How to Look at Michael Heizer's "Adjacent, Against, Upon"



For some reason I was ruminating about lost icons of Puget Sound/Seattle. They have been disappearing at an increasing rate. My personal belief is that it started to gain steam when the USS Missouri was taken away. I visited the remains of Hardwick's Hardware last Saturday. What is next? "Adjacent, Against, Upon" is still here, but for how long? Thanks for the reminder of one of the remaining attributes that made Seattle special.


These will be well under sea level in 10 years with Global Warming. Say goodbye now.



In my lifelong relationship to art there have always been pieces which have been lavished with praise that left me cold.
I'm glad there are pieces like this, I am glad they resonate with you and you make the effort to put them in some sort of meaningful context.
It is a good exercise for me to keep my mind open, but 44 years later, still... nothing.


What I'm seeing is a good location to practice mountain bike trials skills. Too bad trials hasn't really caught on on this side of the Atlantic.


Went I arrived in Puget Sound in 1978 I'll admit I immediately appreciated Moore's Vertebra in front of the SeaFirst Building and Calder's piece (Big Crinkly?) by Fourth & Blanchard (now long gone) but this piece along the waterfront also spoke to me - not right away, but over time. Keep at it, Kallipugos - maybe those massive pieces will creep up on you, too...