I think i disagree! Lots has been said about Edith Head, most of the people i know, know who she is and i have had many conversations about her.
Also maybe it is the latest generation that does not talk or know about the film “Sweet Charity” but once again I have had many conversations over the years about it.
It comes from a line of movies that many people grew up with and which, to some, helped define them because there were characters in these movies they related to. Sweet Charity, Sunset Boulevard, Cabaret even What ever Happened to Baby Jane .... .
They were camp and were talked about lots. If just discovering these films I can see how it would look like they are not talked about but I have and probably will do talk about Sweet Charity for a long time. I am not a musical fan but when it comes to Bob Fossey i make an exception. Even for “Star 80”.


I am dismayed that Araki never became more popular. A lot of his stuff is low budget, but seems destined to be cult classics. Maybe I just like his taste in men and his artistic sensibilities. I have always found his films to be ridiculously sexy.


prick up your (arse) is streamable on comcast, just watched it last week.

you're not going to mention edith head gives great costume?


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