wash clean the filthy, putrid evil currently desecrating the White Trash House, which will have to be seriously razed and a new Presidential mansion built before we get a real President and Vice President in the Oval Office again. Flush the Turd November Third!


@7: You mean the campaign website, not Twitter.


New market for software companies: offer your products minus security features for the hopeless idiots/dorks who can't be bothered with doing common sense things in life-- such as protecting their data with silly things as passwords or taking pandemic prevention guidelines seriously


@7 His Twitter password was maga2020! That exclamation point on the end makes it totally secure. /s The Dutch researcher guessed it in four tries. Incidentally, the same researcher broke into Trump's Twitter in 2016. Back then the password was Yourefired.

Truly the man one of the great intellects of our age.


@11 WA State Unemployment Office will be first in line to employ this fantastical new software!


Hopping on this thread to follow up on two things.

First, if somebody's able to hack into Trump's Twitter account just by guessing his password, that would mean that he doesn't have two-phase authentication turned on. Even if you're a prominent person who's a natural target for hackers and even if your password isn't the greatest, shouldn't you at least have two-phase authentication there to come to your rescue?

Second, great comment as usual by Catalina @5. It's a sad realization that, once the Boomers die off, stupid will still be with us. Or to be more precise, the certain brands of stupid we tend to associate with Boomers will still be with us.


Making your bodyguards pay rack rate for their rooms on road trips is generally considered a poor security practice.


@12 thank you for doing what I had not yet done - showing Rainy that I was indeed discussing the Twitter hack and not the web site hack. Rainy seems to believe he knows what other people meant to write in their own comments. He can't even manage his own commentary.


@14 he did NOT have two factor authentication on his account.


Wasn't his previous password that got hacked a few years ago something equally preposterous like Ivanka's middle name and birthday or something?

I remember it was something ridiculous and that was around the same time the soon-to-be MAGA Death Cult was shit raging about Butterymales.

This stable genius really is quite something.