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Courtesy of @streetphotojournalism
It's packed over at Shawn's. Courtesy of @streetphotojournalism

Shawn Kemp's Cannabis is officially open: Sonics legend Shawn Kemp and former teammate Gary Payton cut the green ribbon this afternoon. The store, located on First Ave near the Seattle Center, was billed as Seattle's first Black-owned dispensary. That claim generated controversy this week, with many questioning how much of the business Kemp owns, as the majority ownership seems to be Kemp's business partners, the Main Street Marijuana chain. A spokesperson for Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis wouldn't disclose to Seattle Met how much of the business is owned by Kemp. Converge Media discussed the issue during an online panel a few days ago. The store is open all weekend and also features a giant mural of Kemp by artist Jeff Jacobson.

JINGLE ALL THE GAY! Kitten N’ Lou present A Very Virtual Queerantine Christmas Edition
Seattle’s most beloved holigay tradition, streaming direct to your living room this December!

Is South Lake Union prepping for Election Night rioting? Looks like the repeated smashing of windows at Amazon Go in Capitol Hill has techie landlords stressing.

Saw wooden walls like this going up in front of some buildings in South Lake Union from r/Seattle

Louisville officer involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor is suing her boyfriend: Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly alleges that Kenneth Walker "inflicted battery, assault, and emotional distress on him by opening fire and striking him in the thigh during the raid." The lawsuit was filed in response to a lawsuit filed by Walker against Kentucky authorities that claims he fired in self-defense, believing the officers to be intruders.

The earthquake that ripped through Turkey and Greece has killed at least 22 people: The United States Geological Survey measured the tremor as a 7.0. The search continues for survivors in collapsed buildings.

We are inching ever closer to a 90 percent turnout: As of today, nearly two-thirds of King County registered voters have cast their ballot in the 2020 election. The number shoots up to almost 70 percent when looking at Seattle alone. Across the state, 60.8 percent of voters have turned in ballots as of yesterday, compared to just 36.8 percent during the same period in 2016. If you haven't turned in yours yet, please read our endorsements and vote on how we motherfucking tell you.

The U.S. has surpassed 9 million COVID cases: A tragedy that could have been avoided. States across the country are reporting an uptick in cases as places like Montana, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin have seen little improvement, says Politico. This is also the shortest amount of time that we've racked up a million cases, as we hit 8 million cases just 14 days ago:

Meanwhile, in Michigan: Trump claimed that doctors make more money if a patient dies of COVID, which, of course, is a bald-faced lie. At least 900 healthcare workers have died of the disease since the pandemic began.

The science is in: Republican gays are truly self-loathing. A new study from the Williams Institute:

Compared with Democratic LGB people, more Republican LGB people said they would want to be completely heterosexual and that being LGB is a personal shortcoming. But similar proportions—more than a third—of LGB people of both party affiliations said they had tried to stop being attracted to same-sex partners at some point in their life.

the Williams Institute

A Black man was shot and killed by Clark County Sheriff's Office deputies yesterday evening: Identified by his relatives, 21-year-old Kevin Peterson Jr. was shot by police near Hazel Dell. Authorities claim they were chasing a man with a firearm during a drug investigation. The officers shot and killed the man after they claimed he fired his gun at them. Almost immediately, protesters turned up at the scene, leading to a standoff between demonstrators and police until well into Friday morning, says OPB. There's a 7 pm vigil planned for Kevin Peterson Jr. outside a U.S. Bank in Vancouver tonight.

Seattle's hottest couple ties the knot: "Seattle Storm legend Sue Bird picked up her second ring of the year," writes the Bleacher Report. She picked it up from Megan Rapinoe, and the two are engaged!!!!!!! The news we needed.

Netflix has increased its prices for new members: Their standard plan increased from $12.99 to $13.99, the premium plan went from $15.99 to $17.99, while their basic plan stayed at a cool $8.99. Increasing prices for current members isn't off the table, with the streaming behemoth promising a 30-day notice before hiking prices.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Not so great now, huh! It looks like New Zealand voters have rejected legalizing marijuana. In more metal news, the country overwhelmingly voted for legalized euthanasia. On this side of the ocean, I might die of COVID, but at least my last breath will be exhaling a legal joint.

Maybe in-person schooling could be a reality sooner than we think: The Washington State Department of Health has only logged 36 coronavirus outbreaks at schools since the start of the pandemic, reports the Seattle Times. With the proper health and safety precautions, state health officials have suggested that buildings can reopen. But an "outbreak" constitutes "at least two cases among staff or students over two weeks," which seems like an important disclaimer.

Next time we chat, it'll be November: We've had a good time playing Scarecrow Video's Psychotronic Challenge this month. Tonight's challenge is "BRING IT ON HOME," which means you have to watch a psychotronic movie filmed in Seattle. I'm going with The Changeling (1980):

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