Good Morning, America!
"Good Morning, America!" Joesboy/

90,446 Cases: This is bad. Indeed, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has seen this coming for some time now, has declared 2021 a total write-off. Don't even think about it. And while you are canceling plans for this holiday season, you might as well cancel those for the next one. Masks all up and down 2021.

Taiwan: You have gone 200 consecutive days with zero "locally transmitted cases of the [virus]." What are you doing that we are not doing here? Please tell us. We want to know. One thousand dead every day. As the world turns, 100,000 new cases appear. That's like an Everett of new sick people every 24 hours. Taiwan, to borrow words from the problem film The Pawnbroker: "What is the secret of your success?" Well, we simply did something. That's about it. Really? Yes, really. So, basically we have done nothing. Looks like it. And yet, Trump's chances of winning the election are not at zero? Appears so. Well, we can blame the money changers and the Bible thumpers that make up the GOP for this grim fact.

Is That Melania Trump? Giving a speech? At another Trump super-spreader event? It sure is. Her message to America is basically Be Best.

Someone Must Have Told Trump: That his super-spreader rallies need a woman's touch. Also, do you want something to unpack today? Try this new Trump tweet. It's a doozy.

Texas Has Already Surpassed Its: "2016 turnout." CNN reports that "more than 9 million people have voted in the key state of Texas... with one more day of in-person early voting and Election Day voting to go." This, of course, is bad news for the GOP, the US's official anti-democracy party.

What's Happening in Minnesota? You guessed it:

[A] decision by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit said a Republican lawmaker and GOP activist could challenge the state’s plans to keep counting ballots after the election — and predicted those received after Election Day could ultimately be invalidated, sending Democrats scrambling to warn voters.
The GOP is, of course, the party of rich people and religious freaks. This block will do what ever it takes to keep the pussy grabber in power.

Supporter of Pramila Jayapal's Trumpy Opponent Body Slams Teen: In downtown Ballard. Of all places. And there's a video of it: The teen is thrown like a doll; the teen's back smashes a bush. All of this over a sign that praises a president who still says testing the virus and not the virus is the problem. Testing has apparently killed a quarter of a million Americans.

The group of teens were rightly upset by the pro-Trump sign in the middle of their lefty hood. The U.S. Congressional Candidate Craig Keller described the young people who confronted him as the "Children of the Corn." This refers to a short story by Stephen King that was first published in Penthouse. Naked ladies first. Scary story next. That's how they rolled in the '70s. "Children of the Corn" is set in Nebraska. There is this small town with all of these Satan-worshiping kids. Spooky. For Keller, Ballard is like this Nebraska town. Sawant-worshiping children everywhere he looks.

Seattle's Trumpers: Still hating on the poor. KOMO: "Seattle's 'Get out of Jail Free' card? Jails not booking on warrants for several crimes." The wonder is that the right never wonders why there are so few rich people in jail. For them, this class of Americans must just be made of the stuff that makes outstanding citizens. The poor lack their moral mettle. That sort of thing.

B. Fuller's Mortar and Pestle: A business that likes to call itself "a Modern Herbal Apothecary" ain't hearing nothing about no virus sickening and killing people. It is at the top of a list of "Seattle-area businesses [that] got called out the most for alleged COVID-19 violations." Next is a Church of the body (Cross Fit-Felix), and third is some group of people who believe a carpenter from the dusty Roman days is also the son of a super-ape who created the universe and everything. Gene Balk gathered the data.

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A Friend in Alaska Told Me to Checkout This Story: "Neighbors shaken but unhurt after 4-year-old fires AK-47 in Sitka." That was a close call. Good thing the 4-year-old had no marksmanship to speak of. This is what Sergeant Lance Ewers had to say to the public: “When kids get ahold of guns, they could kill themselves, they could kill, in this case, the child could have very easily killed the other child that was living in the residence...It could have hurt somebody living next door. Killed somebody living next door."

Greece and Turkey Just Got Shook Real Bad: By a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. It looks bad. Collapsed buildings. Confusion. Dust rising in the air. Tsunami warning. Mother nature can be so mean sometimes.

I Have Nothing to Say About Halloween: And besides, I now wear masks all of the fucking time. Also, enjoy this weekend. It might be the last one of its kind. See you on the other side.