Slog AM: Almost 78 Million People Have Already Voted, Hackers Steal from Wisconsin GOP, More Bridge Woes in West Seattle



We get one EXTRA hour of the Trump administration Sunday A M?


@jasmyne Daylight savings time ends on Sunday. We go back to normal time.


So do Britons feel that Margaret Thatcher was their Ronald Reagan?


﮶I can confidently say these hackers were probably not Biden's people.﮶

Unless that is what sleepy Joe wants you to believe. Plausible deniability.


No news roundup would be complete this morning without mentioning The Atlantic.

First off, just a brilliant piece, "Dwight Schrute Was a Warning," on how the Dwight Schrute character from "The Office" was a harbinger of our Trumpian times:

(BTW, Dwight Schrute is also an IRL, albeit fictionalized, embodiment of so many Internet commenters. And I'm sure in no time one of the Slog commenters who come to mind when I think of Dwight Schrute will hop on this blog to humble-brag about how he's been buds with Seattle native Rainn Wilson going way back.)

And then there's this necessary piece, "The New York Times Owes the Public an Explanation." Sub-headline: "Anonymous was just a little gremlin all along:"

Looks like more good stuff where that came from too.


I voted on October 18, or approximately 11 years ago in 2020 time, which was somewhat anticlimactic considering the ongoing GOPnazi fascist terrorist attack, however in all the years that we’ve had vote-by-mail there's never been a long line at the ballot drop box (!).

I'm cautiously optimistic that people finally give a shit, and all it took was a lethal pandemic, an economic collapse, homicidal state security services, and a psycho-nazi AntiChrist in the White House.


not to Worry, far 'right' Voters!
trumpf & Co are gonna
Shut Off all Counting
@ Midnight 11/3.

its all part of Repub's Grand
Scheme to MAGAtize America.

we Welcome Hair Furor et
al to our new Thousand
Year Reich! Woohoo!

hear we Cum!


Raindrop @4- No, Britons feel that Ronald Reagan was our Margaret Thatcher!


blaming the stranger for pandemics because their revenue comes from advertisements for bars restaurants and music venues because why not


when someone speaks in vague generalities with the assertion that they are referencing something that actually happened the only logical conclusion is that they are full of shit, citations or gtfo

here, solve for X, Y & Z: the stranger mistakenly blames X for Y because Z, despite Z being at best several degrees removed from Y and not causal


Just end DST now. Let's never do this again.

I'm glad Texas continues to surprise, especially young voters, and it's off the hook there. Keep voting!

And for Seattle, we need to get 98% voter turnout, so that others know how it's done!


I'd be pretty pissed about all that new traffic if I lived in South Park still. Used to live very near 1st Ave s Bridge. In addition to there always being a disgusting trash-strewn encampment in the brush there, now my old neighbors have to deal with increased noise and pollution because several critical infrastructure are failing at the same time. Oof.


@13 Jesus Christ. What? Did Dan Savage fuck your high school boyfriend or something? I mean, Jesus, I have problems with The Stranger. But you're god damned pathological!

Take a break, Freakshow. For your own mental well being. If there is any left.


18 i asked a very straightforward question to which “read mudede” doesn’t even come close to answering, yet tells me everything i need to know


We may have a bunch of bridges that need repaired, but at least we are putting in bike lanes and making the healthy streets initiative permanent!


Can’t wait to see the dossier Rudy has on Jeff Biden.



Ha ha, what? You mean Joe Biden, I'm assuming? Aaaaaaaaand Rudy...... Giuliani? I don't know if you've heard the news or not, but that guy's been exposed as a disgusting old pedophilic pervert and is a national late night punchline and international laughingstock.

What are you anticipating?


What's monkey minimum wage?


What a shit show. Saw which way the wind was blowing and departed my beloved West Seattle for the North End. No one should be surprised--so may bridges are below par already, so when a big one breaks, the diverted traffic promptly tears the little bridges to pieces. It's going to especially suck in South Park since the bridge there is the only new span on the Duwamish. There is already signs of deterioration on the Spokane swing bridge. If you have to drive in and out of there, my heart goes out to you cause you are fuuuucked.